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  1. Islamic Government

    Salaam alaikum, I see certain groups and governments claim to advocate, "Islamic government". But, isn't the only real Islamic government the Caliphate? For example, if the Muslim Brotherhood was elected in another country outside of Egypt, or even if another group such as Hizb ut tahrir came to power, would they advocate political unification on the basis of Caliphate? Personally, I don't think any of these revolutions in the Muslim world will have any long term success if they remain independent and unconnected. I just want to understand if this is really part of the platform for these groups and what their basic strategy is.
  2. Salaam alaikum. Based on my personal experience in the military, I can attest that there is a program in effect actively trying to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination. The fact that it is so out of control in the military says alot about American military culture, and to a degree about the part of American sub-cultures in general that the military recruits from.
  3. We need unity in Muslim nations, a single political and economic entity. Our own currency, a single leader. We should recognize that the Islamic state has priority over the individual, we should be willing to sacrifice everything for the security and advancement for such a state. We aren't required to be poor in Islam, and we are allowed to enjoy the dunya, so long as it is through halal means. This dunya may have been Adam's punishment, and a fitnah for us but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make the most of it.
  4. Epic Ayaats In The Holy Quran

    I wouldn't consider it an 'epic' in the sense of the word. As epic often refers to poetry, and this is not poetry, this is the word of God. Though, I can agree that sometimes my hair stands on end and the Qur'an may use some very vibrant imagery.
  5. I Don't Know What To Do.

    Masha'Allah sister, may Allah give you guidance and strength. Welcome to Islam.
  6. If I may offer a perspective to the original question. The reason we may have fallen behind other countries may in fact have something to do with the ummah falling astray, and our leaders. But if we look at this from a historical perspective we may benefit as a society. What led to the Caliphate becoming great, wealthy and powerful during the Islamic golden age? Our faith which has led us to search for truth allowed us to search for knowledge in a way that had nearly died out in Europe. Our civilization made advances in art, science, philosophy, and political theory which allowed us to create advanced militaries, efficient social systems, and effective diplomatic policies with rival nations. This lasted until the Ottoman Empire experienced a long period of intellectual stagnation while simultaneously the Ottoman sultans, so-called Caliphs, deviated from Islam. While the Ottoman Empire stagnated the cultures of Europe pushed forward, as we see happens back and forth throughout history. These sultans deviated from Islam in an interesting way. As the Ottoman Empire couldn't compete with it's own ideas, it incorporated increasingly Western ideas, and along with the positive ideas, they also incorporated negative ones, such as the acceptance of alcohol. They did not abide by Islamic law, and kept huge harems of women as concubines, and they murdered family members who were seen as threats to succession. Gradually this once great empire, like Rome, decayed and fell to foreigners. After WW1 the empire was divided between the British and the French, the borders of today's countries in the middle east were drawn up by Western imperialist powers in order to keep us divided, to prevent another great caliphate from arising. What can we learn? How can we reverse this?
  7. Salaam alaikum, I've been a little inactive here for some time. I just noticed this job market forum. I'm preferably looking for security related work, I have military experience and a resume of my skillset. I left the US Army recently in opposition to the war in Afghanistan. Am willing to relocate.
  8. Alhamdulillah it has always been a great source of guidance and a way to live my life. Of course I've had my own set backs, and have made huge mistakes in my life since then, but that's for another discussion. Coming to Islam has been the greatest decision I have ever made.
  9. Tumblr

    I think these are good points, the internet and social networking can be used in good ways, i.e. this forum. But it is important that people be aware of the dangers in it.
  10. Way to go completely off topic. Private discussion area?
  11. Tumblr

    Salaam alaikum, I've been on tumblr for a while, for those who are unfamiliar it's a blogging site, and there's a number of Muslims on here who actually post things relating to Islam which is great, but I've noticed a great deal of bid'ah and lack of concern for Islamic law here. So much that many of them support gay marriage, reject the hijab, and reject any criticism even if they are confronted in private in a polite manner. Has social networking corrupted our ummah and confused our youth about their identity?
  12. Well John, to answer your question, I never really accepted it. I've always found the OT to be slightly more interesting imo, and I've never seen any reason to worship anything separate from the one God. He never revealed himself to any previous prophet as being a trinity so why should that ever change? Additionally, in following with the ten commandments, I saw the trinity as being at odds with the first commandment, and often times Christians go against the second commandment with their depictions of Jesus which they worship. A Christian is free to worship as he chooses, but I simply cannot accept it.
  13. I belonged to a Protestant church, Presbyterian to be exact which shares the concept of pre-destination coinciding with free-will, however due to my private rejection of the trinity I could not identify with any particular sect at that time.
  14. Salaam alaikum. I am a revert to Islam, and to tell you my story I will begin with a little bit of background of events and a bit about myself leading up to my reversion. I was always a fairly religious and God-fearing person. A kid, who always prayed when faced with adversity and prayed for success, mostly in academics prior to test, "Please God, I'm sorry for everything I've done wrong, please help me ace my science exam." And it seemed to work, alhamdulillah. But even as a Christian I saw issues in Christianity. The Bible has some really good stories and life lessons, but is one of the most changed and corrupt pieces of literature in the West, and the Christians are usually by name only, ignoring religious practices mentioned in the Bible or it's rules and teachings. If Jesus taught compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance, then these weren't his people. Speaking of Jesus, I always wondered how you could possibly worship a human being. I knew God, known in Christianity as 'the Father', to be the only thing worthy of worship, not his supposed 'son', which is taken by many to be a metaphor, and by some as a literal son. This whole trinity idea seemed bogus to me. You know who else worshipped a human being? The people of Egypt who worshipped Pharaoh, and look how they were dealt with. So there I was, 11 years old when the two towers fell. I was in 5th grade and had heard that it was these terrorists called Muslims who had attacked us. Naturally I was both afraid and angry, like many of my peers and millions of other Americans. I wanted to know who these people were and why they attacked us. Some teachers taught that it was because they're jealous of America, and others taught that they hated freedom. I could tell these were all simple-minded explanations intended to foster hate, even if the attacks on civilians cannot in any way be justified it should at least be understood, but I was in the deep South and couldn't really expect an honest look at parts of the world outside of America. I went on over the next few years I would go on having my head filled with this American definition of Islam in school, and an perspective in the Church intended to say why Christianity is right and Islam isn't, but every faith claims this. By age fourteen I was curious enough and found a few books in the Church on the subjects of different religions, one book titled, "Why So Many Gods?" gave a page by page listing of many different world religions including many Christian sects, a description on their deity, figureheads such as Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, etc., histories, and practices, and then it would go on to explain why that religion was wrong from a Protestant Christian viewpoint. Most of these religions were certainly interesting to read about at the least, but nothing was more intriguing than Islam. The book didn't appear to have any clear or sufficient reason to suggest Islam was wrong or disproven. Since then I never have found any compelling evidence to suggest this. The books description on Islam was to me fascinating. Pure monotheism, just as I had believed but didn't see in Christianity. Righteous teachings and practices intended to keep individuals and society on the straight path. A final prophet, Muhammad(saaws) in a line of many other prophets and messengers with which I was already familiar, who was given from God a revelation known as the Qur'an, pure and uncorrupted by man. From the moment I saw from this source a description of Islam that wasn't totally ignorant or baseless my interest was sparked. I went on to find other sources including finding a copy of the Qur'an, speaking online with Muslims, and listening to khutbahs and lectures. It didn't take long for me to realize the beauty and truth of Islam, and within a few months I had decided to revert, alone, having never visited a masjid or even seen another Muslim. I took shahadah with Allah as my witness, and would later begin visiting the Islamic Center of Savannah and take shahadah in public. For me, Islam's theology, is the driving force behind my choice to revert, it's actual teachings about Allah, His prophets(pbut), and His laws. This was 8 years ago in the Winter of 2004-2005 that I took my shahadah. May Allah accept it and continue to guide me on the path of belief and righteousness.
  15. <-

    Assalaam alaikum, my name is Dawud, I'm new here. I reverted 8 years ago.