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  1. I attended ICNA (Islamic Circle North America) in May in Hartford, CT. It was quite a large crowd and was a great experience. It comes every year to Hartford, so I will definitely go next year (I live in CT). I wore an abaya and hijab, pretty simple, which was what most sisters wore. Some sisters were wearing Dubai abayas which were fancier, and there were more than a few in niquab as well. Also many sisters in traditional dress like salwar kameez. Bring a lot of cash with you as you will be sure to find lots of items you want at the bazaar--I stocked up on georgette hijabs and under scarves in all colors, as well as fancy hijab pins. I think every major convention will have a bazaar. The speakers are usually great as well, I got to hear Nouman Ali Khan and Suhaib Webb, among others. I wish I could have traveled down to DC for ISNA, but that was the week school started for us so I had to work (teacher). Hope this info helps.
  2. Please Help To Interpret My Situation..

    I think we always have to keep in mind that Allah (SWT) operates on his own schedule. A year to us may be less than a second to him, so the reward for your dua may come much later, and not always in the form you asked. Also, we must always be conscious to not take a vending machine approach to our faith (I.e. put good deeds in, get tangible rewards in return). Our daily prayers are really for our benefit, to help us get closer to Allah (SWT). Alhamdulillah that you and your wife have been blessed with a child! Does it really matter in the grand scheme of eternity exactly how Allah (SWT) chose to bestow the blessing? In my humble opinion, I think that we are to learn patience when our dua is not immediately answered, and also to understand that Allah knows the best way for us. Think of the money you and your wife will have saved by being granted a child by normal means instead of the thousands you would have invested in IVF treatments, and use some of that to give charity to an orphan or to feed a poor person. Think of the care with which Allah (SWT) chose your lovely wife for you and respect that by making yourself turn off the ####### images and videos to go spend time with your wife instead, or watch a nasheed video or Islamic lecture on YouTube when the urge to watch haram videos strikes. Brother, you sound like a good-hearted individual. Never lose faith that you can return to a virtuous lifestyle --take 1 step towards Allah (SWT) and He will run 10 steps towards you.
  3. Revert

    Wa-alaikum salaam, sister! Congratulations on your reversion. Islam is the perfect religion and will bring much peace to your life. I reverted in March of this year at the age of 46. As a middle-aged white lady, I am still working out family issues and dealing with the need to explain myself when folks I haven't seen in a while see me in hijab. However, most people have been very supportive and open-minded. Give yourself time to adjust to your new routines (salaat) and other changes and know that Allah (swt) is understanding and forgiving if we make mistakes as we start down his straight path. Keep smiling and let people see the light of Islam shining through you!
  4. Sister Yasmin's main audience is women. Men can step outside when she is speaking if they are uncomfortable listening to her or looking at her. Sister Yasmin has a large following among Islamic sisters and her books and podcasts support sisters in their deen. Furthermore, I have attended and viewed many of Sister Yasmin's lectures and have not observed her wearing noticeable makeup. I have often noticed that Sister Yasmin is dressed much more modestly and with less makeup than many of the sisters in the audience. We should observe and correct our own faults before seeking to persecute others for theirs.
  5. Cats :)

    Boo-hoo, I want a kitty so bad but I am really allergic. Everyone's kitty pictures are so cute!!
  6. Are Muslims Sorry?

    If Ariel Castro was Catholic, does that mean all Catholic men kidnap, hold hostage, and rape women? If he was atheist, do all atheists kidnap, hold hostage, and rape women? Should all men in Cleveland feel personally remorseful for Castro's behavior because he was from Cleveland? The group of men in England committed atrocities against girls because they are EVIL, not because they are Muslim. They targeted non-Muslim girls because they saw a vulnerability there to be exploited, for the same reason that Castro targeted lone girls walking in his neighborhood. How do you know what muslims feel in their hearts? The knowledge of who goes to heaven and who does not belongs to Allah alone. My personal belief is that hell is the destination for individuals (regardless of faith) who knowingly commit evil acts and who knowingly deny the existence of God. Muslims come to non-muslim countries to live for the same reason that any immigrant goes to a new country to live, for economic opportunity, personal liberty, and possibly personal reasons (marriage, to be close to family, etc.). I am a revert who grew up in the Southern US, so I would like to point out that you could take the first part of your sentence "Why do ___________, in there hearts, condemn non-_____________ to hell" and insert any of the following words in the blanks : Baptists, Born-again Christians, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, etc. I have heard folks from each of these groups express opinions condemning various "non-__________" to hell while living in the South. But you would be (as in the original sentence) generalizing and falsely assuming the private beliefs of entire groups of people!
  7. Dare To Be True Game

    No Can you speak Arabic?
  8. Tragedy, Trials & Tribulations… “The Grace in Calamities” Sunday May 12th 2013 at Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street, Newtown CT 06470 First Conference event of the Al Hedaya Islamic Center in Newtown co-organized with the MSA-CT Council! Our invited Speakers - widely known across the Muslim world, speak to the theme of the Conference from the perspective of a Muslim response to tragedy and tribulation. Registration is free! http://www.msgdanbury.org/announcement/advance-program-sunday-may-12th-2013-edmond-town-hall http://www.msgdanbury.org/announcement/advance-program-sunday-may-12th-2013-edmond-town-hall
  9. I have a hard time imagining any reasonable person making jokes about a particular ethnic group to a member of that ethnic group. The person hearing the joke may laugh, but inside they are probably thinking that the joke-teller is a bit of an a**. For example, I have a jewish friend who tells jokes about jews, but I would feel uncomfortable telling her a joke about jews -- it would seem rather insensitive, I think.
  10. Other good movies (imho): Arranged (2009) (link to full movie on hulu) http://www.hulu.com/watch/225023 and On a Wing and a Prayer: An American Muslim Learns to Fly (documentary) (I don't have a link for the full movie, I bought the DVD from Amazon) http://www.iptv.org/video/detail.cfm/12491/amlf_20101203_trailer
  11. Alhamdullilah! Isn't it interesting what happens to people who take it upon themselves to find out what Islam is really about ....
  12. Allah filling your heart with his love. Allaahu Akbar (God is Great)!
  13. 11 o'clock sounds very reasonable (didn't mean to sound like I was scolding in my post -- it's likely that the times showing up on posts are inaccurate) . Congratulations on saying shahada! Masha'Allah! Here is a link to Nye Armstrong's channel on Youtube (her video on washing before praying (wudu)): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WiF5WjTggs. I recommend her videos, they are very positive and affirming for new muslims, especially young ladies. (http://www.youtube.com/user/iloveelhassan/videos).
  14. Islamic Universty Of Google

    Oh good, all those hours spent googling obscure fatwas have not gone to waste after all!! LOL
  15. Love Allah (swt) with all your heart and be patient with yourself. Allah knows your intent, and even if it takes you years to become a fully practicing Muslim, he will reward the true feelings you have in your heart. Read the Qu'ran daily, pray to the degree that is possible for you right now, and be patient that one day you will be able to practice fully. When you go to college you will meet many wonderful Muslim students and likely have access to a Muslim Students' Association on campus. If you are not able to go to college, you can still visit the MSA at a local school to learn more about Islam. Be cheerful and loving to your family and always respect your parents. Keep up with your schoolwork and work on developing the character traits of patience, truthfulness, and kindness. You never know, your loving, peaceful example may lead them to Islam as well. P.S. As a mom, I noticed the times on your posts (and assuming they are accurate), please make sure you are getting enough sleep. Not sleeping will contribute to your feelings of anxiety and make the situation seem worse than it is.