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  1. I am home alone. Is this a good time to pray to Allah?? I know some won't respond in time but I will anyway, it just came to my mind.
  2. Hi. I just started crying today for no reason, it was not like I was sad or anything, it felt like happiness. I know in christianity, we say it's The Holy Spirit, what is it in Islam??
  3. Ok. Is going to sleep at 11 o'clock okay?? Also, I just said the shahada and I felt a prescence, it did not feel just like one presence like many presence(S).
  4. Thank you brothers and sisters. I really want to muslim now, I think that is Allah's will. I feel it. I think it is Allah's will for everyone to be muslim but shaitaan interfers, just like hydden said. I will say the Shahadah now but can I say it in my head??? also, when you pray 5 times a day, what prayer is said and how do you cleanse yourself before Allah? Thank you.
  5. I wanted to say the Shahadah but I had second thoughts about it. My christian friends tell me Islam is false because it was only seen by ONE person, muhammad but christianity was seen by hundreds of people. I don't know, and since I am catholic, I prayed to saints [which is idolatry] and when I prayed to them it came true most of the time so I am kind of confused. I am in the middle... also, another thing is that I am 13, since I was raised christian, I don't know how I will handle with all the pressure to bend down with my knees and pray to Allah, it seems like a very long prayer, I want to be a muslim in disguise but that cannot happen because I live with my christian family, if you have seen my other posts, I cannot wear a hijab, I cannot cover myself, I cannot do it, I tried it and it does not work... When I want to become muslim, I have to wait but I will not want to wait, then I have second thoughts going back to Christianity.. edit: and my cousin even told me, Allah cannot forgive me since I have committed idolatry.
  6. Newbie:)

    Thank you brothers and sisters :)
  7. Newbie:)

    Thank you brother. I hope this username is better.
  8. Newbie:)

    ''First of all, i want to tell you that your member name is not a true one. Because Allah has no kids. I know what you mean exactly, you want to show your closeness to Him but still it is not true to say such things.'' Sorry, in christianity we say we are God's children so sorry about that. Thanks for your reply though. If I have made anymore mistakes please tell me. I wish I could change my username though.
  9. Newbie:)

    Hi. I am new here and I am a non denominational christian but I want to convert to Islam. My parents are muslims by generation but somehow got into christianity. I know they will not let me be muslim at my age [13] so I want to be an undercover muslim. I want to cover up my clothes, the only problem is I cannot wear loose clothes all the time or a hijab without her being suspicious. I also sing [which is haram, I think] and my mom is VERY determined for me to become a famous singer, we have a new producer that I sing to and dance in front of to, it makes me feel uncomfortable, I am scared he is, you know, that is why I think Islam is the best religion for me. What can I do? Thank you;)