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  1. I feel like maybe I shouldn't be fasting because I recently reverted, but I am so intimidated in learning how to pray. I do want to learn, but I read that I should not be fasting during Ramadan if I have not learned salat. I feel like a failure and I am completely overwhelmed with how much there is to learn.
  2. I Don't Know What To Do.

    Thank you... I am very happy. I just recited the Shahada, and I know that I have done the right thing. I do have genuine intentions.
  3. New, Unprepared, And Ignorant.

    Oh... I already made a post in the All-in-One Forum, because I was unsure of where to post it, so I figured it might be more appropriate for me to ask questions in a more inclusive forum. Thank you for your welcoming messages. I appreciate it. I am definitely reading the rules!
  4. I Don't Know What To Do.

    Through ways that I am unable to put into words, I have very recently become aware of Islam. I now know that I should convert, so I am currently reading any sources I find that may be of help during the conversion process. I feel that I do not know enough yet to convert. I am still very new to all of this, and there is much to learn before I feel like I can make the commitment... Although I suppose that even the most studious and learned scholars of Islam still do not know everything, so does that mean I should still convert, recite the Shahadah, since my intentions are genuine? I want to serve Allah, but, I do not wish to make a contract before I can completely commit to what has been asked of me. There are a few concerns I have: I only have one scarf. Is this okay to wear as a hijab? I don't fully understand the difference. I don't actually have a lot of money or clothes, so I am only able to wash my clothes once a week. I know that in Islam, it is important to keep one's clothes very clean. I am concerned about this, because I cannot keep my clothes in pristine condition, as I have been ordered to do. Should I wait until I am able to get more clothes, and have access to cleaning my clothes more often? Of course, I will make the commitment to stay clean. I do not know the daily prayers. I do not know or understand Arabic, but that is not my main concern at the moment; I plan to study and learn, and it is a long process. Further understanding of Arabic and the Qu'ran will come with time. However, as I study sincerely to learn the prayers, and do intend to pray five times a day, am I committing a grievous sin for not doing it properly during the learning process? I want to do it right. I am also worried that I will not perform ablution in the proper way, so I wonder if I should wait to convert until I do not feel I will make any mistakes in doing this. I do not live in an area where I have access to fellow Muslims. I live in an extremely rural area and the nearest Islamic Center is over 50 miles away. I have no way to get there, and I will not be able to be around other Muslims until September. Would it be hypocritical (a huge sin, I've gathered) to declare the Shahadah, even though I have not learned how to pray the way I am supposed to yet? Should I learn Salat properly first, then recite the Shahadah? I feel unworthy of reciting the Shahadah since I am currently unable to make a full conversion. However, I genuinely intend to convert fully (soon) and do what is expected me. I feel unworthy of conversion. I just want to do the right thing. I hope I have not offended anyone with my ignorance. As I continue to research and read, I will eventually come to a conclusion on what should be done; however, I would currently appreciate input that anyone may have.
  5. Hello. I am a 24 year old woman who is seriously considering converting to Islam. I will tread carefully and watch what I say, because I do not wish to cause offense to anyone. I am joining with the intention of asking specific questions, although I see and respect that it may not be appropriate to post here in this forum. If anyone is curious or wants me to say something specific about myself, I will comply. I hope everyone is well.