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  1. Dare To Be True Game

    Salam, Dare to be true. rules:- 1 ans only in yes or no. 2 ask questions having ans yes or no 3 ans should be truth only... 4 u have to ans to the question of the person above u and ask a question to the person who will come below u in a single post My question is Do you know to drive a car?
  2. Salam, I have this doubt on Muslim men marrying non muslims. Do you think a Muslim man marrying a non muslim and then reverting her to Islam (mashallah) is blessed by Allah more and his position in Jannah will be a grade higher than a Muslim man marrying just a Muslim woman? (provided both men are equal in all aspects of following Islam in prayer, Zakaat, Hajj etc) Thank you.
  3. Dare To Be True Game

    No, btw I am not married :happy: Have you experienced deja vu?
  4. Dare To Be True Game

    No... Its anti Islamic right? We have only parakeets :) and an aquarium :) :) Have you ever had pillow fights with siblings?
  5. Dare To Be True Game

    No... Do you enjoy being lonely, like having your own time?
  6. Allah has given you Islam, when you never asked for it And for those who reverted, He gave you guidance Allah guides whom He wills.
  7. Hijab Is Like This

    ha ha, nice message, and I laughed cos this is the first time I am seeing a man with a hijab
  8. Dare To Be True Game

    no. Do you ever imagine a voice in your mind when you read the posts made by friends here. that is, when you read my post, do you imagine a voice of mine :-)
  9. Do Not Marry 7 Types Of Men

    [at]aladin yes, very well, I am eager to see the list
  10. Hijab - An Oppression?

    Assalamu alaikum, Today I want to discuss about Hijab/Niqab. I visited Hijab youtube videos and I was shocked to see the amount of hatred non-muslims have towards Muslim women weariing Hijab. They simply think Muslim women are being oppressed, forced, have no rights whatsoever, they are barbaric and some even commented Muslim women wear Niqab so that they can carry the guns terrorists use. !!! Three things I want to know, I want answers from Non Muslims also 1 Why do you have such hatred towards Hijab/Niqab and think it is a torment to Muslim Women?? 2 My fellow forum friends living in the western countries like USA, UK can you please enlighten me on how Muslim women are being treated there? 3 What would happen to our future generation, how can they survive in this world, I feel really upset and I feel helpless when I think of the future.
  11. Assalamu alaikum, I live in a country where Muslims are a minority. My family is not very orthodox. They never forced me to wear a hijab, offer five times prayers etc. Believe me, till March 2013 I used to be in western clothes but modest, I dint offer five times prayers, I prayed only magrib everyday, I dint read the Quran everyday it was only occasional and my hobbies were watching movies at home, though I dont go out with friends because I prefer being at home. In short I knew nothing about Islam. One day I read about dawah and wanted to start with my Christian male friend but he got offended and he started talking worthy of Jesus. Though I was not much into my religion I always get angry when someone talks low about Islam. I started to argue, he argued back, as I knew nothing about Islam I started browsing more and more about Islam to defend myself. As I became stronger, he used to shout at me that Islam is fake etc, such arguments became frequent so I ended the debate without conclusion as to which religion is greater or worthy. I lost his friendship after that, he was my childhood friend and since then I dont like Christians, sorry if I am harsh. I engrossed myself more in learning Islam, one day I saw a video of Dr Zakir Naik and since April 2013 I became very religious after understanding Islam, and I cry almost everyday to Allah in my prayers for missing out this beauty of Islam, for being so ignorant when I was young, but I also thank Him for giving me hidayath. my parents and brother are happy, friends are shocked at my change, my relatives are shocked. Parents said that Allah gives hidayath (a strong belief in religion) only to some, whom He wills. I jumped in joy and I feel so happy that Allah chose me. I felt that connection, that special feeling when Allah chooses you. Imagine. I started wearing clothes like a Muslimah, offering five times prayers, reading Quran, and all that a Muslim has to do. Mashallah. Now I spend my free time completely in listening to religious lectures, dawah, spreading my knowledge to others, understanding more about Islam, trust me it has given me so much of peace and everyday I can't stop myself from learning more about Allah. I dont entertain arguments with anyone on Islam. I wish that Allah gives hidayath to all Muslims and help them enter Jannah. I love. Allah so much that I start to cry :-)
  12. How I Became Religious From Nowhere

    thank you sis :)
  13. Dare To Be True Game

    ha ha, No next ques: Is anyone interested to play this game? :cry:
  14. 1 You should believe there is NO NO NO God except Allah 2 You should believe in Prophet Muhammed and his teachings 3 You should believe that Moses, Jesus and all other Prophets are Messengers of Islam ONLY. -Anyone believing all 3 goes to Heaven, anyone believing all 3 but making sins will go to Hell and then to Heaven. -Anyone disbelieving even one of the above, the Hell Gates are open.
  15. The reason why non Muslims revert is they learn Islam, they find the truth. I am sure no Muslim has ever forced them because it is a religion which has to be embraced on its own from your heart, nobody can force you for the sake of making you a Muslim. That's the beauty of Islam. And I am sure the reason why many non Muslims don't take that risk of reading Quran is they know that once they do it, they would become a Muslim for sure. Every non Muslim has this fear. That's the power of Quran.
  16. Worst Prayers Ever In Cinema And Television

    I think the directors should get some serious help from Muslims during the prayer scenes. They are insulting our prayers... Arghh... :mad:
  17. Do Not Marry 7 Types Of Men

    I think the same applies for a woman too except 1 and 5.
  18. What Is Love In Islam?

    [at] muzur and [at] Saracen Ya they look Japanese or maybe Chinese? I get confused! :huh: [at]Matemkar Thanks for making the post better by sharing your own :happy:
  19. How I Became Religious From Nowhere

    [at]Hydden Thank you :) Regarding shaitan, I do agree he interferes as you start becoming more religious. But what I am surprised to note is earlier when I was not very religious, whenever I wanted to offer prayers, I would get distracted, whenever I wanted to read Quran I would think hmm.. should I read it today? But now, after becoming religious, the distraction and the procrastination or laziness of reading Quran has vanished. I know shaitan has walked away from me thinking I cannot do anymore tricks on this woman. As you said I have crossed the "limit break" and succeeded mashallah. :) and [at]Saracen Thank you :)
  20. Hinduism today originates from the Aryans who entered India in about 2000 BC. These Aryans came from central asia and settled in North India, they pushed the Dravidians to the South India. That's why we see North and South Indians look different from each other and speak different languages. Aryans originated during the time of Abraham in Babylon era, so the scriptures they wrote talk about the prophet´╗┐ Muhammad