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  1. What Is Jizya

    I doubt the christians who are forced to pay this tax find it laughable. Like those in ISIS terrotory who havent been murdered. Why is it funny, it says it in the quran so isnt your wish that non-muslims should pay a tax.
  2. I like you doc! I dont blame you, i blame the government and the media for ruining this country, helping immigrants when people live on the street and cant get jobs blessings to you and your family.
  3. ~ Extinguishing The Flame Of Ignorance ~

    A turkish muslim guy was cutting my hair and he smelled bad, like fried food, i didnt go back there again.
  4. And its the same in france, germany etc The PEDIGA (patriotic europeans against Islamization of the west) movement is drawing tens of thousands every week taking part in mass rallies across germany. Do you think it will go away?
  5. ukip mob doesnt intimidate people, thats for edl, ukip are the one that is growing and making waves in british politics, they speak for lots and lots of very decent ordinary people. Even some non-whites support ukip. Ive no doubt that non-christians are a part of britain as we are no longer a christian nation since WWII the british public have consistently opposed mass immigration, thats why ukip are on the rise not an economic downturn, i promise you that.
  6. Yes, quite impressive isnt it for a small damp island in europe Not edl, ukip and you will care.
  7. The Solution To Gaza

    brother there is no solution unless there was no more jews and muslims, personally i couldnt give a damn what you people do to each other like you couldnt give a damn about a godless ape like me.
  8. New Excuse To Lie

    http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CB0QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.m.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FMesopotamia&ei=1ifiVNGHBYH07Abgr4HwCw&usg=AFQjCNHYycpsx6LxdalDCBEFQxN3phaIPA&sig2=-OXlCSS-qqYJP7raNeQa6Q read the part on religion, maybe you could say they believed the earth was flat, i dont believe you apes believe that unless your more stupid than i thought
  9. What Is Jizya

    If you could have it your own way i would be forced to pay a tax just so as i could [at]live and then i would still have less rights than you, this of course unless you killed me as an infidel. All this is in the quran. This life would not be worth living.
  10. ala’adin yes he was muslim… obviously, its always a muslim. sydney paris denmark Its ok, more people will hate you.
  11. In britain the national health service is collapsing because we try to help everybody, for FREE and theres too many people on a small Island and you muslims have 9 kids each, congratulations.
  12. no it doesnt scare me paradise lost, it just makes me sick. This world is already over crowded, we are destroying the planet, the earth, the sea, the sky and all you apes can do is pump out 9 children to add to the destruction. Edit by admin: Hate is no good for your health. Please take the next 30 days off to try to cure your heart.
  13. I dont care about america, your right its built on immigration, britain is not. We are the ones who did NOT run away You muslims are more enraged if people insult "the prophet" than when scores of muslims are killed by other muslims.