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  1. Urine Problems

    From what I have learned, if you are unsure then the right choice would be to choose the sure alternative. Like, for example, if you are not sure whether you have performed 2 or 3 rakaats, then you take it as you have performed 2 rakaats because what your uncertain about actually was whether you have performed 3 rakaats whereas you are sure you have performed at least 2 rakaats. So with this thing about whether the substance found in the underwear is or is not semen, the right choice would be to consider it as semen, because that it is semen is a certainly, and that it is not is a possibility.
  2. What Values Are Shared By Muslims And Scientists?

    If you think that Surah Al-Alaq is only referring to reading the Quran, then you are only understanding the surah from just one perspective. That will be a very narrow understanding. Every word in the Quran has got many layers of meanings. So to fully understand the Quran, it is necessary to take into consideration all the various meanings.
  3. Do Not Marry 7 Types Of Men

    From my Saudi student, a marriage is like a bottle of bitter medicine with a thin layer of honey on top. He said that, not me. Just saying it here to add some spice to the discussion. From personal experience, I would say, Don't marry women who want to own you. Now which woman doesn't want to own her husband?
  4. Revert

    As salaam mualikum, ya ukhtee. Ahlan wa sahlan, too. Good to know that you have found the right path. It's going to be a long and interesting journey. Ask if you have any questions. No promises but I will share what I know.
  5. Old But Not Out. Yet.

    As salaam mualaikum, ya akhi and ukhtee, I am 60 years old. Reverted to Islam about 40 years ago. Still learning about Islam. Looking to learn more here.