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  1. Assalaam Alaikum, Well, in reality, I see my whole life leading me to the moment I became a Muslim. 50 years to be exact. My whole life I spent observing people and things and I always asked questions, why this, why that. My mother would say that I drove her crazy with questions. From that early age, things just did not make sense to me. I believed in God, never had a doubt my whole life, but when Jesus (PBUH) was added into the equation as I was raised Catholic, it totally did not make sense that there were three in one. So I spent a bulk of my life trying to resolve that issue. So I lived my life searching, going from one Christian religion to the nest, looking for some sort of sense. In addition I found many Christians to be a bit racist in the time I was growing up. Between the clergy and the congregation, I felt like a visitor in the Church, not a member. It was sort of like they had pity on us because they thought we were poor creatures by the color of our skin. And the fact that Jesus (PBUH) and Mary were like blonde hair blue eyed, sort of put me off and then there came the time of the black Jesus in my community, that still did not work for me because I know that there were many people in the world and why would God look like one race. So much confusion. Then I grew up and went off to University and began my life, still searching and living like there was no accountability on the outside, but still struggling with the concept of God that I knew existed and who protected me and looked after me. So it became quite like a double life. Then I ended up in Egypt with my mother about 20 years ago and we were in a souq when I first heard the adhan call. It was immeadiately stunned by the beauty of it, but more stunned when merchants stopped what they were doing to pray. What a concept! My heart yearned for that but I still thought about Jesus (PBUH) and when I returned from Egypt, I put it on the back burner, but that feeling of awe and yearning never left me. Then last year a sibling dies and when I got the news, I said, 'Jesus' and Christians are known to do in times of extreme distress, but there was a voice in the back of my head that went, 'Why are you calling on him?' As simple as that, really. I had a friend who was Muslim, and they helped me during this difficult time and supported me. They were going to Umrah and they sent me pictures and I was so moved by all the different kinds of people and that Allah (swt) had no image, He is other than us and we are his created creatures. After my whole life of observing this made so much sense. Everything started to make sense. They gave me some videos to watch and an Islamic History book and were very gentle and did not push and I found my way to the truth of this religion and 3 months after I had the thought about Jesus(PBUH) I became a Muslim and have not looked back, only ahead. I love being a Muslim, it suits me to the utmost and what I have been looking for all my life. I know what I am, I know my purpose in life is to worship Allah (swt) do good deeds and that this world is just a test, a diversion and that we all will return to Allah (swt), It makes so much sense after observing and asking why my whole life. Islam was the answer for me.
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    Thank you so much! That drink was very refreshing.
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    Asalaam Alaikum, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I am a married revert living in Europe but am American by birth. I found out about this forum on another forum and thought that it would be good to join to gain knowledge and have discussions.