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  1. Did Islam Spread By The Sword ?

    Mr. gilito ,, I swear what are you doing now is filling your head with poisons fictional stories, If you want to know Muhammad , let a Muslim teach you , or read in authentic Muslim books, then you will know the True Muhammad PPBUH , The Muhammad that we know, admire , take as a role model , give me a situation , and ill tell you all what I know about it , and then go compare it with your sources to realize the hatred and lies they spread ,, and what are they not telling you. Muhammad PPBUH was a fair, just man with high morals, Before and after his message , non of the non-believers accused him of been barbaric, terrorist, or mass murdered or war lord. though they accused him of being a sorcerer, poet, mad man, satanic ,, while all those things are easy to answer to as well .. but war lord and what is in it context , is nothing they could have accused him of ,, because they knew what is going on Allah Almighty gave Muhammad PPBUH a revelation of truth , and a lot of people wanted to stand on it ways , so there had and still are many fights against Islam , that why the Quran teach us on these situations among others, because it is a realistic book talking about what are we facing , and going to face , and how to deal with it with a way that The Lord Almighty made lawful.
  2. Did Islam Spread By The Sword ?

    I stopped reading when I reached those wars were not in self defense and their purpose to spread Islam,, you clearly take information from silly sources , that interpret history the way it fits them , Muhammad PPBUH and his companions did not attack any one just to spread Islam they do it either direct self defense , or end a tyrannical government harming and killing Muslims, or with someone who had a treaty with Muslims , then ended up breaking the treaty and killing Muslims
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFThVIflOBc
  4. Taqiyya In Islam

    AlSalam Alykom Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatoh Peace and mercy and blessing be upon you. Do Some Muslims really think it is ok to lie to promote religion ? Why ? Where do they get this from ?? and what is there to lie about ?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me-h_QYvbos
  5. Taqiyya In Islam

    I do not care what a Muslim clerk have to say if it disagrees with the Prophet Peace and Praying Be Upon him, he will get his punishment from Allah, as anyone else who commit a sin I saw this video, it is quite annoying, but notice he is someone on TV. and most of them are wired. except a few. you have to understand, that Muslims governments, media, education ... etc , are all controlled by Zionist hypocrites . and they work hard to fight us internally and ruin our religion. (if you want a prove of that I can show you tons ) but they will never succeed , it is only a period that the Prophet PPBUH told us about , like many others have past, war , marriage , and fixing a relationship between two people , are only places Muslim allowed to say what ever to make it work, but note, it does not consider lying, and it has nothing to do with lying about the religion you need to read into it with justice, not judgment. clarification ... war = to prevent mass killing of Muslims, war= all parties have to know they are at war, war ex.= I am going to attack you west, but actually I attack east/ marriage = to prevent a divorce ( is better than divorce or home problems that affect many people ) marriage = is sacred, and divorce is the most hated HALAL thing to Allah. as the prophet PPBUH have said. still have nothing to do with lying about religion . fixing between friends = just in fixing, not in ruining, or using or or... fixing between friends = to prevent recklessness between two people who used to be friends , they might start talk bad about each others (gossiping) , or betray a secret , or or .. fixing between friends = once they are back as friends , they will realize the silliness of their disagreement still have nothing to do with lying to promote religion. these cases are not considered lying , and you do not get the sin of a lie, ------------------------------------------------- fight is different than KILL . I am fighting you now , and your silly ideas looking for problems where there aren't any, while disregarding the big picture,, --------------------- but any way, every great man in history, have been fought against, Jesus PBUH, Moses PBUH, Muhammad PBUH , and who ever you can think of either died in assassination , or lived a tough life, that is the life of a Muslim , a lot of hatred coming against us , but we have to face it with wisdom and self-deceiplen -------------------------------- I dare you to find one verse in the Quran or in the Prophet PBUH teachings ordered us to start a fight ??? -------------------------------------------- Jizya is not just a protection money, it is a tax system, goes for charity and well being, even Muslims have to pay similar thing called Zakat. but if the NON-MUSLIM was too poor to pay , they would deserve from that charity capital . that is what Islamic economy should be based on , charity , with no Usury , (which is #1 reason for the west economic crisis )) -------------------------------------- The Quran is a realistic book, do you want it to take about what ?? while we are getting attacked all the time ,, it is true Muslims are at war a lot , but always someone is attacking us ,,, and if we attack out of mischief in the land , we will get punished .. but since the the Time of Muhammad PPBUH , Muslims who follow the Quran , are the ones who succeed in their life and have great achievements, the ones who do not stick to the Quran , are nothing more than a sinful Muslims , not a role model ----------------------------- The Quran talk a lot about non-Muslims for many reason. it is not just for muslims, it is a warning for every one. it is warning the ones who did not submit , that they better submit to their creator or they get punishment . it keep repeting the warning that they might wake up it warn us from them, as not to trust them, not to give them authority over us. but never not once we are ordered to kill or harm them out of hatred but we have to hate non-believers for the arrogance and ignorance they keep them selfs at. ------------------------------------------------------ if you want to use Muslims texts is ok , but use authentic ones, not any one ! and the Quran is the most Authentic book. ------------------------------------- if they blocked you from here , I do not know why would they , but if they do,, feel free to contact me on youtube , I have the account for this video I uploaded , and I ll discuss anything with you....
  6. Is women equality the same as justice ? Islamic view three parts: 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFRi6Gf9MVM 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IlJOF8t2fE 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTVFhxPlwnQ
  7. please make sure the captions are ON
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9VPt0xDfUQ
  9. Question About Muhammad

    mr.gilito I hope by now you know that the west knows different Muhammad (PPBUH) than what Muslims know. but something bothered me when you thought that Muslims think it is ok to lie to non-Muslims. please watch ::: http://www.gawaher.com/topic/740849-taqiyya-in-Islam/ and if anything still troubling you about Islam let us know ... it is pretty simple if you hear it from a Muslim, but pretty annoying when learned from a non-Muslim.
  10. Question About Muhammad

    When I said ALL I meant 1+2+7+8 quote. the other ones I detailed them separately, if you still struggling let me know
  11. Question About Muhammad

    ALL the hadiths you mentioned , are either weak sourced hadiths, or suspected source hadith, and all of them in Shia books (the ones who actually allow playing sexually with young kids ) but Shia are not Muslims as they do not worship one Lord and many other false information they based their faith upon. Muslims do not take from Shia hadiths unless it has a strong source + it does not contradict with the Quran. ------------------------------------------------- your 3rd quote from the Quran is false 52:24 is closer to :: (((( And there will go around them youngsters of theirs, they look like preserved pearls. ))) and your 4th one 76:19 is closer to :: ((( There will circulate among them youngsters made eternal. When you see them, you would think them [as beautiful as] scattered pearls. )) nothing sexual here unless u are perverted and want to see sexuality. and know that those boy youngsters of THEIRS are the young kids who died before they had free choice , such as an atheist young kid who died before deciding fully ,they go to Paradise straight away. or A Muslim or anything. ----------------------------------------------------------------- as for Aisha Hadiths , I explained it in the Video, ---------------- do not just copy from hating websites and think they will tell you honesty, not anything written about Muhammad Peace and Praying About him Is true, there is science of analyzing the men who telling it, and comparing the same context with other sayings of the Quran and Muhammad PPBUH , to decided wither it is truly or not, ---------------------------------- when reading the Quran, read it with faith, not with judgmental doubt, Allah does not guide injustice people, who already have a false idea and fishing for something that support them.
  12. Basics Of Islam

  13. Clarifying Islam If you have any suggestions or notes please let me know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcOX68xVnxE
  14. Polygamy In Islam

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIOf8W39dPY
  16. Al-Salam Alykom

    Al-Salam Alykom, My name is Abdulaziz, Am here to share and learn . thanks
  17. Al-Salam Alykom

    Thank you for answering ill try and see ::D
  18. Al-Salam Alykom

    well I think after this post I have one more to do :D if that is what you mean
  19. Al-Salam Alykom

    aha , so is editing and deleting , and posting as a video called restrictions ?
  20. Al-Salam Alykom

    Thanks for welcoming every one, but I have 2 questions if anyone can answer me.. how to edit/delete a post ?? and how to add video to the post for example I want this to be a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIOf8W39dPY
  21. *** post correction I wish someone delete me previous one **** Jazak Allah Khair brother, I came thru this subject thru Bing search for Miracles, and now it is in my favorites. I am also a searcher of Miracles and most of what you mentioned here is new to me. I whish if I can contact you more thu facebook if you do not mind , Keep up the good work. Numerical Miracles of the Quran :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBIRi0GgqAE I have some more but they are not Numerical if you want ill post them