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  1. Why is the Quran A miracle ?? 


    1- It was delevered by a man on his 40 es old of age , Who the people knew and who was rasied among them, all his life he was illeterate , not intrested in Poetery or litriture .


    2- as many enemies Islam has , This book has been perserved , there is not one strong argument against the Authorty of the Quran ( it is exactly as Muhammad PBUH delevered it ,, and it has been the same for the last 1400 years while MANY people tried to change it .


    3- There is only one copy of the Quran , where every word is the same every where you go in the world , not 2 muslims disagree on it.


    4- The fact that there is not one single contridection in there even thu it has been reveled on a period of almost 23 years.


    5- the fact there there is not one single mistake in the historiical , scintific details .


    6- the fact that it mentions historical fact has not been discovered before it but after it and it was true .


    7- the fact that it mention scintific facts that are not been discovered before it .


    8- the fact that it is systematically and numarically accruate to the LETTER , if one letter change in the Quran , A LOT of mathmatical patterens with be lost . you can find some of them in this subject by alandulusi.


    the list goes on , that is on top of my mind .

    when you guys find a book like this one , come and argue , otherwise stop saying stupid claims and blind arguments .

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    Jesus Peace Be Upon Him is mentioned more than 25 times in
    the Quran , here are some of them::















































































































  3. No , we are not proud of violence , rather proud of successes,

    the war is something happening , there is always people who want to fight the light,


    So if I tell you I am proud that Afghani militias are killing the USA occupiers , there are two ways you can look at it.

    media way , or truth way .


    the truth is they occupied a peaceful nation for nothing but a hidden agenda they were planning for a long time,

    the truth I am happy with every NATO soldier who dies in Afghanistan because of their tyranny,


    we are proud of our success across history to demolish darkness , all thanks to Allah, no nation had fell down and resin back up as many as the Muslim nation ,



    World domination is not an agenda or goal , it is a fact , and the world is leading them self's to it when they choose to agree with Zionists and attack the Lords words on earth,  but in no way it is a hidden agendas (like the western many ones ) .



    and nothing in Islam about violently impose Islam, the west is coming to Islam by attacking Islam, and the west is the one who VIOLENTLY want to impose democracy in places where people do not want it,,,,

  4. Well Muslims battle achievements are beyond what you mentioned SaracenSoldier,,,


    we won against Arabian major tribes, and  Persians Romans,   Mongols ,Crusaders ,Byzantine , USSR ,  

    and every small tyrannical nation in between . ..


    and note that all the places were those battles took place, became Islamic afterwards, Persia Jerusalem, Constantinople (Istanbul ) , south Russia are all Islamic, even the Mongols before their defeat became Muslims,,


    All thanks to Allah , whose light will overwhelm any darkness.




    but those successes were on the hands of righteous Muslims, dedicated to Allah S.W.T. and his Messenger PPBUH.



    now Zionists are planning to guide the world into a world war against Islam . that can be the prophesy that one day the whole world will be Islamic, and they came to it.

  5. Mr. gilito ,,



    I swear what are you doing now is filling your head with poisons fictional stories,

    If you want to know Muhammad , let a Muslim teach you , or read in authentic Muslim books, then you will know the True Muhammad PPBUH , The Muhammad that we know, admire , take as a role model ,



    give me a situation , and ill tell you all what I know about it , and then go compare it with your sources to realize the hatred and lies they spread ,, and what are they not telling you.



    Muhammad PPBUH was a fair, just man with high morals, Before and after his message , non of the non-believers accused him of been barbaric, terrorist, or mass murdered or war lord.



    though they accused him of being a sorcerer, poet, mad man, satanic ,, while all those things are easy to answer to as well ..



    but war lord and what is in it context , is nothing they could have accused him of ,, because they knew what is going on


     Allah Almighty gave Muhammad PPBUH  a revelation of truth , and a lot of people wanted to stand on it ways , so there had and still are many fights against Islam , that why the Quran teach us on these situations among others, because it is a realistic book talking about what are we facing , and going to face , and how to deal with it with a way that The Lord Almighty made lawful.