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  1. 15 Sha'ban

    in the name of the merciful God days, the sky is not large hearted, the clouds do not rainpretty which vitalize the planet. The major avarice is getting epidemic on the entire world..... wander between the dark of nights and impatience of days. Theydo not know why such an unreasonable hate, such a blackness of heart!! but they believe that One will come, who put down the darkness andby his kind hands, fill the whole of the world with freshness of existence, disperse the smell of GOD`s praise. ]The only savior like the sun is shining on all the poor people whodo not have any way to save and hang on any decay string...... Mahdi`s scent will vivifies all walking dead. the silence of night, 15st Shaaban of the year 255 AH(or 256) , the sound of the Blessed Newborn enveloped all but that is not cry as usual of any child, so it is the sound of worship of the last God remaining. His mother, that Gracious lady, did not have any signof pregnancy by Permission of God, because The history of bloodthirsty were going to find himand kill, they thought to be able to change the Course of human history. That was the certain illusion. She woke up at the midnight and prayed with ineffable joy, she waited impatiently but had the powerful fait on the will of God. So by and by, signs of childbirth appearedclose to the Morning Prayer, and then it did not last that The Cherished child was born and as soon as possible worshipedto evidence on the unique of God, then saluted to the previous Imams , by the his father permission, Imam Hasan Askari, spoke with others….. He was born in 1179 years ago, butunfortunately the world has not been able to be receptive the steps of Fatemeh`s son yet……
  2. Hello Guys

    i'm happy to here lets have beautifull days togother