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  1. Concerns About The News

    We dont live in a too aggressive community its just that there are a few who make the community bad if you run into them they are just ignorant. I will still ear my hijab despite the bad cause if it is meant to be then it will be. I know Allah (swt) will protect us I just still kind of have that fear of it though. But I will continue to keep my faith and know that whatever happens, happens and was meant to be thank you for your comments. jazakallah
  2. Concerns About The News

    Yes when non Muslims attack Muslims.. I will not stray from Islam but I do worry sometimes about when I am not around my husband and people in our small town are very closed inded and quick to judge. I fear for my husband and I know that he fears for me. What should I do?
  3. Concerns About The News

    Assalama Alaiykum, lately I have been hearing and reading things on the news about events that happen to Muslim brothers and sisters and it concerns me because I am so fearful that someone who knows nothing of Islam and assumes that they will harm him or do something very bad and vice verse my husband fears the same. I will stay true to my belief and just pray that Allah (SWT) will protect us from such harmful people but the fear is still there. I am wondering what I should do to maybe ease my mind on this because there is just so much on the news of horrible things happening that I just try not to watch or read such things but something you just cant ignore. Please advise THANK YOU!
  4. Assalama Alaiykum brothers and sisters, I want to tell everyone of a true blessing I have received today. About 2 weeks ago I was having problems with my asthma and had to be admitted. I was there for 4 days and was given steroids to open my lungs during that time I started having stomach pains they said it was probably cramps and gave me meds for it. Well the day I went home the stomach pain got worse almost unbearable so I went back to the hospital and found out that I had diverticulitis and in taking the steroids it cause it to make a it inflamed and preferated and they said if I had not come back in I could have died at any moment or in a few days. For those who are not aware of what diverticulitis is Its pallops in the intestine like mushrooms or pockets and when they are inflamed they swell and can trap food. Well the steroids cause it to break through my intestine wall and caused a hole that started to leak into my stomach and infect it. They admitted me again and told me I needed surgery but that they wanted to kill the infection first to minimize the risk of death. The infection was controlled but the hole stayed and the surgeon said he wanted me to take antibiotics for 2 weeks until surgery to see if I could hold up in surgery. I have diabetes 2, Asthma, COPD, and this. I went to go see my dr and he gave me samples for meds for my ashtma and Diabetes. Well I called my pharmacy and they told me my meds were $340.00. Unfortunently I am not working because I stay sick and Ive tried medicare and they denied me and I tried Humana for ObamaCare and they said to apply online but the website is down has been for a week now. I applied for SSI because I cannot lift or move to much without causing severe damage. So basically Im to sick to work but not sick enough for the government to help me. I asked my dr if I could take something else cheaper so he changed one prescription the most expensive one.but I could only afford one of the meds and asked if I could pick the rest up when I got more money, they said no. I called my dr and told him and he said Im sending my nurse down there. I waited and the nurse showed up and we went to the pharmacy she said he is paying for all your meds he says this is serious and is life and death. My dr paid $112 for all my meds I cried I have never had a dr who cared so much for his patients. I told her I don't need the pain med I can settle for tylenol she said no he wants you to take all your meds with no discomfort it will strain your body. She said if you dont mind me asking why was this hard to get I explained that because my husband is a full time student and works that his paychecks go to rent and bills and he does not make that much and because they hired more ppl they have cut hours sue to payroll and I cant work because Im sick. I have a wonderful dr and though we do not have extra for anything else like meds and dr visits for my illness we have rent paid and electric and we do as best as we can for gas for him to go to work and school. I have never had any dr go out for me that far and cared so much. I feel so blessed and though my faith is strong it is truly purer than ever because I see the blessing of Allah who has sent me to find this wonderful man to be my dr. He has truly saved my life :*) Never lose faith brothers and sisters because when tmes are hard and you feel its all falling and u feel all alone with no help that is truly when Allah is with you and keeping strength for you when you no longer have strength. i can't stress enough how happy and blessed i fell. May Allah bless you all!
  5. Super Serious! Malpractice And Discrimination!

    Medical Malpractice- Improper, unskilled, or negligent treatment of a patient by a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care professional.Proof of injury can include the physical effects of the treatment performed by the physician, but it can also include emotional effects. Phenergan causes blurred vision, doubled vision, light headedness, dizziness, vommitting, tiredness and weakness. All which are associated with intoxication. Doctors are to respect the wish of their patients beliefs which is why if a Mormon is loosing blood doctors can not give them a blood transfusion because it is against their belief. Even if it may save their life they cannot do it.
  6. Assalaam alaiykum Brothers and sisters I have a serious problem.. My husband has been sick for 3 days finally I told him we have to go to the ER. When the doctor came in he said he was gonna give him a shot for meds called phenergan and draw blood. I asked does this have Alcohol in it he said no why I told him we are muslim and its against our religion. He said where do you come from I told him Im hispanic Im from Texas and my husband is from Tennessee he said no are you from Iran we said no we are not from over country he said hmm ok. Well the nurse said no theres no alcohol because we have ex alcoholics who cant have it either. Well they prescribed him phenergan and I looked up the ingredients cause something about that doctor and how he went into questioning us about if we came from Iran seemed funny. Turns out Phenergan tablets and elixars contain an active ingrediant called Promethazine which contains 7% Alcohol. If there is anyone who has advice or legal advice please help. We specifically told him it was against our religion and he injected my husband with it and prescribed it to him. This is wrong what he did was wrong and I am outraged that he would disobey our request and misinform us and go against our beliefe. I am trying to keep my calm but I just feel so wronged and my husband is very devout and for him to do that to him was just outrageous... Please Advise!!!!
  7. In Need Of Answers

    I asked the same thing before I converted but here is what helped me come to terms and understand it all. You raise your children as ya both see fit. If you choose to raise your children Muslim then that wont change anything with you parents because all there will be is the love for their grand babies and since your parents support your decisions and if you choose Islam then they will respect your ways that you have chosen for your children. They love you and that will never change and at the same time they will not go against your choices for your children because they will know that when you marry and have kids they are your immediate family and your parents come second. You are not forcing your children into Islam you are simply raising your children as you want to but ultimately in the end when they are old enough they will choose what they want to believe on their own. I think that once you read and learn more about Islam all of your answers will be answered. Just give it time and have patience If God wills it, It will be and give you the guidance and strength you need. My parents told me only you have to answer to God for your choices and if your happy and have faith and that is the way God guides you then you praise him and let him show you the way whichever way that might be. My parents are supportive even though they are devout Catholics my parents understand that this is our family and only God will Judge. Just take it step by step and learn what you can and I tell you it will all come in due time don't fear the unknown just have faith and pray for God to guide you he will never steer you wrong. I will raise my children Muslim and when they are older if they choose to go in another way will pray for them and love them all the same only they in the end will have to answer to God. Be apart of the community and go to the gatherings and teachings they have dont be afraid to talk to the sisters they will help you alot and are more than welcoming to help you with any questions you have. I pray you find your way and keep faith and I pray that God shows you the path.
  8. In Need Of Answers

    Hello I am recently converted as in maybe 2 weeks and I come from a devout Catholic family. When I met my husband he was Muslim and he did have his doubts going back and fourth but is no true to his religion. I first told him I will not enforce my religion on you as long as you do not enforce yours on me. When we got married he had to give me a dowry and out of respect I said I would learn about his religion and keep an open mind about it because I want to know what to do if anything happens then I have the knowledge to do what I have to about his religion. We have been married for over a year and a half. I have learned so much about his religion and it is very much alike in many ways but in the end I prayed on it and the only thing that kept stickin to my mind was to follow my husband and so I told him I would do as he does for a week or so until I was sure and if I felt closer to God then I would convert. I was stuck on not converting all this time but in my heart I know that I was meant to be Muslim everything is telling me this is the way that God wills it. You should read and have your fiance talk to you about it ask him anything and everything let him guide you and then you make your choice on your own. Some of the things that stuck out for me is 1. God says your should not idolize idols and granted that crosses have Jesus(pbuh) it is still an idol. 2. Even the Bible says that another Prophet would come along to speak the words of God and that we should listen and that Prophet was Muhammad(pbuh) I know exactly where your coming from all the way so if you have any question please send me a message I will be happy to answer any questions you have.
  9. Assalaam Alaiykum, Shukran

    Assalaam alaiykum, I want to thank everyone for all of your help in my journey to this point. I have prayed and prayed on this so much and now I am certain that I am in the direction that Allah (SWT) wills me to be. I told my husband that I would do as he did during salats to get a feel of my own when making salat and on Friday i attended my first Jummah and following Sunday I took Shahada. I have been trying hard to learn to make my salats on my own and I am very pleased to announce that I can say the Surah Al Fatiah and most of the rest I am still learning but I have picked it up very quickly almost as if is has just come naturally. I would like to thank Dot, Younes, and Amna4 for your advice and patience. I have also been reading the Quran and I have gotten up to Surah 4. So Thank you for everything :)
  10. I guess I have a lot to think about I thank u all for ur advice and not coming down on me so hard. I'll continue to read on and perhaps something will click and make sense. I cannot say yet that my desire is to convert but it is a thought some of the up wall is because of the enforcement I get from the local Masjid. They treat my husband different because I am not Muslim and have stressed that I do mot wish to convert, that and the way the things they said to us because we were in despair and were trying to do the right thing in taking my niece. Also how they treat me because 1 I am not Muslim but I still support my husband and join him in events for support and 2 because they are segregated and always enforce their women to remain bhind closed doors. When I go with him the women go behind doors and u fo not see the men until u leave not even when they gather for a pot luck and the men get everything and the woman just gets sides and water if they give coke its one 12pk of diet coke which diet is fine but they only give one 12 pk and its 25-30 woman its like treat the men as kings and give the woman what's left or whatever the men don't want like dogs or something....I think its just that masjid we plan to check different ones out next week cuz this one is just degrading towards woman. I do not like this Imam he is not nicr or compassionate and he is very judgemental in a harsh way. But I will def consider it more than I have. Thank you all so very much and if u have any advice or helpful hints I am all open to it.
  11. I got as far as Surah 4 I just feel like if I read on it will just continue to stress out that I'm going to hell. If I am not Catholic then what would u say I am because I do not believe that Jesus is God. Do I believe that he is the son of God yes I mean even in the Quran says in any miracle if God wills it than it shall be. Unlike all the other prophets he was born of a virgin with no taint of a man where as the others were born of woman & man. So how do u place Jesus on same level as any other prophet when he was made and born different? But I don't believe Jesus is God I believe he was the son born in like of God ....like a vessel sent to show the works of God to show Gods powers not that he is God same way if u have a child ur child is not u but an image of u and what u teach him/her.
  12. Still if Judaism is before both how is it possible for the deciples to tell Jesus we will follow u and we are Muslim when the Quran clearly states to be Muslim is to follow Islam so if they told Jesus we are muslim then that has to mean Islam. Practiced before Judaism and Christianity...I mean how can they claim a religion that did not exist yet? Also whybdoes the Quran degrade women so much it says if there is an agreement that 2 men must witness or 1 man and 2 women why we must only equal to half the worth of a man I mean correct me if I'm wrong but xidnt Muhammad have a woman by his side in battle protecting him fighting as a man so why does it make it seem like we r not equal to man and made out to be so small?
  13. Im Catholic and I do not worship Jesus nor do I believe he created us I believe in God the one Almighty and he created us all but I do love Jesus and achknowledge his miracles. the Quran says folloe me and my messanger why does it not say messangers why only achknowledge one. The Quran also says anyone who desires any other religion shal have the curse of God upon them. I learn about Islam but I am Catholic and always will be and the Quran says I'm going to hell because I do not desire Islam...that can't be right. I light candles and have holy water and pray to only God no picsnor idols just holy water and candles for light I can't understand how I can be sent to hell for being Catholic. Also in the story of Mary it says all Christians would burn in the fires of hell. Why am I going to hell when I believe in God...just one God?? It also says that to enter heaven I must fear God on every page. I love him and respect him the only thing I fear is whether he sees fit that I have done right in life. And it says that if I desire another religion that God does not love me how can that be how can he not love me because I worship only him as a Catholic? As bad as it seems I do not believe 100% that the bible is true ecause it was written by man a heresay but just as the Quran regardless of it bein told by Muhammad and written by others and confirmed that it is what Muhammad said it was still written by man and no matter what Man is capable of wrong no man is perfect. I just can't believe that God does not love me because I do not choose to follow Islam.
  14. I have been reading the Quran since Ramadhan to try to get a better understanding. I read that the deciples told Jesus we are muslim but I thought Jesus spred Christianity and Muhammead taught Islam...But everyone says Christianity is the oldest religion and that the angel told Mary to pray in prostrate that she was muslim. The Quran says to be muslim is to follow Islam soooo then why do ppl say that Christianity is the oldest religion but according to the Quran Islam is....which is it cause I'm so confused why did Jesus not teach about the five prayers but yet Mary was told how to pray. Also it says because I am Christian I'm going to hell but hkw is that when I pray and believe in God the one God yet it says if I don't follow follow God and Muhammad I'm going to hell but I believe in Jesus and so do Muslims so why does the Quran say I am going to Hell just because I do not follow Muhammad but I follow Jesus which ya consider a prophet as well?
  15. I'm Tired Of Those People

    I am a non-Muslim I think there is just a lot of misconception about y'all religion but one thing to remember there is always going to be people who are stubborn and have cruel things to say or just keep asking or saying the same thing but to keep a good heart you should never stop trying to reach out to them as best you can. people who post or ask the same question the readers have the same option to reply if they want or not. It happens with alot of religions there is always going to be those people who have something to say or something to ask but that does not mean you should give up on them. I know that maybe I'm out of my place because I am not Muslim but I was the same way before I met my husband and granted that I am set on staying Catholic I have learned so much from my husband and I respect Islam so much more now than ever and if he had given up on me and my continuous questions I would have never had the respect for Islam that I have now. I know people constantly think terrorist when I tell them my husband is Muslim and I always tell them my husband is a good man and he is devout to his religion he has had his doubts but only because he had so many questions and no one could ever answer them but he is not a terrorist there are good and bad people in every religion that does not define their religion they are just bad people who Muslim as there are in Christianity. At first I said I would raise my kids with both religion but after the conversations from here and the support of people of my questions I think it is best for our kids to be raised as Muslims but I will remain Catholic as it stands but who knows I cannot predict the future maybe later I might convert only God knows. But it's just my personal opinion. I just think you should continue to stay strong and keep telling the truth all it takes is one person at a time. :)