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  1. Learn Madhabd

    If one asks to a scholar, who strictly follows Quran and Hadith is asked about "different schools of madhab". He will certainly answer that according Holy Quran there is no place of any distinguish that separates Ummah. As Holy prophet described in his last sermon that there is distinguish between Arabic and non-Arabic so it equally applicable in this case also.
  2. The Issue Of Halal Meat

    The basic theme behind slaughter is to slaughter animal in the name of Allah (SWT) moreover people should eat that meat which is butchered with the name of Allah.
  3. A Financial Matter

    Nowadays it has become status symbol to live in mascot accommodation and people tries to show off over their false glory and richness. Especially if intention is to show off in front of neighbors then it would be questioned on the Day of Judgment because a person living in neighbor has very high priority rights on the other person.
  4. Islamic values are the biggest gift of Allah (SWT), which He bestowed to humanity in the form of Sharia. I think west is getting sensible and due to sensibility, it can now decide a better way following.
  5. I Am Sorry, But....

    It does not mean that if there is a clash in two religions then they will fight each other it means that they are not capable to settle down the matter and they require third party mediation.
  6. Chain Of Transmission

    All credit goes to Holy Quran that provoked the awareness about the authentication and chain of transmission of Quranic verses and Hadith. Best example of such thing is Sahih Hadith which means that that Hadith is referred that has strong agreement about its genuineness while weaker ones are not called Sahih.
  7. Salah With Hurt Arm

    Salah is compulsory in every condition except in mental insanity and unconsciousness it is excused, otherwise it cannot be exempted. In order to perform it Allah (SWT) has provided relaxation in terms of doing Tayamum.
  8. Salam I do not remember any kind of reference such commandment of Holy Prophet (PBUH) but I have read several essays mentioning that Holy Prophet (PBUH) imposed the condition for the release of prisoners of Quraish to pay Jizyya or to teach knowledge to a Muslim.
  9. However faith can be made complicated by discussing depth of fundamental but in simple way that can represent faith of a person by means Kalma that states: There is no God except Allah Almighty (SWT) and Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the last Messenger of Allah (SWT). If a person has complete faith on above statement then it is a sort of assurance that that person is a believer and definitely enters in paradise and rest will be in great loss.
  10. History Of Islamophobia

    Although there is particular mind have captivated the main stream of west especially United States but fooling can be made once, twice or may be thrice but not more than this. The revolutions will we televised through religious moderates one day by their character. InshAllah.
  11. Miracles By Muslims

    Salam MashAllah and good wishes for sister who accepted Islam. The point here is to clarify how do you define a miracle and what thing do you consider a miracle. A miracle is an unusual divine sort of thing that could be produced at any moment. True miracles are only owned by Holy Prophets is blessing of Almighty Allah (SWT) over them.
  12. Is It A Sin To Be A "secret" Muslim?

    Salam if we study the starting history of Islam then we may come to know that many Muslim used hide their conversion to Islam as people of Quraish were very fierce on Holy Prophet (PBUH) for practicing Islam, as he (PBUH) remained safe due to high status among Quraish but they used to torture lower order Islam followers. For that reason, they used to hide their faith in their heart for the sake of their lives. The biggest example is that Hadrat Sammia (RA) who was the first Martyr of Islam due to the tyranny of Quraish.
  13. Islam in England

    Hatred is just like a fire that burns the wood in ashes so it make all deeds vanish. “O ye who believe! Take not for intimates others than your own folk, who would spare no pains to ruin you; they love to hamper you. Hatred is revealed by (the utterance of) their mouths, but that which their breasts hide is greater. We have made plain for you the revelations if ye will understand.” (3 Surat Aal-e-Imran . Aayat118)
  14. Relation Between The # 3 Gods In The One God

    The concept seems to be complex and complicated because Christians believe in Trinity means they have family of Gods, if God has family then certainly they might have family clash but we see no clash between Gods except in humans.
  15. Use Of Intoxicating Items In Islam.

    Intoxicants are Haram and illegal from Islamic point of view all other religions also disallow it but Islam disallows it forcefully because it has disadvantages far greater than from its advantages and it is the main reason for its prohibition. “They question thee about strong drink and games of chance. Say: In both is great sin, and (some) utility for men; but the sin of them is greater than their usefulness. And they ask thee what they ought to spend. Say: that which is superfluous. Thus Allah maketh plain to you (His) revelations, that haply ye may reflect.” (2 Surat-ul-Baqara . Aayat219)
  16. Do I Leave My Mother?

    Islam pay high importance to parents but if your mother is forcing from doing good deeds then Islam teaches special code of conduct regarding refusing to her will. However, a huge responsibility lies on your shoulder of your younger sister. If she is in tender age then amount of responsibility will be greater and Allah (SWT) will reward you for your sacrifice. As you are sacrificing for the faith of another Muslim, may Allah bless you with peace and harmony.
  17. Your Plan Vs The Actual Result!

    No one can change the thing what is destined to occur in a manner. Only Allah Almighty (SWT) has plan no one has it, everyone has to face failure against Him (SWT). “There is no reproach for the Prophet in that which Allah maketh his due. That was Allah's way with those who passed away of old - and the commandment of Allah is certain destiny”. ( 33.38)
  18. ‘Kids Dua Series’ is an iOS app that that may be helpful in fulfilling your religious responsibility towards your kids by teaching and making them learn Duas & supplications. Click here to download Kids Dua Series
  19. Help Me Learn And Learn In Turn

    Being Muslim, we do not believe multiple God. Believing on one God is the fundamental concept of Islam. In my opinion, Surat Al-Ikhlas (112, 1 - 4) is the best answer to concept God in Islam.
  20. Reflections

    It is mutual sort of thing if one believes on Almighty Allah (SWT) then it is commanded to have firm believe on Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his commandments reciprocally if a person has believe on Holy Prophet (PBUH) then he commands us to follow Almighty Allah (SWT) as a sole sustainer of this universe. “Say, "Obey Allah and the Messenger." But if they turn away - then indeed, Allah does not like the disbelievers.” (3,32)
  21. Salam it is to see interesting facts about Holy Quran, which at least I have not seen before, may Allah reward you for your hard work.
  22. Dhul Hijjah 2013

    Salam, what if I cut my nails earlier this morning, later I realized that a person who is going to perform slaughter should not cut his or her nails and hair. Kindly assist me in this regard all this happened unintentionally, as I am taking part in Zabiha. JazakAllah.
  23. Friday Naseeha

    Salam thanks for an informative post. Lot of practicing Muslims does not know what Taqwa means and how essential it is for Faith. May Allah give guidance to all. Wassalam.
  24. Implementing The Islamic Shariah (sharia Law)

    Peace to all, many Islam labeled countries tried to implement Islamic Shariah but it is unfortunate that they failed to do so due to some internal and external factors. In fact the liberal and secular regime inside such countries are opposing it.
  25. For The Pleasure Of Allah

    Peace to all. For the purpose whether one is doing for sake of Almighty Allah (SWT) or for personal interest can be easily judged by an instinct known as sixth sense. If a person is doing a thing you are doing in righteous way it will provide you satisfaction otherwise it will prompt, blame and accuse you.