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  1. Islam in America

  2. Have you ever been to any? Do they have them often in your city or do you have to travel to them? Random conferences I've seen on Youtube show a very large turn out. Are they typically this large and do you have to get there early? What was the last one you attended? Was it at a masjid or a large conference/convention center? Vain questions for sisters: I want to make sure I am dressed properly. What did you wear?
  3. I see this forum is full of people from around the globe and I am interested in the cultural/religious practices of burning incense. My family comes from a Christian background and among those who claim to be religious they are divided on the subject. Some (mainly Sanctified) say it is ok because incense was burned in the Tabernacle. Others (mainly Baptists, who for some reason discredit anything in the Old Testament) say it is a pagan ritual and is not permissible to burn during prayer or any other time. As I google the internet about incense and Islam I see people saying that it keeps the jinns away, then some say that jinns eat the smoke, lol.
  4. I think I first started to take a interest in Islam back 2005. I had just dropped out of university and moved in with my father. I was curious about the topic of arranged marriages that some of my classmates ended up having. I was surprised that the process was nothing like what was being said via the western media. From there I just started reading more and more about the religion. Plus this wasn't too many years after 9/11 and the topic of muslims was still constantly on the news. From then until now my life has been consumed by sin. I finally took a look inward and saw how my environment was shaping all my actions. Everything about this culture was making me physically, mentally, and spiritually ill! I've been stopped going to church because these so called Christian ministers are just putting on a show in order to get paid. There are very few churches that are doing the work of the Lord. My community was consumed by crack, out of wedlock pregnancy, ignorance, and poverty and the only thing the church cared about preaching about was tithing and gays. I honestly felt cheated in life when I learned how in Islam marriage is encouraged and the muslim community actually puts forth an effort to building marriage. That does not occur in the christian church or in my American family. We don't encourage marriage. We tell our young people to "live a little" and use birthcontrol because we know it's almost impossible to make it to 30 and still be a virgin. If I were to go to my family and ask for help in finding a husband they would laugh in my face. Casual sex is not frowned upon in society. Ready any women's magazine and they are constantly talking about having a "friend with benefits" and hooking up and one night stands and putting out on the first date. They never talk about the drama and mental anguish that occurs afterwards. I've know plenty of women who think that because they have sex with a man that that means he is now their man, and start freaking out when he tells or shows her that is not the case: slashing car tires, busting windows, showing up to his mama house causing a scene in the front yard, fighting his baby mama etc. Then everyone around you is drunk and high. At one time I felt like the only dork on the planet because I don't get drunk. Why is everyone getting wasted? I'm constantly seeing men loose GOOD PAYING JOBS because they can't pass a urine drug test. I feel that because America is such free society people feel that means they can do anything and everything they want too. And because of this thinking America has turned into Sodom and Gomorrah. The family unit is core to any society an in America it is slowly deteriorating. People around me spend more time in the clubs instead of at home with their children. I really just felt a calling. I felt that Islam could provide me with a since of peace and order. That all I want, some order in life!
  5. Islam in America

    The store is across the street from Publix in Greensprings. Mediterranean Food Market 430 Greensprings Hwy Birmingham, AL 35209
  6. Islam in America

    ^^^I was shocked to even know that there was a Masjid in Anniston. I'm in Birmingham, Alabama and there plenty of Muslims in my city. We have a large medical university here so it attracts a lot of Middle Eastern and Asian students. The Birmingham Islamic Society has 3 masjids and school here. I have yet to visit any of them though. And according to Islamicfinder.com there is supposed to be some kind of across the street from me. I'm suspecting it's just a small group meeting in an apartment though. I do get to see plenty of Muslims at my local Middle Eastern restaurant and halal grocery store.
  7. Islam in America

    I guess it all depends on your career field. If you work in a place that requires you to work weekends, you just trade days (Friday for Sunday) with a Christian.
  8. Salaam!

    I'm new here. I found this forum via google (the "ummah" forum is always down for some reason). I am a new Muslim and am hoping to learn more about Islam by joining this forum.