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  1. Arabic Keyboard

    Enjoy writing in arabic with free arabic keyboard http://www.earabiclearning.com/Free-Arabic-Keyboard
  2. Daily Arabic Set Of Words

    AS Hello :) I will post here daily arabic lessons or words to improve our vocabulary Eid عيد In Arabic‬ : ‎Eid‬ to every event or festival like عيد الأضحى عيد الفطر عيد الميلاد الْعِيدُ الذَّهَبِيُّ الْعِيدُ الْفِضِّيُّ عيد الجلاء / الاستقلال another use for عَيَّدَ = 3yada Is to visit some one (when he is sick usually). to enlarge the image right click then view image
  3. Hello :)

    thank you for the worm welcome i have read the rules, thank you :) جزاكم الله خيراً
  4. Hello :)

    Hello brothers and sisters :) I am a new member my concern is about arabic so most of my threads will be about learning arabic and do one Hope i do some help for you