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  1. I Am A Christian Interested In Becoming Muslim

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Dear Celeste, first of all, you are so welcomed to become a Muslim from Allah (our God) before Muslims themselves , you asked from where to start and you have some concerns about denouncing Jesus peace of Allah be upon him......first, Islam doesn't denounce any prophet because they are all servants and messengers of Allah .....prophets in Islam are human beings , they eat like we eat , they sleep like we sleep , they marry like we marry , but Allah chose them for us to lead us to the right way , Muslims believe that prophets don't fall in sins like others because they are fortified against this thing, Qur'an in many cases directed us to believe and respect them ,I mention for example : In Islam there are special prophets and I mean they have special status for Muslims and one of them is Jesus peace of Allah be upon him , no matter what all Muslims said to prove that they respect Jesus , we still can't give him his right like Qur'an did , so let me read the following : note : this is from the English translation of Qur'an. this surely summarize what Muslims believe about Jesus ,and how much they respect him and his mother Mary -may peace of Allah be upon them both - I don't have much to talk after this except asking you some questions : 1. do you respect and believe in all prophets of God? if yes ,you should known that Muslims do. 2. do you believe that prophets of God are humans who are fortified against falling in sins? if yes ,you should know that Muslims do. 3. do you consider your believe is not complete unless you believed in Jesus ? if yes, you should know that Muslims do. 4. did you questioned your believe , and reached at certain instant that the Ultimate God is One,and who is the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born,Nor is there to Him any equivalent." ? if yes ,please visit and read this : quran.com/112 if you answered all previous questions by "Yes", then let me say that Muslims and you have a lot in common, and you believe in core of what Muslims believe in, so let me have the great honor to invite you to Islam and to be one of our community . may Allah bless you and guide you to the right way.
  2. حقيقة هياكل قوم عاد !

    thanks for passing away ....I know that these photos are fake and this is what I mentioned it in Arabic :D
  3. I Am A Christian Interested In Becoming Muslim

    you are saying that many Muslims telling you that God (Allah ) has sons by the tons ???!!! and then you are saying that Jesus should be son of God because he's virgin " I think you mean he has no father " ,this is what I understood from your question"why do you say Jesus is not the son of God especially since he was born of a virgin?",so please correct me if I'm wrong....OK...let's study the hypothesis that you are saying....if Jesus is son of God because he has no father then what about Adam ,Adam has no father nor mother ,do Christians or any other believer believe that Adam is a God and should be worshiped ?? or even that Adam is a son of God ??....and if yes..doesn't this actually mean that all humanity are sons and grand sons of God...come on, be serious, no one believe this,also if Adam has no father nor mother , Eva has no mother "this is if we accepted that Adam is her father"..according to what are you saying what prevents that Eva is a daughter of God ??...after these questions I have to correct your information ....no Muslim that admit to be Muslim and say that God has sons nor daughters , actually any Muslim say such like this thing isn't Muslim at all..... please read more about Islam
  4. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم لقد نشرت العديد من المنتديات الإسلامية بقصد أو بغير قصد صوراً لقوم عاد و أجسامهم الضخمة و رافقت هذه الصور العديد من القصص و الروايات حول أن هذه الصور تم إكتشافها من قبل فريق أرامكو للبحث و التنقيب خلال تنقيبه عن النفط في صحراء الربع الخالي ,و لكن و للأسف فإن كل هذه القصص و الروايات كذب و بعيدة عن الحقيقة كل البعد. ما أرادته المنتديات الإسلامية هو إثبات أن قوم عاد أجسامهم ضخمة كما ورد في القرآن الكريم و لكن يبدو أن السحر إنقلب على الساحر و ذلك لأن هذه المنتديات لم تعمل بقوله تعالى (و إن جاءكم فاسق بنبأ فتبينوا أن تصيبوا قوماً بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين ) . وواجبنا كمسلمين هو أن نبين الحقيقة , فالمسلم الحق لا يكذب , و إن كان غايته من الكذب إثبات أمر من دينه ,فهو في كذبه إنما يسيء لدينه ,كما أن الإسلام حق لا يحتاج الى كذب .....فهذه دعوة الى المسلمين جميعاً أن يعملوا بالقرآن الكريم و أن يتذكروا ان الكذب ليس من الإيمان بشيء. و لأننا لا نريد أن نُكْذب من أجل التكذيب فلكم حقيقة هذه الصور التي نشرت.....الحقيقة أن هذه الصور خدع رقمية متقنة "فوتوشوب" و تم مشاركة هذه الصور في مسابقة لموقع worth1000 وتحت مسمى Archaeological Anomalies حيث بدأت هذه المسابقة منذ 10 سنين. و نترك لكم التمتع الصادق بالفن الخادع للأعين :
  5. Who I Am ?

    I'm just a regular born-Muslim fellow ....I want to join this forum because maybe just maybe I'll be a reason of converting someone to Islam......and I want to learn more about Islam ,meet other people, and explain somethings that I know and others maybe don't know. I'm a native speaker of Arabic language ,and I can speak English good as well....I'm a Jordanian ..and I'm studying Civil Engineering..I'm about to graduate from university ,only one year remind,Insahllah. :)