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  1. Can We Define "moderate Muslim" ?

    If you are trying for a universal definition of moderate, I fear, you are wasting your time, everybody has their own definition and no two will be the same..
  2. My father is a very strong Christian who has no doubts about his religion, I doubt very much that he is the only Christian in this world who has faith , plus when I was at University I was friends with a chap who had memorised the Qu'ran but was totally non-muslim, (apparently his mother wanted him to memorise the Qu'ran so she could show him off to her friends,"Look how clever my little****** is") how many Muslims are like him muslims in name only? Generalisations should always be avoided.
  3. Actually I included Islam in the list, because you share their belief that your way is the right one and the only one.
  4. But doesn't this apply to anyone who has found their "true" religion no matter what that religion is, be it Christianity, Buddhism, Atheism, Islam, or whatever. They have their religion and don't feel the need to change anything because they believe that they have found the truth,
  5. I seem to remember a study showing that The Knowledge also helped against Alzheimers (for those who don't live in the UK the knowledge is the test London cabbies (black cabs not mini cabs) have to do before they get their badge. (They have to memorise every street in London (inside the M25) and be able to say how to get from one given place to another giving details of all places of interest (museums, government buildings, hospitals stations, major clubs etc.) on the route. But for that test I would want to know what was the precaution against result contamination. How many of the ones who did not memorise the Qur'an given another work of similar length to memorise or were they just left to "Veg out". Too many possible variables to come to a valid conclusion. One must always be aware that people will see the result they want to see.....as in pictures of Jesus, Buddha, their dead father/mother etc. on a piece of burnt toast.
  6. Arabic Language Course

    Sorry to ask the (probably stupid and obvious) question, but is this modern standardised Arabic or the Arabic that was used for the Qu'ran (Koran, Quraan spelling correction please ) which, I am told is a rather different kettle of fish
  7. I used to do it but not as a prayer, when I was young it was a trendy thing to do, plus for a load of others it concealed the smell of marijuana. Never did drugs, life is good enough without changing my reality.
  8. Zam Zam Scientific Fact....

    I am afraid not, if you check into his work it has never been peer reviewed which pretty much wipes it out as a scientific paper, For instance he has been asked to perform his experiment under double blind conditions in order to wipe out experimenter bias, he has refused. As the James Randi foundation put up a million dollars as a prize if he can do this but if he fails it might put a dent in his magic water business ($35 per glass full) I suspect his experiments might be less than honest.
  9. Hello

    Greetings all, I am here to learn and, perhaps to teach, perhaps to.......I don't really know, let us say all things are possible in a universe of infinite possibilities. I like discussions, I try to remain polite under all circumstances but if somebody takes a pop at me I reserve the right to take a pop back. I am an ex-martial artist, and have spent the last twenty plus years as a member of the St John Ambulance. I am married with two daughters. If you want to know more about me, ask, there are two possibilities, I will answer or I will tell you I will not answer (the politeness of this will depend on the question). I have been told I misspelled my user name I should have called myself Ogham - after the ancient Irish alphabet. So I guess that is my first Oooops, doubtless there will be more.