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  1. Rip 911 Vs Rip 24/7

    1 North African Arabs (besides Sudanese Arabs) and Levantines are all white in the anthropological sense. Same with most Gulf Arabs who have some distant African and Veddoid (Indian) influences. 2. Not at all, at most "of partially black ancestry". 3. Most of this bombing consisted of sorties against iraqi air defences - I fail to see how strikes against several hundred targets located outside of major cities could've killed "milion Iraqis". You may show me your sources, just don't link to Alex Jones or David Icke or Al Manar or other such sources.. The case of Sudan is an interesting phenomen. More MUSLIMS die in Sudan every year than have died in Palestine since last 40 years. Yet almost all attention (and money too) goes to Palestine. CAIR has been challenged several times on this issue but never issued even a single statement condemning Omar Al Bashir's government. I don't find any explantation other than pure racism.
  2. Refuting Allegations Against Slavery In Islam

    A few days ago someone asked me for sources - wikipedia has a good article about Arab slave trade, together with a detailed list of sources. The author of this topic got a wrong (intentionally?) impression that Christianity is at least as friendly towards slavery as Islam. Wrong. Christianity merely recognizes that slavery does exist. There is no record of Jesus owning or trading slaves, that's why in the history of Europe slave trade has always been an anomaly rather than a norm (first European cities began abolishing slavery by 10th century) Muhammad both owned and traded slaves (including captured women). That's why there could've never been an Islamic abolitionist movement - to question the right to own another person would be to question Muhammad's prophethood. I would bet that had it not been for western pressure, slavery would still exist in the entire Islamic world. In fact it still exists in places like Sudan and Mauritania. Wrong. The verse you are referring to begins with "We told the children of israel". So it's target audience are Jews, not Muslims (ironically, this verse comes from Talmud, not from Torah yet still Quran refers to it as God's word). The entire verse sound as follows: "On that account: We ordained for the Children of israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land." Apologists (or rather deceivers) usually cherrypick a fragment of this verse and claim that "for Muslims all life is sacred". The next verse is as follows: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter" This is the definition of "mischief" as mentioned in the previous verse. Therefore, the verse 5:32 has nothing to do with tolerance - it's in fact a warning for Jews to not mess up with Muslims (verse 7:103 of the Quran even indicates that merely rejecting Muhammad and the Quran counts as "mischief".) Ironicallly, the verse 5:33 has been used as a justification for blasphemy laws. Sura 5 as a whole is one of the most hateful and intolerant Suras of the entire Quran - and also one fo the two latest ones "revealed". Jews and Christians are explicitly cursed as ‘wicked’ people with ‘diseased hearts’ and as hateful ‘blasphemers’ respectively. Muhammad goes on to coyly remind his people that Allah loves those who “fight” in his service.
  3. Rip 911 Vs Rip 24/7

    You should also say RIP to: - 2 millions of Sudanese Christians killed by Sudanese army and various Arab militias since 1980s, - alt least 300,000 Hindus killed by Pak army in 1971 - Various massacres of Tajiks and Hazaras perpetuated by Taliban both before and after 2001 - At least 100,000 Black Muslims killed in Darfur since 2003 (various Muslim organizations have refused to condemn Sudan and its allies for this, despite being reprimended several times, maybe because the victims are black and not White Arab Master Race) - Literally thousands upon thousands of people shot, blown up, beheaded or otherwise killed, from Morocco to Philippines explicitly in the name of Allah and his religion since 2001 alone. ... and various other massacres commited by Muslims over the course of history. Adn how did the author of this topic get this info about 1.6 mln dead in Iraq!? Most studies counted somewhere between 100 and 200,000 killed civilians, with about half of them being the victims of Sunni-Shia infighting.
  4. Atheists Are Hypocrites

    Especially "miracles" such as flat earth, sun and planets, semen coming from between spine and ribs and birds flying due to Allah holding them in mid air... give me a break.
  5. Syria - General Discussion

    Following the increasing human rights violations that have been commited by the ISIS in recent times, the SOHR will publish the biggest and most important of these, since its establishment in April 2013 to show what has been done by this organization to the people of Syria, as the SOHR refuses to conceal any kind of crime or violation, regardless of which side has committed it. Doctors in contact with the SOHR have confirmed that the ISIS are responsible for killing the young activist and doctor - Mohammed al-Abyad - following his abduction early Monday morning from his workplace in the village of Sajo in the northern province (Reef) of Aleppo, while his corpse was found on that monday evening on the road leading to the town of Deir Jamaal, not far away from where he was abducted. 2 days earlier the ISIS have executed the opposition poet Mohammed Hamadeh from the city of Kafarzeita in the province (Reef) of Hama, after he had went to one of their headquarters in the province of Idlib to enquire about his son who had been missing for months. According to activists, there had been a heated argument between the poet and some ISIS fighters, leading to one of the ISIS fighters to fire two bullets, one on his head and the other on his chest, leading to his death. Also, the ISIS had bombed a Masjid in the city of al-Shadaadi in Reef al-Hasaka, which is regularly attended by Shiite citizens, in spite of other locals asking them to turn it into a cultural and educational centre instead. The ISIS continues to abduct hundreds of citizens amongst them media activists, and the prominent Syrian opposition figure and Lawyer - Abdullah al-Khaleel - and Christian clerics such as Father Paolo Dall'oglio, who has a very prominent supporter of the Syrian Revolution, and Bishop Paolos Yaziji - Aleppo's Roman Orthodox Bishop - and Bishop Youhna (John) Ibrahim - Aleppo's Syriac Orthodox Bishop. Their unites have also killed in June of this year Father Franco Murad in Deir al-Ghassaniya near Jisr il-Shughoor in Reef Idlib. Furthermore, they have clashed with fighting family members of al-Jaadir - whom the late defected Colonel Yousif al-Jaadir - belongs to, he had successfully led the operation of regaining control over al-Mushaah school in Aleppo last year which was under regime control. The ISIS have also killed two men near the village of Douweirina according to activists in late August last year, on charges of them being agents for the Assad regime with no fair trial. They have detained nearly 30 Kurdish citizens in the town of Qabasseen in the eastern province (Reef) of Aleppo, and videotaped them - in a video that the SOHR has obtained - saying that they end all affiliation with the "blasphemous" PKK party, and joining Islam. ISIS units have also bombed one of the headquarters of the brigade of "the prophets ascendants" near Mahattat al-Qitaar neighborhood in the city of al-Raqqa using a car planted with explosives, followed by besieging their headquarters leading to clashes between the two sides ending in several deaths. The ISIS had bombed several homes of Kurds in the city of Tal Abyad in the district of al-Raqqa, on the grounds of them belonging to the Kurdish front Battalion or Unit of protection of the Kurdish people (YPG), and have blown up the headquarter of the Kurdish democratic community, as well as attacking several Kurdish areas and abducting hundreds of Kurdish citizens in Reef A'frin and Tal Abyad. This July, the ISIS have executed the leader of an FSA brigade in the town of al-Dana in Reef Idlib, following clashes between the brigade and ISIS fighters after ISIS fighters have opened fire on protests against ISIS practices. ISIS have also opened live fire on the leader of a rebel Battalion in Latakia after the ISIS have attempted to remove checkpoints put there by the battalion. The ISIS have also executed the child Mohammed al-Qitaa' last June, who was selling coffee under claims that he has cursed the prophet Mohammed, and have seized a factory in Aleppo due to the fact that its owners were of the Christian religion. This is only a small and minor example of the violations that have been taking place by the ISIS on Syrian grounds, which are opposed to the concept of human rights, and contradict the goals of the Syrian Revolution.
  6. Atheists Are Hypocrites

    Russell Thanks for expanding upon all the things I wrote about earlier
  7. Atheists Are Hypocrites

    The assumption "We don't know what was or who caused the big bang therefore it must've been Allah" doesn't make sense because you can replace Allah with "nothing", "Jesus", "The Flying Spaghetti Monster" or anything else, and the statement will remain equally unprovable or undisprovable - so basically without any meaning. Just like the statement that there is an undetectable pink unicorn hovering above your head. There is also Ockham's razor - one shouldn't create any supernatural beings if they are unnecessary. I don't need The Flying Spaghetti Monster pushing me downwards with his pasta appendages to explain gravity if there are simpler explanations.
  8. Syria - General Discussion

    Both won't happen. No one would be fool enough to openly attack the most powerful military alliance in the history of the world - not even Iran. Iran has been saying similiar things for years, and Russia simply lacks means to project power outside of maybe a few ex-soviet countries.
  9. Atheists Are Hypocrites

    Regarding the Big Bang - asking what was before the big bang is pointless because at that point of time there was no matter, space or energy. The best explaination is that it simply arose out of nothing - as there was nothing preventing it from arising. If you take the multiverse theory (that there is an infinite number of universes), then there will be some universes created by God - but their number will be extremely small, as compared to the number of universes without God. And the number of universes created explictly by Allah will be only a tiny fraction of other universes created by all other possible Gods (there will be e.g. universes created by Jesus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or even by gods of pygmies from Central Africa) Regarding evolution - your understanding of this theory is minimal. No one can sit and see how an animal evolves, because the evolution doesn't occur within a single generation - if that was the case, people would be able to "evolve" e.g. black skin by simply being exposed to the heat of the sun. But evolution doesn't work that way - it works due to gradual accumulations of small changes over a long period of time due to random mutations which are then selected or not selected (there is epigenetics but that's a different story). 1. Humans didn't stop to evolve. There is a well documented human migration out of Africa and later divergence of humans into several different "genetic clusters", informally called "races". The reason why e.g. people in Africa have black skin and people in Mongolia don't is evolution. It occurred due to a random mutation of a melanin-coding gene which then spread due to being advantegous in certain regions of the world (preventing vitamin D deficiency). Such mutations still show up from time to time, causing so called "allbinism". 2. Why do you assume that only humans are intelligent? All animals with a nervous system are intelligent, just to different degrees. A chimpanzee is more intelligent than a dog which in turn is more intelligent than a mouse. Homo erectus would be of intermediate intelligence between that of H. sapiens and that of great apes. Many traits of human intelligence, such as empathy, mourning, ritual, and the use of symbols and tools, are already apparent in great apes although in lesser sophistication than in humans. There is no reason to think that humans are fundamentally different from other animals. The theory of why humans are so intelligent is as follows - several mln years a go a group of apes (common ancestors of both chimpanzees and humans) living in Africa was forced to start living in a different environment to the one they'd been living in before - a dry savanna. Then they started to adapt to the environment for next millions of years which eventually gave rise to the australopithecus and then to various other hominids. There is no consensus about why did so high intelligence evolve, the existing theories are outlined here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution_of_human_intelligence#Models
  10. A Few Things I Have Against Islam

    I don't think atheism is more responsible for Stalin than e.g. printing press is responsible for Hitler's "Mein Kampf". Simply because atheism is not a political ideology, There are atheist communists, atheist libertarians, atheist Buddhists and so on. We pretty much agree that no group is perfect - but I also think that different groups are perfect to different degrees. I think you'll agree with me that communist countries will always be more violent and oppressive towards their own citizens than e.g. libertarian ones - because their ideologies are based on completely different assumptions. it's the same with religions. If you compare Islamic beliefs and history with - for example - Buddhist history, you will see a sharp contrast. Buddha's disciples never practiced violence against non-Buddhists, they never fell into war with each other and Buddhism spread to several countries without a single drop of blood shed or without any other means of oppression (tax burden). Nowdays there are dozens of Buddhist schools, some of them differ from each other to the point of being almost different religions - yet still the vast majority of Buddhist scholars respect them and hold them as equally valid as their own tradition. Compare it to Islam - within less than 30 years after Muhammad's death people who knew him and his religion best started fighting each other Hostilities developed between members of Muhammad's family and Muhammad's companions. Even within the companions' camp there was a strong rivalry between earlier Meccan converts (Muhajireen) and later ones (Ansar). No one could explain why there was so much hostility between Aisha and Ali, considering the fact that they were both hold as perfect Muslims by Muhammad. Up to this day Sunni and Shia Muslims are still at each other's throat, despite the fact that differences between them are smaller than differences between e.g. Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism. I don't want to start a sectarian discussion - as that's forbidden on this forum and such discussions are generally pointless.
  11. A Few Things I Have Against Islam

    There is a lot of misunderstanding here. Regarding Buddhism and Hinduism - there ARE violent attacks involving members of these religions openly citing religion as their motivation - but compare the scale of these attacks. Regarding the Crusades - they were a limited response to a larger Muslim attack. The first crusade began in 1095, more than 450 years after the first Christian city fell into Muslim hands and more than 300 years after Spain was conquered by Muslim armies. And they weren't entirely European initiative - Byzantium (aka Eastern Roman Empire) pleaded the Pope to send reinforcements to prevent Seljuk Turks from overpowering them. Incidentally(?) the greatest period of prosperity in the Levant started with the arrival of the Crusaders. Even Amin Malouf (normally a very pro-Muslim author) has admitted that during crusader rule a typical Palestinian peasant was richer and had more rights than during Islamic rule. Regarding the Inquisition - by saying that it was especially violent you're repeating 16th century Protestant propaganda, created to justify its own atrocities. Protestant terror was far worse than Catholic one. Number of people killed by the Inquisition is estimated to be a few dozen thousands - at the time it was the most objective judical body that had ever existed.
  12. A Few Things I Have Against Islam

    I don't know what's your definition of oppression. At no point of time did any Western country try to wipe out the entire population of a Muslim country. It wasn't our goal in Afghanistan, Iraq or Gaza (in fact Gaza gets three quarters of it's electricity from israel and Arabic is an official language, besides Hebrew - something my countrymen couldn't even dream of when we were occupied 100 years ago). And even if I am wrong - how does oppresion justify killing innocent people who have nothing to do with the country's policy? You are right by saying that terrorism isn't limited exclusively to Islam. There is Christian terrorism and even Buddhist terrorism but the scale of these phenomena is nowhere near close to Islamic one. For example - I've seen Muslims happily citing attacks on US abortion clinics as a proof that Christian terrorism does exist. Indeed, it does exist - since 1970 or so there've been 9 such attacks resulting in 11 deaths which gives us 1 death every 4 years - hardly a big number. How does it compare to e.g. 2004 Madrid bombing (180 dead) or 2007 bombings of Yazidi communities in Iraq (more than 700 dead)? Similar attacks occur on a daily basis. Why was I issued a warning? I simply stated a fact that can be verified easily, without offending anyone personally.