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  1. Questions On Islam

    I'm back! With more questions: Can someone explain to me the so called "Satanic Verses" in the Quran? Why would Allah allow Satan to interfere and cast doubt on his prophet? I've looked into it, and many Muslim scholars now say that this never happened, but why would followers of Muhammad write it down and keep it in the Quran for so many years (even though it casts doubt on the prophet)? Is it possible that other verses or teachings could've been corrupted by Satan then? Why do Muslims have to follow the Hadith? Is there a verse in the Quran that says believers should do EXACTLY as the prophet Muhammad did in every aspect of life (from washing to praying to dressing)? Why is the Hadith taken so literally by Muslims? Thanks for your help and your time! Hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Salaam! Well the forums have been kind of slow lately and I've been fairly busy myself finishing schooling, but I figured I'd get some discussion started: I've noticed in many Muslim countries, there are laws regarding personal freedoms (speech, religion, etc) in order to prevent blasphemy and things like that. What is the Muslim view on say, the US Bill of Rights, which guarantees freedom of speech and religion for everyone? On one hand, I can see how it is dangerous because anyone is allowed to be blasphemous towards Allah, but on the other hand, I might not have become Muslim had it not been for my freedom to look into other religions. Also, I've heard that there is no true Sharia practicing country today..... What would make a country have true Sharia law?
  3. Hello :)

    Welcome! Try asking your actual question in the Islamic Discussion section.
  4. Giving Blood As A Muslim

    My school is having a blood drive at our school tomorrow to benefit a children's hospital. I signed up to give blood, and I'm looking forward to being able to help others if they are in need of blood. However, what does Islam say about donating blood? Is it allowed? Thanks!
  5. Crazy Dream- Call To Islam?

    So yesterday I was at Barnes and Noble. I was in the religion section, just browsing. I was flipping through a Quran, and several books about Islam. I then came upon a book about Kabbalah (mystical Judaism type thing?) and started reading it. It talked about tarot cards, had alot of symbols I didn't understand, etc; but I thought it looked rather cool. Later on at the same store, I was reading a book about the Freemasons and thought that I may be interested in possibly joining or finding out more. I always felt attracted to the Islamic section all night, though. I returned home and went to bed. When I fell asleep, I had a dream that the Kabblah symbol and Freemason symbols were on fire, and two of these huge white beings surrounded them. The beings weren't human and didnt talk, but somehow I knew exactly what they were telling me. They said, "is this really what you want? (pointing at the symbols), are you really ready to accept the consequences of these?" I was scared to my soul, like more scared than I had ever been. I woke up and immediately thought I was going to throw up, then fell asleep and it was the same exact dream over and over, all night. In the morning my dad came in and said "Are you okay? I could hear you walking around your room all night last night making noise. Did you get any sleep?" although I dont remember ever getting out of bed. Of course, I'm kind of freaked out by all of this. Could it be a call to Islam, considering the Quran gave me comfort? Any thoughts?
  6. Crazy Dream- Call To Islam?

    I think you'd be classified as a Deist, QED!
  7. Crazy Dream- Call To Islam?

    I came from Catholicism, where one could go to a priest, confess sins, and have them magically wiped away. I view the Shahada as similar to a Baptism in Chirstianity, where you are "reborn" in a sense for having accepted the oneness of Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) as his prophet.
  8. Crazy Dream- Call To Islam?

    Thank you brother Hoopoe! So happy right now!
  9. Crazy Dream- Call To Islam?

    Ash hadu Allah ilaaha Allah, wa ash hadu an na Muhammadan rasool Allah. There we go.
  10. Crazy Dream- Call To Islam?

    Yes I did. I think my dream definitely falls into the category of a truthful warning dream.
  11. Crazy Dream- Call To Islam?

    Yes I knew it was an unusual dream, which is why it caught my attention! I'm not on any medication, I'm perfectly healthy and had not necessarily been contemplating that before the dream that I can recall. I usually have vivid dreams, but never to the point that this one was..... This was something I'd never experienced before, I'd never felt the amount of fear I felt in the dream ever before (dreams and reality).
  12. Crazy Dream- Call To Islam?

    Thanks guys. I've been reading the Quran all weekend and I just feel this closeness to it now that I didn't have before. Great things to come!
  13. Giving Blood As A Muslim

    Update: It went well! Spent more time filling out paperwork than actually donating blood, but didnt pass out or even feel like headed, alhamdulillah.
  14. Giving Blood As A Muslim

    Thanks, dot. There's no way to guarantee that the blood I give won't go those those fighting Islam, but I guess the benefit outweighs the risk.
  15. Is This Job Right?

    It's hard, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make money in this world. Inshaallah you'll find a job that pays well AND is good on your mind!
  16. Questions On Islam

    Sorry for reviving this thread, I just need a place to vent. My spiritual problem is mainly between Catholicism (Christianity) and Islam. So I thought I'd make a pros and cons list of each: Islam: PROS- Monotheism (I don't understand the trinity), simplicity and directness, political beliefs (Conservative), and I honestly love the history, culture, and brotherhood surrounding Islam. CONS- I just don't know if Muhammad was a true prophet. Catholicism: PROS- It's what I've grown up with my whole life, and I'm already a member of the church. To me, it just seems like Jesus was a great guy and easy to follow. I also like the central theme of the Vatican/Pope. CONS- Like I said before, I don't understand the trinity at all. It also seems odd that Jesus, a human, is worshipped as God. I also don't know if I can trust the Bible, because it seems so corrupted. Thanks for your help brothers and sisters....
  17. Questions On Islam

    Sura an-Najm 53:19-22 is what I'm speaking of for the "Satanic Verses".
  18. Help Prove To Me.....

    Hello all! I'm new to these forums, and I'm somewhat religiously confused. I was raised Catholic, but I've been going out to try to find my own answers on things. I know I believe in one God, but from there it gets sketchy. I had some questions I had been wanting to ask Muslims: How are you so sure Muhammad was an actual prophet of God? I know for many Christians, the miracles Jesus performed and that his disciples literally said he was the Messiah certainly help them believe. How can you logically reason that God wanted to send his message through Muhammad, and that he wasn't "making it up"? I really don't see the Quran as enough proof. Why was Muhammad a military leader? It just seems odd to me that a prophet of a relatively peaceful God would want to battle other humans. I've heard of the Koran containing several scientific facts that Muhammad could not have known without divine help. Can someone list some of these scientific oddities found in the Koran? I am desperately looking for spiritual guidance, and I've come here because I've always had this gut feeling that Islam may be right. How can I pray about this? Do Muslims believe that one can simply lay in bed and pray to Allah for guidance? Or do you have to do the whole wash feet and face East thing? Thanks and God bless.
  19. A New Nation Arises?

    I realize this may be a whole different topic, but are most that we consider "Muslims" Sunnis? What is the main difference between the sects?
  20. A New Nation Arises?

    I would really like to see opinions from Muslims on this site of Syria's civil war. What do you guys think of it? Do you support the overthrow of Assad? The establishment of Sharia law in Syria?
  21. I'm seeing a lot of posts on here as a look through of people (mainly Americans) who recently said the Shahada and are having a hard time living life as good Muslims because they are scared of what their parents would think. I'm the same way, all of my family is borderline hateful to Muslims because of the intense anti-Islam propaganda that was spread after 9/11. So if one said the Shahada and truly believed it, but was too scared of his/her family to actively live a perfect Muslim lifestyle, is that a sin? Is it a sin to be a Muslim without telling others for fear of persecution or exclusion?
  22. Is It A Sin To Be A "secret" Muslim?

    Avoiding eating pork today, and for the first time in my life I prayed to God and called him Allah! I can feel myself growing in spirit, but I am still asking every second for guidance on this! Pray for me.
  23. Is It A Sin To Be A "secret" Muslim?

    Is there a rule of needing two witnesses for the Shahadah? Do they have to be Muslim or can they be anyone?
  24. Is It A Sin To Be A "secret" Muslim?

    I'm seriously considering saying the Shahada. However, I wanted your guys' opinion on some things: I don't know much about intricacies of the religion. I know the basics, but I couldn't answer advanced questions about it. Should I wait to say the Shahada until I know more to defend Islam? I live in America with very devout Christian parents in a rural area. I will most likely not be able to eat only halal meals, and I will probably be forced to keep going to Christian church on Sundays. Is this problematic? Should I wait until I'm at college where I have much more freedom to say it?
  25. Help Prove To Me.....

    I did read about the barrier of the seas, and I especially liked the story that you linked where the the man of power questioned the guy who knew Muhammad "is he of a noble family?", "are the poor following him?" Etc. I guess I'm wondering why this man Muhammad who was revered for his honesty would lie about such a thing. I'm considering saying the Shahada and reverting to Islam, and praying about it. Thanks for all the help.