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  1. :sl: i had some scary nightmares today about dajjal. i recently started praying 5 times a day and stopped doing some bad things i use to do... now i try to be the best muslim i can... anyway.. at isha time i made a dua to have good dreams when i fall asleep and when i did i started dreaming about dajjal 1st dream: the first dream was when i was in college warning people that dajjal is coming and some of my friends did not believe me until they went outside and there was an explosion and they died :S... then the ones left we were hiding and i started reading suratul kahf which i dont know by heart nor do i know how it starts but i read it in my dreams, then we started hearing drums coming close to us and we all started running and i woke up... 2nd dream: after i fell asleep again i started dreaming about dajjal once again but dont really remember how it goes. my cousens visited us and we all knew about dajjal. my mother started reading surah kahf and then i woke up... 3rd dream: this dream is when i see dajjal flying. we was watching the news saying that Dajjal is at tunisia and going to west indies. i live in england so i somehow ended up in west indies to see disaster then went back to london.... i look up the sky and see dajjal flyng wearing the roman ARMY suit and holding someone's hand. this night pretty scared the hell outta me and just wondering if anyone has any interpertation for these dreams? do they mean anything? jazakallah
  2. Asalmualaikum to all my brothers and sisters. I hope everyone is doing well in sha Allah. I have a question which is related to marriage and its conditions regarding having a nikah without the parents consent. I wish to get married to this girl who is my age (21) however we are both different culture. We are both practicing Muslims and we do not let culture interfere with our decision into getting married. The problem we are facing is very complex. I will be open to everyone and say that i knew this girl for more than 3 years now and i was young so i was not aware of marriage or anything of that sort. WE have waited to get married so we do not commit zinna or anything of that type however Allah knows best. We are both from different culture backgrounds and both have very strict cultural parents. My "soon to be wife" is afraid to ask her parents for marriage as she is afraid they will disown her and also kick her out of the house for even asking to get married to someone of my background. This has happened already with her family, as her sister got disowned and so her brother for somewhat similar reasons. I have researched and even asked several imams regarding this issue but every imam is giving me a different answer. I would like to know, if it is possible to get married without the parents consent taking the fact of our situation that we are in. I do not want her to get kicked out or disowned just because of my ethnicity. We both come from religious family but like the older generation, they tend to mix culture with religion. Is there any solid verses from the quran or hadith that can show any evidence that i can marry without parents consent but of course having two witnesses? i have seen quotes such as “There is no marriage except with a walee” and “Any woman who gets married without the knowledge of her walee, her marriage is invalid.” But i also get mix of answers that some say its valid and some say its invalid. I even asked imams from the largest Masjid in my city and they seemed displeased with what i wish to do however when i asked for reasons, they mainly came up with there own bias opinion on how my parents might feel etc. i need some solid advice on this situation, as neither me or her wish to commit any more sins and just want to settle down. jazakallah
  3. Thanks for everyones reply, It is a difficult decision. I am looking at it in a way that We want to get married so we do not commit zina. I know i should not just base my decision from that, but i also feel guilt for being in a private room with the girl even though we keep to our self, it just makes sense to do a nikah however at the same time, i feel regret if i never tell my parents. Her parents would inevitably kick her out. We both are studying at university and also working, but i do not feel as though i am ready to go through this even though something in the back of my head telling me to do it.
  4. :sl: this problem has caused many people fasting at different days. i starting my fast on the 11th but some are doing it on the 12th. should you start your ruza by checking for the moon sighting or follow the closest Islamic country. i am from the uk london and trying to figure out how it should be done. can anyone guide me?
  5. its Allah to decide... like i said if your name was not mentioned of the people who will go jannah, this might mean that you should change your ways and start to worship Allah. im not a dream interperter but it could mean that if your name was not mentioned by the prophet (pbuh) then the way you are going with your life may end you up somewhere bad or go the wrong path (god forbids) Allah knows best salam
  6. :sl: mashallah, this is a good dream seeing the Muhummad (PBUH) in your dream. mabeh its a sign that you should start praying and practise Islam more. i had a dream once that Allah came to my dream as my uncle telling me to start praying and so on and i did not even pray then but alhamdullilah i started praying 5 times a day for a year now and this has changed me for the better and feel inner peace.
  7. I Had Three Dreams About Dajjal

    :sl: i to think it was a good dream, i mean i prayed for a good dream and it felt like a good dream although it was scary as well. when i woke up i felt distressed but i did not hesitate to go back to sleep as normally if i have a nightmare it would be harder for me to go to sleep. about the Roman Armour, i have no clue why but i saw Dajjal in the sky levitating holding someone's hand, someone shorter than him. it felt very intense and felt real. i really dont think shaytan would give me a dream reminding of dajjal and reciting Surah Kahf. i would take this as a good dream reminding the people of his comming inshallah... also brother do you know anywere i can memorize surah kahf using english text but in arabic language? jazakallah
  8. I Had Three Dreams About Dajjal

    salam jazakallah... it helped alot do you know anybody who can fully interpretate dreams?
  9. I Had Three Dreams About Dajjal

    Salam Inshallah Brother... Jazakallah for your help
  10. I Had Three Dreams About Dajjal

    :sl: forgot to add that in my third dream i was at syria as well and i did not know then that dajjal will emerge at syria/iran...
  11. I Had Three Dreams About Dajjal

    :sl: i have no memorised surah kahf but i inshallah i will start and yes i knew that surah kahf is protection from dajjal i know dajjal is going to claim he is the messiah and then claim he is god... but is dajjal going to cause distruction? what is his plans when he does arrive? what is going to do? and when do you recite surah kahf and how many times? jazakallah for this information
  12. I Had Three Dreams About Dajjal

    :sl: no problem bro, which forum? let me know but it is ok. and yh this is a wake up call to prepare inshallah...
  13. I Had Three Dreams About Dajjal

    :sl: thats why i dont get... i mean it felt like a nightmare but also felt like a warning of some sort. i made a dua every prayer that day for a good dream or a nice sleep as i sometimes have problems sleeping and i get a dream about dajjal.
  14. Islam in Bangladesh

    :sl: we need a new goverment... im bangladeshi, been there like 5-6 times and everytime we go (sylhet were im from) the airport is packed with beggers... really upsetting you know... something needs to change!
  15. Rare Wonders Of Natureþ

    :sl: jazakallah for sharing those pictures... the last one and the clouds look really intresting, oh and the moving stones :sl:
  16. :sl: well this is really on behalf my friend but ill just talk 1st person... ive been hearing alot of weird noises when im trying to sleep... this happens nearly every night. i hear from my bedroom sounds of moving chairs and banging... my mum is awake as well but she dont hear nothing just me... i started hearing these noises long time ago and still do at this presence... i read my ayatul kursi and other duas but still hear the noises... i really need help.. (on behalf my friend) Jazakallah
  17. The 3 Word Story

    and got caught
  18. Drzakir Naik

    :sl: Dr.Zakir Naik is a very knowledgeable person and mashallah. i personally started to dislike him due to one silly mistake he made (everyone makes mistake but this is just...) when he said Yazeed (May Allah be pleased with him) i just lost it i mean how can you say May Allah be please with yazeed the murderer of the grandson of the prophet? would you give any praise to any murderes?
  19. :sl: ive been a muslim all my life and i would like to call my self a good muslim as well... i have two questions which i wish to ask 1. Could the prophet Muhummed (SAW) tell the future? (if so/not please provide evidence) 2. is it permissible to decorate a Masjid with lights (such as christmas lights etc...) jazakallah
  20. Dua For My Grandfather

    :sl: today my grandfather (moms dads brother) past away please make dua for him and the family inshallah. :sl::(
  21. Very Bad Dream

    :sl: i need help. ive keep having some terrible dreams about my father passing away and what scares me more is that my sister had the same dream aswell. i know good dreams are from Allah and bad dreams from shaytan. but i need advice if this dream means anithing? plz help salam
  22. Happy Eid Ul Fitr

  23. Scary Sounds That I Only Hear!

    yeh... by the way its on behalf my friend :sl: this isnt really happening to me but i do hear things as well but i ignore it ... and my first post i didnt refrase it properly... i hear noises comming from the kitchen...
  24. Scary Sounds That I Only Hear!

    what you mean by special?