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  1. Please Make Dua For My Health

    I’m a 22 year old male, suffering with sicknesses .Please Allah (swt), heal my illnesses. Please everyone, make a Du’a for me so Allah (swt) can cure me and grant me good health .My illnesses is hormone imbalance(testosterone defiency) ,loose ligaments and very weak muscles throughout my whole body which is making my organs not functioning properly, joints pain and Peripheral neuropathy ! I need Allah (swt) to end my misery one way or another. Please appreciate your good health & Du’a that Allah (swt) gives me the same good health. Please make Du'a for me for good health and curing my illnesses! Ameen
  2. Introduce Myself

    My name is Adam and I'm a 22 year old muslim male who lives in the united kingdom