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  1. Evil Eye/jinns

    As salaam mu alaykum you should recite Surat-ul-Fatiha , Surat-ul-Ikhlaas, Surat-ul-Falaq and Surat-ul-Naas. These are some of the basic Quranic ayaats that a Muslim learns. Though we recite them plenty of times, their importance and effectiveness are much higher than one thinks. When you think you are afflicted with an evil eye, you should be calm, put all the negative thoughts away and remind yourself that Allah is great. No one can harm me. no mortal, jinn has that capability to affect me or wreck me. No one, except Allah. You have to make up your mind. If your mind is doubtful while reciting or listening Quranic verses, it is of no use. I say this of personal experience, people say that someone is possibly under the effect of the evil eye, they hem and haw. They are so scared, they think that they should visit some experts in this evil-eye removing business. Let me tell you, this is just a test from Allah, which requires your patience. You have to be patient, You are being tested, because Allah wants to purify your sins. If one doesn't face any trouble in this world, then he has to fear about hereafter.
  2. Need Advise With A Stubborn And Dominative Wife

    Wa alaykum as-salaam... No one has come up with the solution of explaining her and making her understand. You all could just say divorce her, why? because it is easy for a muslim man to remarry not a muslim woman. A muslim woman is expected to bear a harsh,cruel man. Some suffer so many hardships and yet a man cannot bear a woman's tantrums for two months. People suggest divorce. Please Brother, I REQUEST you to read my post. The above posts say that she married for money, then why does a man marry a woman,for her beauty, right. She has been brought up in a different environment, perhaps. Discuss it with her. Ask her: to specifically list every item she wants to purchase. tell her to lower the amount and negotiate. to be considerate. The parents should leave the matter alone. Specify it sternly. And if she does not agree, give her time. Divorce is a big word for a woman and her family.
  3. Random Rant

    As-salaamu alaykum. What you say brother is true, Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) did say that the Ummah in his period was the best in behaviour and the behaviour of the Ummah will gradually worsens as the generations go by. So, I would advise you to change yourself. If you are upset with the crowd, don't follow them. You will feel happy when you don't do the things what others do. And as for why people do it. I do not have a definite answer for that, but what I know they follow others and it gradually becomes their habit.
  4. Assalaam mu alaikum Im an indian. And I feel that there that Muslims in India are more prone to biddah. As there is mingling of different religions in India, many of our Muslim brothers and sisters are led astray. For example : You rarely have marriages done in the way of sunnah, people go to shrines of holy people and invent new things, the different fiqhs are stubborn. My aim is not to criticize my fellow Muslims but to create an awareness and pursue them to follow only the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith for their conflicts rather than relying on different sources.
  5. Assalaam Mu Alaikum

    I have found a good site. Alhumdulillah. I was confused a few minutes ago, as I could not view forums. I went to the rules page and it explained everything. InshaAllah I will try to post regularly these 7 days to become a permanent member. :yes: