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  1. Muslim Programmer Intending To Build Da'wah Softwares

    Mmm Mmm. I think you have a point as my good intentions might endup getting bad results. Ok. Then, I have to find ways to show the materials without indirectly forcing people to view. maybe, I just open side windows minimised in size on the softwares where the windows would show the materials. This way, if users want to read they can maximise and when they don't want to read they can minimize or close the windows.
  2. Muslim Programmer Intending To Build Da'wah Softwares

    Dot, I am not forceully trying to enslave people into Islam. Most western or caucasian people believe in misconceptions about Islam due to their media brain washing them against Islam. Now, you will find a lot of people that do not want to hear about Islam due to them thinking it is a religion of crazy people. How are you going to get the Islamic message through to them when they shield their eyes and ears the very moment Islam is mentioned to them ? I thought the best way to do that is see what softwares they are interested in and build them. This way, when they play the softwares the softwares would work in the background and in the foreground show videos on Islam. Out of curiosity the brain washed people will watch the videos just to see what the software is showing them. This is one way I would be able to get through to them with the Islamic message. now, once they view the message then they will realise it is not a Religion for the crazed and figure-out that their media is a hypocritical liar. It is like you knocked on the door of a Christian and before you can open your mouth with Da'wah the person inside slams the door on your face because as soon as he sees your Muslim dressing he thinks you are a crazy Muslim at his door to butcher him because his media taught him that's what Muslims are. Now, did you get your Islamic da'wah through to him ? No. So, what is your next step ? You findout he watches a certain drama everyday and so you decide to pay the tv station money to air your da'wah message at the breaktime/advertising time when that particular drama is shown. What will be the result ? That person would view your da'wah message when the drama is paused by the station to show adverts and he would realise Islam is not what the media has been portraying all along. He will try to learn more to see how much the media has been lying and as he goes along researching to find more and more about Islam he would start getting interested in it and might convert. Had you not taken steps to get your da'wah message through to him in a clever way and just left and given up on him the moment he slammed his door on your face then he never would have converted/reverted. My point is, people do not read about Islam because they are not interested in a religion they deem to be violent due to their media telling them that. So, one way or another we must get them to hear, read, view etc. the true message and then they will learn that they have been lied to and readily hear, view etc. more to learn more and just might convert/revert. My softwares is like the ad break. There is no forcing of conversion/reversion here. Just a clever way of getting the true message of Islam out to the masses who are not willing to learn about Islam only due to their media lying to them and making them think it is a violent Religion. The media blinded them against Islam through lies. I want to show them the light of Islam thorugh the softwares. If they want to walk the straight path or stay in their beent paths then that is upto them but we must put ourselves in a position to tget the message though to them.
  3. Assalaamu 'Alaikum Brothers and Sisters! Are you interested in doing da'wah to non muslims ? I believe you are! But the Western media is the tool of Satan working as a curtain to constantly drop infront of the Western peoples' eyes so they never see the truth about Islam. Western countries' people have been brain washed and duped by their media so much that they take fright at the mention of Islam and most of them will shield their intellects and thoughts as to not listen to your da'wah reasonings. And so, I reckon it would be best if we get them to read and listen and view Islamic articles, audios and videos without them knowing at the beginning that it is Islamic teachings they are experiencing. Once they start getting interested, only then we can reveal to them that it is Islamic teachings they were experiencing all this time. This will make them surprised and they will realize the media has been lying to them all along when they say Islam is an unpeaceful Religion and they will get interested to learn more and more about the truth and they will never believe their media anymore regarding Islam. And, that is what we want. We want to reach the non-muslims more than the Western media that is prejudiced against Islam. Otherwise, if we mention at the beginning that we are going to give them materials on Islam, the very first thing they would (do due to prejudices towards Islam) is turn their faces away sealing their hearings and visions (Deaf, Dumb and Blind, they will not return to the straight path). So, our materials would be falling on blocked ears, eyes, brains and hearts. That's not what we want. Anyway, the best way (in my opinion) is to give da'wah via the internet as that is a tool that can communicate with people from one side of the world to the other. But, we can't force people to click links to visit Islamic websites and so I reckon one of the best way to attract millions of non-muslim audiences is to bring them (at their unawareness) to the doorsteps of materials that teach and promote the teachings of Islam. And that, I reckon we can do by the help of computer softwares as Internet users are always interested in softwares, especially the free ones. This is where, we (me and you) come-in and give away free softwares (that I build by programming) to the internet masses and when they start their software sessions, the softwares would work as they intended in the background while in the foreground they would show text articles on Islam aswell as show Youtube videos on Islam to teach the following: 1. What is Islam; 2. Common Terms between Islam and their religions; 3. Misconceptions about Islam; 4. Prophecies by other Prophets and Messengers (Peach Be Upon Them All) in other Religions and Scriptures about the coming of the Final Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). My idea is to first see which softwares people are willing to pay hundreds of USA dollars for and them build them and finally advertise them all over the internet to give them away for free. This will attract a huge number of people wanting to get their hands on softwares which would have cost them thousands of USA dollars had they purchased them somewhere other than coming to us. Once they start using their software copies, the softwares would start giving Da'wah and lift the blind curtains off their eyes the Western media has dropped on them for so long. And, anyone too prejudiced enough to shut down their copies to stop seeing materials on Islam would find their softwares closed down and not doing the work they got them for. Now, if they want the softwares to work for them then they must force themselves to stop being prejudiced towards Islam. in other words, they have to watch and hear the materials on Islam that the softwares show them. It is as simple as that. From time to time, the softwares would ask them questions on Islam and prompt them to pick answer from a list of right and wrong answers. If they get their answers wrong too often then that means they are not viewing the materials and just getting the software to do the work for them and so the softwares would stop working or expire. This is to make sure they don't ignore the materials and do go over them. This is my motto: To use the software for free: Read, Listen and View the materials the softwares shows you on Islam and learn the real Islam. Answer questions on Islam correctly and use the softwares for free. Otherwise, payup to use them!". I reckon most users would want to use them for free rather than pay high prices and so they would learn to stop hating materials on Islam and start becoming patient on Islam and go through the materials. One way to prevent prejudiced users from paying up and buying the softwares in order to avoid watching the materials on Islam is to put high prices on the softwares so no one but a crazed would be willing to pay. Now, the question is what kind of softwares would be in demand that users would be willing to use everytime they logon to the internet ? The following softwares or sites people use everytime or regular when they log online and so my softwares must be as good as them: 1. Internet Browsers (IE, Fire Fox, Netscape Navigator); 2. Webmails (Hotmail, Yahoo Mail); 3. Searchengines; 4. Social Networks (facebook, youtube). So any ideas ? What softwares do you reckon non muslims would use regularly everyday or atleast once every 2 or 3 days ? Currently, I can only build softwares that deal with the browser to automate the browser. So, whatever you can do in a web browser, I can get the software to mimic your fingersteps in the browser (so to speak) but at a faster and tireless pace repetitively. The software would have a browser. Think of the software to be an automated browser. A browser automation tool. A bot. What you can do in a browser, the software would be able to do the same in it's own browser. Normally in a browser you do the following and so it can do likewise too: 1. Type text such as in webforms and search boxes and conduct searches and registrations/signups; 2. Click links and buttons (such as click search buttons on searchengines to conduct keyword searches); 3. Scrape Data onto your hard drive from webpages such as links, prices and articles etc. I can program the software to do all that too. I can build softwares to do things like: * Spin articles/content (content spinner); * Mass create accounts (auto register/signup to forums, social networks, webmails, etc.) * Mass login to accounts (webmails, forums, social networks, etc.) * Bulk message members on social networks, forums, etc. * Mass submit links to searchengines, directories, etc. * Do keyword research by scraping keyword suggestions from searchengines and make lists; * Keyword search on searchengines and scrape links found under the keywords and make lists; * Find blogs with comment section open and leave your comments and links; * Scrape content such as articles and prices from websites; * Backlink check on webpages; * Find links that providel links DoFollow status; * and so on. Don't suggest me a software or bot idea that will commit cheating/fraud or indecency or something that only you yourself would use but believe others would not as my main aim is to get as many people using my softwares as possible so our da'wah is seen by as many people possible. Not interested in gaming or contest bots. And remember, right now I am not charging you to build the softwares. I just need a good software idea which will endup in millions of people using them regularly. That's all. Jazakallahu Khair!
  4. Assalaamu 'Alaikum, I am a Muslim programmer interested in building programs that will do da'wah. I will be needing your advice soon as I need ideas on what softwares to build in order to giveaway for free for non muslims to use regularly that will put me in a position to give da'wah through the programs. Da'wah softwares. Thank You