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  1. Need Help Regarding Islamic Wear

    EastEssence ships worldwide. So it doesn't matter which country you are from. And their prices are also very reasonable. You'll get good clothes over there.
  2. Need Help Regarding Islamic Wear

    Many online stores are available for modest Islamic Wear. I too buy online all my clothes from EastEssence. They have a trendy yet modest collection of clothes available with them. They provide good shipping services, also the prices are reasonable. It is a good place to shop. Go for it.
  3. Not exactly moroccan kaftan but you can check out the collection of kaftans at EastEssence. I recently purchased an Abaya from there and checked out the collection of kaftans. I loved their collection.
  4. Introducing Myself !

    Hello All, I'm Adiba from Milpitas, CA. I just joined this forum. Looking to gather lot of information from here and also looking to share things I'm aware of.