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  1. Religious Movies

    In the name of Allah. Salam alaikum. Blessed Ramadhan to you all. During the covid curfews and etc. I am spending too much time on PC nowadays. So I started thinking about what good I can do. And I made an initiative about religious movies website. Please check islamic movies.net :) And feel free to suggest me to add Islamic movies and tv series. Also you can help me with tags and etc. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Hello. I am not talking about Muslim Movies which are also nice. But, now I wonder if you have seen any Muslim TV Series, whether historical or dramas? If yes, can you name and share a short review for them? The reason I am asking is, I started watching them lately and I am enchanted by Iranian cinema. Here's a list of what I have seen so far (you can also freely watch them online because the websites stream the tv series with the permission of IRIB): Saint Mary Joseph, the Prophet the Ladder of the Sky I loved all the above tv series. And I plan to watch more at weekends. What about you? Have you seen any Muslim TV series? If yes, can you name and share a short review for them? Thanks in advance.
  3. Islamic Websites

    In the name of Allah. Salam. This is not my website yet I want to promote it for it has a great list of Islamic Websites. Here you go: Link removed by admin. Sectarian links are now allowed per forum rules. I hope you like it also. Thanks. ma salam
  4. In the name of Allah. Salam. Here's a great article on the subject: Advice on Upbringing.pdf I hope you like it. ma salam
  5. Islamic Lectures

    In the name of Allah. Salam. Below I will post my fav lectures inshaAllah. Islam, Its Rational Foundation and a Need to Get Back to Basics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9y_5TVwBjc
  6. It is confusing probably because you clicked on and saw another video there?
  7. When Is An American Life Valuable For the US?! http://www.nasrtv.com/modules/video/singlefile.php?lid=11054
  8. Kometa, welcome to the forum. Please read the rules. You are not to discuss other religions in Islamic Forums. You can do that in interfaith subforums only, which by the way has a silly name such as: "Refuting non-Muslims: Debate Zone! (non-Muslims can debate only here)". Though I don't like the titles of some subforums, I agree that, the topic of other religions should not be brought into every thread. thus, please respect the forum rules. I reported some of your posts and I am tired of that. Please start discussing other religions in that subforum only.
  9. Introduction - Gary

    Salam. MashaAllah. That is so nice you study Islam. For your researches, you can study on http://www.al-Islam.org and for your questions, you can refer to http://www.islamquest.net Also, here are some great articles; islamic pdf articles on spirituality - black light Please bookmark and save them for further study. And may you be slow yet steady in your journey towards God-perfection. Welcome again. ma salam :)
  10. A lecture on NasrTV about the situation in middle-east, specially Syria and Iraq with messages to followers of both Islamic denominations. Dr. Ali Raefipoor on Syria, Shiites and Sunnis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7dA_CIMPDk
  11. New Muslima

    wa alaikum salam. Welcome to Islam, sister. And welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here and find answers to your questions. ma salam
  12. In the name of Allah. Salam. Here's a nice Islamic book/let collection for a year of religious studies. One book for each week. If you download and read them, please keep in mind the motto of; being slow yet steady inshaAllah. http://www.mediafire.com/download/619hxceyz1gy349/52+Islamic+Books.zip Good luck with your studies. ma salam :)
  13. In the name of God. Salam. Here's two great TV shows, on which Muslims share their stories of how they embraced Islam. http://www.ifilmtv.com/english/programs/My Journey to Islam/ http://www.presstv.ir/section/3510547.html Enjoy their stories. ma salam. :)
  14. What Is Mutah? Is It Allowed In Islam?

    Salam alaikum. Interesting question for a first post on the forum. lol. Mutah is not a short marriage. It is temporary marriage. But, the parties can renew their marriage contract and make it a permanent one when they are sure. In Iran it serves like engagement terms of westerners. And in other countries, mostly Arabs, have this same concept with other names, such as: misyaar, urfi, etc. http://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/question/fa915 I hope it helps. ma salam.
  15. Why Should I Follow Religion?

    Please study these sources slowly yet steady inshaAllah: The Need for Religion - Article by Saeed Rizvi The Roots of Religion - Booklet by Dar Rah-e Haq The Rationality of Islam - Book by AbulQasim Khui God, Man and Universe - Book by Mutahhari ma salam