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  1. The Meaning Of Life

    God is all !
  2. Is Wife Beating Allowed In Islam?

    I mean if the Quran is the word of God why is it so complicated to understand? If it is God speaking to humanity why the need for scholars? Also if it is God talking directly to the world today why the need to understand context from centuries ago?
  3. Is Wife Beating Allowed In Islam?

    Hello Kesabar You said you have to research the verse ... the context and to understand the point of view from a scholar. I am confused as to why Muslims say things like this about the Quran? I thought Muslims believe the Quran to be the clear, literal, absolute, perfect Word of God. If this is so then how can you say context is important and the need for a dedicated scholar.
  4. The Injil - Im Confused ?

    Why Mohamed is not mentioned in the Bible. http://www.gotquestions.org/Muhammad-Bible.html Proof for reliability of the Bible. http:///is-the-bible-reliable http:///manuscript-evidence
  5. The Injil - Im Confused ?

    Blessings to you too Kesabar. I have come to the conclusion that respect for each other is true religion and far outweighs all arguments over doctrine. Ultimately it comes to the position of agreeing to disagree. However truth is still truth and ultimately only God knows it fully. It is still important in my view to shine light on what is known and what there is to agree to and disagree to. That said I would like to make the following replies to what you have said.Muslims and Islam seem confused as to what is the Injeel. As you can see you disagree with other Muslims on this posting. Am I reading or following a Greek / Hebrew version of the Injeel. All English translations are based on the Greek and Hebrew. I don not speak Greek or Hebrew but for years I have used a Greek / English interlinear Bible and had on hand concordances and dictionaries to aid interpretation. This is common practice with most Christians I know.Most Christian leaders have been trained in Greek and Hebrew and in these days of the digital media it is easy to have Greek and Hebrew translations easily accessible along side the English or any language. Kesabar , do you speak Classical Arabic? Because most Muslims don’t. As a result, Muslims are not able to access the Quran in its original language. This is more a problem for Muslims than it is for Christians due to Muslims seeing the Quran as the absolute and literal Word. If most Muslims cant understand the “Word” why would God limit himself to one language? In terms of the Bible asking women to dress modestly, shave her head and asking people to refrain from alcohol it is important to understand how the Bible differs from the Quran. Unlike the Quran the Bible is very much influenced by the historical and cultural context in which it was written. This is not true for the Quran which is the as the absolute and literal Word of God. You say the Quran tells people of the coming of Mohammed. I disagree. I do not believe the Bible mentions Mohammad. Are you able to quote the verses from the Bible where he is mentioned? You say some Bibles are missing information that other Bible's have. I have many Bibles of many translations and I know the textual reliability of the Bible goes back centuries. Are you able to prove how some Bibles are missing information that other Bible's have?Muslims often say this is the case but have difficulty proving it. Similar things can be said about the Quran and Hadith. There are no Qurans in existence before Uthman burnt all original copies so Muslims have no certainty the Quran they currently have was the original Word. Also your most reliable Hadith was compiled approximately 200 years after the eye witness statements. Compare this to the New Testament / Injeel which was written in the same generation as the eye witnesses. Your understanding that a pure Christian is one that submits to the will of Allah is interesting. That is not how Christians see it however. Christian means “Christ -One “. Meaning someone who is One with Christ. In regards to Constantine I presume you mean when he called for the Council of Nicea in 325 to adjudicate over Christological doctrinal matters. What is important to realize the Injeel / New testament we have today in the same Injeel / New testament that was in existence long before Constantine was even born. So to say he changed any fundamental doctrine of Christianity is not based in historical fact. You mention evil dictators that corrupted the Bible for their own gain. Which evil dictators are you talking about? If you make these statements you need to back them up with fact. In terms of Christians themselves differ greatly of their religion the way I see it is Muslims are differing greatly in their religion. Look at the current wars and difficulties with Islam today.In regards to differences in doctrine and rules such as the Trinity and alcohol, this is the difference between Christianity and Islam. Islam is about following a formula of rules, doctrine and belief. Christianity is about a personal, individual relationship with God and being led by individual conscience – not a rule book. I agree Keasabar. Differences need to be tolerated. Blessings to you Kesabar.
  6. The Injil - Im Confused ?

    Blessings Similarly a google search will reveal the high degree of reliability and validity the New Testament has. You should back your claims this up with some facts. Which corrupt leaders changed the Bible? When was it corrupted? Why was it corrupted and how? Yes there are all different versions of the New testament that are all saying the same thing. But if you are really concerned that differences exist all you need to do is read it in the original language of Greek. Most Christian leaders have been trained in Greek and Hebrew so as to read the Taurat and Injeel in their original languages.
  7. The Injil - Im Confused ?

    Hello Absolute Truth Thank you for your reply and the references from the Quran. You say the Quran mentions the Taurat and the Injil. It appears these are just Arabic words for the Torah/Pentateuch (the first 5 Books of the Old Testament Bible) and the Injil as meaning Gospels which has the same meaning for Christians. So we appear to be agreeing. And Yes I agree the Taurat (Torah) is not the whole Old Testament – just the first 5 books. You say in the Psalms of today there many prayers from people who are not David, which proves the Psalms of today are corrupt since they have words of other men. The Old Testament as we have it today was in existence long before Mohammad, and it is quite clear that the Psalms are just more than the prayers of David. So if the Old Testament as we have it today was in existence long before Mohamed received Sura 4:163 why does this prove corruption? If any thing it proves Mohammad did not know what the Old Testament was. Can you explain? You say Christians have the wrong book altogether. However, the Christian world was in existence for 6 centuries before Mohammad. And the four gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were well accepted right across the Christian world also for centuries before Mohammad was born. Plus there are no records of any other gospel. So that has to mean the gospel Mohammad is referring to is the Injil of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.
  8. The Injil - Im Confused ?

    Thank you Gods servant for your reply. Im pretty sure the Quran says the Injil is an authentic word from God though. So does that mean it would have been changed by men after the 7th Century when Mohammad received his revelations ?
  9. The Injil - Im Confused ?

    Blessings and Peace to all. Im confused about the Injil. From what I can tell from the Quaran it says it is truth from God but some Muslims say it has been corrupted. How can both be true ?
  10. Muhammad, Most Popular Name In Britain

    I wonder what the statistics are for Muslims in the UK who convert to other religions or decide to practice Islam no longer. I wonder what they do with their names. I know an ex Muslim woman from Yemen who converted to Christianity but she has kept her surname of Mohamad as she was worried about retribution from the Muslim community.
  11. It seems like Muslims abusing the freedoms of Western democracy to undermine those freedoms. Correct me if Im wrong then if Muslims had there way in western society then in would come sharia law, apostasy laws blasphemy laws etc and then the Western freedoms that Muslims have enjoyed and abused have gone.
  12. But the Muslim world is such a mess and so divided. And Muslims are falling over themselves to get in line to live in the West.
  13. But the Muslim world is such a mess and so divided. And Muslims are falling over themselves to get in line to live in the West.
  14. Is Wife Beating Allowed In Islam?

    I agree. Any condition to beating another person is barbaric. Especially ones wife !
  15. Nice :)

    at least its an original name.