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  1. As-salaamu alaikum, I have compiled the following set of eBooks. Please share if you feel it is suitable. Thank you Qur'aan, Durood & Du'aa Collection High quality set of 3 Adobe Reader PDF files for viewing on smartphones, tablets and computers Download methods: 1) Use direct download links below (warning: large files) 2) Right-click and "Save link as" for PDF's from left sidebar at: https://archive.org/details/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollection 3) Torrent file: https://archive.org/download/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollection/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollection_archive.torrent Please share ----- Book 1 of 3 (150 pgs, 31.6 MB) Surah 36: Ya-Seen Forty Durood & Salaam* Forty Rabbana’s: Short Qur’anic Du’aas* Morning & Evening Du’aas* Manzil: 33 verses from Qur’an for Protection* 99 Names of Allah* 99 Names of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)* Ayatul Kursi* Masnoon Du’aa Du’aas after Fardh Salaah Du’aas after Fajr & Maghrib Du’aas for Forgiveness - Istighfaar What to Recite on the Day of Jumu’ah The Seven Kalimahs Direct Link: https://ia902302.us.archive.org/7/items/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollection/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollectionBook1of3.pdf ----- Book 2 of 3: HD Qur'an (90 pgs, 170.1 MB) Surah 36: Ya-Seen Surah 48: Al-Fath Surah 78: An-Naba Surah 56: Al-Waqi’a Surah 67: Al-Mulk Surah 18: Al-Kahf Surah 44: Ad-Dukhan Surah 87: Al-A’la Surah 99: Az-Zalzalah Surah 32: As-Sajda Surah 55: Ar-Rahman Surah 73: Al-Muzzammil Surah 86-114: At-Tariq to An-Nas Direct Link: https://ia902302.us.archive.org/7/items/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollection/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollectionBook2of3.pdf ----- Book 3 of 3 (220 pgs, 41.8 MB) Just 15 Minutes* 101 Remedies from the Qur’an* Solutions through Du’aas* Prophet (SAW)’s Way of Du’aa* Complete Guide To Ramadhan* *Credit: Fisabilillah Publications http://fisabilillah.org Direct Link: https://ia902302.us.archive.org/7/items/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollection/QuraanDuroodDuaaCollectionBook3of3.pdf -----
  2. As-Salaamu Alaikum.

    As-salaamu alaikum, This is my first post. I have signed up to share a beneficial ebook with you