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  1. shariah law which is killing the person who commited adultery or cutting hands and feet of those who stole something? taking away even the very little rights that muslim have now? even muslims dont want shariah law...they know it is barbaric and cruel and evil to the max A woman caught at the very act of adultery was brought to Jesus and He showed her His mercy and forgave her sins and said to her: "go and sin no more". In Islam she would be stoned, hanged or beaten and imprisoned. Islam's only solution to everything is violance, death and punishment but Jesus has power to change the hearts- the core of the problem. Islam completely doesnt understand purity and morality. instead of teaching men and women how to live a pure life, Islam makes men dependent on women's clothing and separates men from women which causes nothing but discrimination and it doesnt change the root of the problem which is still the same: UNCHANGED mind and heart. you can wear a burqa or lower your gaze and inside be the most immoral person in the world. rules and regulations are only external things which DONT change the heart. there is no way to live a holy life but only through the the LIFE of Jesus IN us and manifesting THROUGH us!
  2. The Purpose

    so if muslims dont know God personally they simply wonder in life not knowng what to do. if they are not saved since Allah did not save them then they live in fear and worry... but Jesus is the only Savior of the world! in EVERY sinlge religion of the world people have to save themselves by good works but christinaity is exceptional, we follow God who saved us at His own cost, He paid the price for us, He loved us strong enough to save us and die in our place. He loves us so much that He created us for Himself - that we can KNOW HiM and hear His voice. if God does not show His love in a practical way then suh "love"is only on paper.... if i said to somebody "I love you" and then i would never show it or prove it and would not have any contact with that person then nobody would BELIEVE i love that person....i would DENY my words by passivity and lack of practical action...since love is not words...love is sacifice, love is action....and Jesus IS love! and He PROVED it....
  3. MahoorMaik: Islam is complete religion...what does that mean? there is no salvation in Islam..since Allah not only did no save any of you but he even hardens hearts of some so they go to hell...Allah commands to abuse women (4:34) and calls it mercy, he commands to kill infidels (9;5) and calls it mercy. so murder and abuse are Allah's mercy. Allah has no contact with muslims so there is no salvation and no personal relationship or guidance from Allah and violance and terror are his mercy. Allah has you for slaves so there is no salvation, no relationship but slavery to an unknown god who never proved his power or love to you and who never manifetsts power. so where exactly is the completeness? can you tell? christianity not only covers ALL aspects of life - every single one of them but also Jesus saved us and made us children of God, Jesus redeemed us from hell and sin nature, we have now personal relationship with God who is our Father, our Daddy, God speaks to us, He heals our bodies, delivers us from all kinds of bondage and addictions, He guides us personally, He has a PERSONAL plan for each of us, we are sure of salvation which is a gift of God for us and on and on... so where exactly is the completeness of Islam if you have nothing in Islam and in christianity we have it all??
  4. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    Aligarr, this is one of VERY MANY thought that took me OUT of the catholic church...one of very very many. if you want to follow Jesus you CANNOT be a catholic...sorry for this blatant truth. if you want to talk about it with me you can email me or send me a private message and we can continue this conversation, not here on a MUSLIM forum...you understand?? and i am glad you are a THINKER...
  5. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    Aligarr, I was a roman catholic and i live in a catholic nation and i left catholic religion years ago because it is as much antichrist religion as Islam is. the only difference is that Islam denies divinity of Jesus but catholicism denies other things and worships human beings (so called saints) equally as God and secondly, the catholic church not only follows the only true Word of God giving it priority but adds to the Bible their traditions, apocryphas and esteems the opinion of the popes at the same level as the Word of God. God has us for His children and in heaven there will be no catholics or protestants but only those who are born again and indwelled by God who made them sons and daugthers.
  6. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    God's Servant: catholics need salvation just as muslims and all the rest of the world. it is not the church that saves us but Jesus saved us 2000years ago. in heaven there will be no catholics, protestant muslims but children of God. if the pope did not receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior or mother Theresa, or Muhammad or any other known or unknown person then even if they lived a good life they will go to hell because we are saved not by the church, organization, good works but only by the blood of Jesus shed for us and instead of us on the cross. Jesus saved us 2000 years ago before we were ever born, before we ever did anything good or bad. the Bible was written by childen of God. catholicism was established 4th centuries later. apostles Peter, Paul, John and all others were not catholics. yes, miracles prove that God is real and He is God. Allah never proved he exists, never performed miracles and the same with the life of Muhamad who never made one miracle and who denied all what Jesus said He is (God) and came to do (die on the cross) and rejected the teaching of Jesus: monogamous marriage, love, purity, and instead he married a child (pedophilia), he had many wves (adultery), he killed many people even though Jesus teaches to turn the other cheek and love our enemies. Jesus is the center of the Bible. It is all about Jesus. that is why satan wants to discredit Jesus and move people away from the faith in Jesus and salvation Jesus purchased for us with His own blood on the cross and in that place satan brings all kinds of religions (Islam, buddhism, sects, cults) or ceremonies and rituals performed in the catholic church or all other churches which dont base their life SOLELY on what Jesus did for the world.
  7. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    http://www.bibletoday.com/htstb/credibility_text.htm as to the credibility of koran and Islam - they stand on the life of Muhammad- a man who came over 600 years AFTER Jesus already said who He is (God) and after Jesus died on the cross which is a historical FACT, after Jesus made miracles and influenced the world and lived the most holy pure sinless blessing life ever. then Muhammad came - a man who neveer made one miracle to prove he was from God, a man who married a child (6 year old child who was losing teeth, who was playing with dolls and whose father did not want to give her to Muhamad asa wife but who can resist a man who had soldiers around him and was ready to kill?), a man who killed hundreds upon hundreds of people, a man who married many women though Jesus taught clearly on monogamous marriage and so in the eyes of God polygamy is adultery, a man who introduced a new religion and a new god (Allah) and that god never proved a word he said, and never made miracles and never speaks, heals or delivers since he has no contact with people so all muslim followes have is only words of Muhammad... think about it..
  8. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    God's Servant: who decided? God decided about it. God chose people whom He inspired and moved through and chose the right ones. apocrypha were added later so and it is not regarded the Word of God by any other church buut catholics. but all 66 books of the Bible are the Wordof God respected by the whole christian world. God uses people. To make miracles and to inspire them to write what HE wanted to say to the world. wasnt it the same with Muhammad according to Islam? it wasnt even Allah who talked to Muhammad since Muhammad thougth he was demon possessed and wanted to kill himself but Islam says an angel spoke to Muhammad. according to the Bible it CANNOT be true since God FORBADE to add a single word to the completed message of the Bible and completed work of Jesus on the cross which shows Muhammad to be a false prophet and Islam a fraud too. such are facts. If one were to conceive 50 specific prophecies about a person in the future, whom one would never meet, just what's the likelihood that this person will fulfill all 50 of the predictions? How much less would this likelihood be if 25 of these predictions were about what other people would do to him, and were completely beyond his control? probability of Jesus fulfilling only eight prophecies about Him is 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!the fulfillement of 48 prophecies would be 1000000...... (157 zeros!!) and how many prophecies did Jesus perfectly fulfil in His life? over 400! The Bible is true!!. Allah/muhammad never prophecied a single prophecy that would come true!http://www.reasons.org/articles/articles/fulfilled-prophecy-evidence-for-the-reliability-of-the-bible
  9. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    catholics can only add or remove a verse in their own Bibles, in their own printed versions but they cannot change the manusxripts.... so they simply have their own book. anything important tday is called the Bible...the fashion bible, the style bible etc.. so when catholics add something or remove it they do it against what God said in His own word (rev 22:18-19) where He FORBADE to add even one word to the cmpleted message of the Bible and completed work of Jesus through the cross and resurrection which also proves that koran and Islam and Muhammad's words are all intiGod since God did not ALLOW any other messagew to be added to what He already said and complted in the Bible...
  10. Shaub85- what exactly the spiritual effects are you talking about - can you share? if in Islam you are not saved since Allah never saved any of you and he only promised you hell (Sura 3:185, "Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception." and Allah has no personal contact with people and he has muslims for slaves so you live in fear, there is no peace since none of you know whether you will make it to paradise or not (even Muhammad did not know it), so your life is full of fear and worry, there is no peace, no salvation, no contact with Allah so what exactly is the thing that brings you spiritual effects? and what is the logical proof about Islam? Jesus came 600 years before Muhammad. Jesus was powerful, made miracles and lived a holy sinless perfect life. Muhammad made no miracles to prove he was sent by Allah, Muhammad was said he was sinful (Allah said it for example in surah 48:2). God the Father Jesus was talking about ALWAYS had relationship with people and ALWAYS made miracles to prove His words. Allah has no contact with people and makes no miracles. Also, Jesus saved us by His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead (crucifixion of Jesus is a historical FACT), made us childen of God, made us priests and gave us direct access to the throne of God and made us prophets and priests so why would Muhammad come and be sent by God? we now have it all! Jesus saved us so Muhamad came to say: no no no, you are not saved, you have to save yourselves. Jesus made us children of God so Muhammad came to say: no, no, no! you are not children of God but his slaves. can you see it? God is not the one who is preached and described by a man, since there has been many prophets who have preached many different gods, whether Muhamamd or any other, but God is the One who proved He exists, who proved His power and His love.
  11. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    the Bible is very clear on most of the topics. especially that Jesus tells us that in order to form a doctrine the Bible has to talk explicitly on the subject at least twice. God speaks to us in a simple way and if He wants to make something clear or underline a truth He repeats it time after time after time. That is why there is 28!! prophecies on the crucifixion.....quite a few to ignore or to misunderstand.... the Bible is a prophetic Book since God only knows the end from the beginning...and He predicts to us what He intended to do. He tells us that He PROVES to us who He is by showing us the truth in advance...and by power... Allah/Islam/Muhammad never predicted, prophecied one thing that would come true and Allah/Muhammd never made one miracle... that shows it all............ God is etiher GOD (powerful, miraculous, almighty) or he is only a word on paper....
  12. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    Tunisia, Al-Jazeerah says that in africa alone 6 MILLIONS of muslims leave Islam each year...so i suppose the critical mind did work for them when they saw miracles manifested by christians and the god of Islam doing nothing and never proving he ever existed... Jesus sent us to preach the good news- the gospel and if that task was to be fruitless and we could not fulfil it then Jesus would never want us to lose our time... those who are mocking are mainly those who seek for excuses to not do what they have to or they simply hide behind what is convenient to them
  13. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    yes, Tunisia, Islam is only a ceremonial religion. The greatest difference between christianity and Islam is that christianity is reality of God and personal relationship with Him, God is holy, He is love and He is our Father. Christianity is based on life, power and words of sinless pure Jesus. Islam is just a set of rules, regulations, ceremonies. Allah never proved he exists. in Islam there is many many immoral rules...which muslims justify and defend or whitewash it...women abuse (4:34) is what Allah commanded (and now it is a rule) in his book (4:34) an dnow Islam is known as women abuse. another rule known by the world is getting peolpe to Islam by all kinds of means or punishing them if they refuse about which we can read in for example in 9;5 in the koran where Allah commands to kill infidels. now, many Islamic terroristic groups live by that RULE of Islam...and Allah even calls the abuse of women (4;34) and the murder of infidels (9;5) MERCY.... Muhammad married a child and now it is a RULE in Islam and it is ok to marry babies thought the whole civil western world calls it pedophilia and if those muslims who find freedom to duch a thing in Islamic nation they would go to jail in the west for the same thing....
  14. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    Aligarr, I was a catholic but when i met people who really met God and who were saved and told me about Jesus and what He did for us on the cross i left everything for Jesus. I wanted God more than i wanted dead religion or tradition. Many people want reality. That is why even Al-Jazeerah says that 6 million muslims leave Islam in africa alone EACH YEAR! they want reality. not a paper god who has no power and who is as good as dead. so when they see evangelists who heal them in the name of Jesus and deliver them of all kinds of demonic oppressions and make miracles in front of their eyes, they leave Islam despite the threats of death for apostasy. Jesus sent us to preach the gospel and He sees sense in doing it and i believe that only when peolpe hav emore than 1 option they can really DECIDE for themsleves...if they really seek God...
  15. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    yes, Aligarr, i was under the impression you were a muslim since I associated you with defending Islam on some point. But if you say you are not a muslm, then ok. i dont really know why muslims are not so talkative on a muslim discussion forum...but on the other hand i know why thet dont speak...i would be speechless too, escape is the only way for them... but i came here to talk to muslims whom i want to provoke into critical thinking and seeking the truth :)