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  1. Asalaam'alakum, In the United States, there is much talk about 'gender identity'... what does Islam say on the subject? How do Muslims, especially kids, deal with this subject? Wa'salaam
  2. Heart Of The Qur'an.

    Salaam, So there are passages which carry greater weight in Al Qur'an? How do we know which passages are of greater weight and which one's are not as weighty? Wa'salaam
  3. Creation Vs Evolution

    Salaam, What evidence do you for micro-evolution (species to species)?
  4. Salaam, How should one reading passages of Al Qur'an interpret Naskh (Abrogation) by the order of the Verses? Should verses in the the later parts carry greater weight to the reader or should it be another method? Wa'Salaam
  5. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    Salaam, Perhaps we could agree that there is another option. That being that the Gospels choosen by the Greeks were choosen because they fit the Greek Philosophical Bias and not for their authenticity to the 'true' of Isa (Jesus)? I don't think that Islam is speaking of the Gospels found in the Bible as authentic. This is where you arguement falls apart. Wa'salaam
  6. Crucifiction Of Jesus

    Salaam Preacher, There is much in this thread so forgive me if I touch on something that has already been said. When Muslims speak of the Bible being corrupt are we not to understand that they are speaking about the Gospels? We know that there were many in circulation in the middle east, correct? When the Prophet (PBUH), was he speaking about those Gospels that where true and not those that were false? Is it possible that you are building a strawman with your argument? Thank you. Alaku'Asalaam
  7. Hate

    To hate what is evil is to know it's true nature and to resist what is unjust and harmful to oneself and society.
  8. Salaam!

    Asalam'alakum. I am here to learn insha'alla. Alakum'salaam.