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  1. Al-Quran MP3 is an Islamic android app which was specially designed to enlighten the people with the prior knowledge of Quran. The essence of this app is to spread the knowledge of Quran amongst the people. Essential features of this app are as follows Distinctive features: Translation:Translation of every Surah of Quran in multiple languages makes the understanding easier for the people belongs to different parts of the world and using different languages. Transliteration: Transliteration of all Chapters of Holy Quran from Arabic to English allows the user to correct their pronunciation. Stop Signs:While recitation of divine Book it is very necessary to get the understanding about the stop signs. This feature facilitates the user by giving the knowledge of that signs. Sajdas: This is the distinctive feature of this app which specifies the Surah and the verse in that Surah where Sajda sign is present. Font Size: This feature facilitates the user to bring variation in font style according to their comfort level. Daily Notification: User can receive the daily notifications which keep them inform about the latest updates Learn Tajweed help Muslims to learn Quran more accurately Mukhraj ul haroof help users to learn or pronounce Arabic letters more effectively Components of Tajweed includes all those essential signs that are important for proper pronunciation Rules of Tajweed help Muslims to learn the basics of Quran hakeem Download this app for free and get the divine knowledge of Quran and earn the countless rewards in this world and hereafter.
  2. Quran Bahasa Indonesia provide a free opportunity to read The Holy Quran on your android phones. Check out simple and easy interface to Recite Quran. Utilize its transliteration & Audio MP3 recitation feature to absorb Quran Tajweed skills, the rules of Quran Recitation. Read Quran Translation in 9 major languages. Explore and enjoy some other useful features today. Download Al Quran Bahasa Indonesia MP3 for Android Have a look on some unique App features: This app has the following features • Download Complete Quran with beautiful and easy to use interface. • 114 Ordered Chapters, from Surah Fatiha to Surah An Naas. • View translation in English, Persian Urdu,, Spanish, , Italian, Chinese, Dutch, French and Indonesian languages • Listen Recoded recitation by Misray Rashid Alfasay • Turn on Transliteration and take help regarding pronunciation • Find any verse by using “go to” option given at the bottom of each page • Find any Surah using the Search/Index bar • Tap on verse for about a second to bookmark OR Share any particular verse easily. • From settings you can choose the fonts, their size, color and background of your own choice . Explore more features and enjoy From Settings Menu you can: • Change the font size • Go to 14 sujud in Quran • Stop Signs • Change app language • Turn on Daily notification Use this app for your daily Quran reading and share your experience. Jazak Allah Abu Umamah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) saying, "Read the Qur'an, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection. "
  3. Blessings Of Fajar Prayer

    Salah is the foremost pillar of Islam, the observance of which delineates belief from disbelief. The mighty lord has enjoined prayers upon Muslims, which provides the means of fortification with continual reinforcement of faith and belief. Offering and taking care of obligatory prayers provides permanent abode in paradise, which awards countless blessings. Out of all the five compulsory prayers, the Salah of Fajar is undoubtedly, the most valuable one, towards which the divine verse of Quran attests as: “The two Sunnah cycles of prayer preceding Fajar prayer are better than this world and all that it contains.” [Tirmidhi] Preeminence of Fajar Prayer: The significance of pre dawn prayers can be gauged from the narration entailing that those who will offer the prayers before sunrise and after sunset will not be among the dwellers of naar (hell). It is said that there are two shifts of the angles that ascends to the lord and present the deeds of the people on earth one is before sunrise during Fajar prayers and one after when it sets in Asar. Untie three knots: Whilst sleeping Satan ties three knots at the back of head and lull the person to sleep. These three knots are the reason for the despondent and gloomy behavior that one witness frequently during daytime. The remedy for these three knots is Fajar prayers as one knot unties when a believer wakes up, glorifies lord, and makes intention for the dawn Salah. The other unties with ablution and the third knots restore to its original state when one offers Fajar prayers. Reciting Quran After Fajar Prayer: The Fajar time is the best time to sneak some spare moments from hectic schedule and be alone with the Quran as the most serene and calm time is the Fajar time where one in literal can supplicate to lord with devotion and recite Quran with utter concentration. One alphabet of Quran encompasses ten virtues then imagine the virtues intertwined with the recitation of one chapter. “Establish prayer at the decline of the sun [from its meridian] until the darkness of the night and [also] the Qur'an of dawn. Indeed, the recitation of dawn is ever witnessed.” [17:78] In the remembrance of Allah hearts find solace, hence Quran recitation and Dhikar reinvigorates the connection with Allah almighty and fills heart with contentment. Regarding Allah’s Dhikar and tasbeeh Hadith quoted: “The angels keep on asking Allah’s forgiveness for anyone of you, as long as he is at his Musalla (praying place) and he does not pass wind (Hadath). They say, ‘O Allah! Forgive him, O Allah! be Merciful to him.” [bukhari] Time of Fajar Prayer: The time of Fajar prayer lasts precisely for half an hour and is of paramount importance as the soul awakens from its divine presence and returns back to consciousness. Linguistically Fajar means dawn but the root word from which it is derived meaning “burst forth” as the dawn is revealed from the utter darkness. It is the time when the warmth of sun instills new life in living beings hence beginning the day with mediation and prayers awakens positive energy. Humans ought to be thankful for all the blessings Allah has bestowed upon His worshippers. At the day of resurrection, Muslims will be accountable for their Salah and marks distinction among the worshippers that who remembers Allah in the start of their day by relinquishing all their comfort and sleep. Those who are in habit of offering all five compulsory prayers remain in less calamities and stay enliven in comparison to those who have forgotten Allah for the worldly luxuries and remember Him only in time of need.
  4. Cell phones have become the essential accessory in the life of a person, which has in literal turn the world into global village. Miles of distance has covered into seconds and the loneliness has overcome by a jubilant text message or pictures from friends and family. To double this amusement the cellular companies in Pakistan offers cheap and affordable text and 3G internet packages to their users. The only hindrance that comes in way is remembering the codes of activation for every single package in order to get advantage at maximum. Download 3G & SMS Packages - Pakistan App for Android Devices Anyone who is facing this problem is recommended to download SMS & 3G packages Android App, which is utterly developed to facilitate the user at first hand. This light weighted App has incorporated all the internet and SMS packages of available companies in Pakistan like Telenor, Zong, Mobilink, Warid and Ufone. User of any enlisted company can take advantage of this App, all he needs is to download it, and rest is one tap away job. Download this Android App and make your social life easy!
  5. To Allah belongs the beautiful names and pleases Him when His worshippers invoke Him by these names. The names of Allah are Asma-ul-Husna and encode His grandeur and magnanimity which reflects His majestic omnipotence. One such name of Allah is Haseeb, which linguistically means the one who will commence judgments and bring equality. All the beautiful and splendid names that belong to the Exalted lord are enlisted in Quran as well, at one place it has stated: “Those who convey the messages of Allah and fear Him and do not fear anyone but Allah. And sufficient is Allah as Accountant” [33:39] 99 names of Allah and Muhammad is one such App that incorporates all the names of Allah Almighty and Last messenger along the blessings and virtues that each particular name holds. The significance of these names is that they fulfill one of the vitality of supplication etiquette's, which asks the followers to call upon Allah through divine names.
  6. ‘LilMuslim’ is an Islamic smartphone app designed for Muslim kids and assists them in learning Arabic alphabets in a fun environment. It features a wonderful user interface with fun environment, cute characters and games through which learning Arabic becomes all faster and easier for them. Download LilMuslim Arabic Alphabet Android App for Muslim Kids Features The app starts by displaying a house with the word ‘enter’ on its creaking door. Upon tapping it, you are taken to a screen where you choose between three different levels upon swiping across the screen. At first, you are only able to access the 1st level and the later levels are unlocked as you progress in the game. The aim in all the levels is the same: to identify the Arabic alphabets but the environment changes. First level The first level is very simple and easy. A little cute creature appears on the screen which asks you to spot a certain alphabet. The required alphabet also appears next to it. This way, it becomes very easy as the child just has to match it to the ones on the balloons. Above it, there are balloons dangling around and one of them contains the alphabet that it wants you to find. You have to burst the right balloon by tapping on it. Second level After clearing the first level, you can play the second level and in this level you are given a hint for the alphabet that you have to find. You have to then select that alphabet by tapping on it. In this level, the alphabets appear to revolve on a wheel. Hence, this game is also a great tool for the hand to eye coordination. Third level At third level, you have to find the alphabets hidden in a park and you are given no hint for the alphabet. The child has to inspect the park closely and tap the respective ones that he has to find. Lilmuslim is a greatly helpful app as learning Arabic is the first step towards learning the Holy Quran. It is especially helpful for those parents who sometimes don’t get the time to play with their children, they can now give a smartphone to their children and they will be amused till the game ends.
  7. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger of Allah and life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a complete guidance for Muslims. This application provides Muslims a platform to read comprehensive information related to the life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Read complete biography of Holy Prophet (PBUH) with stories of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Download Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Application on Android The application includes 13 chapters which are listed below. · Introduction: Read history of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W · Seerah: It includes information about Names, Titles, Appearance and Character of Muhammad P.B.U.H · Life events: It includes all the life events ever happened in Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W life from birth to departure. · Parents: Identify the parents of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. · Wives: This chapter describes each one of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W wife in detail and their relationship with Him. · Children: It covers brief information about Holy Prophet (PBUH) Children. · Relatives: It covers all the information about Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W relatives who stood side by side in their difficult periods of life. · Friends: When all left Muhammad no one but friends (Sahaba) helped him like Abu BAKAR (RA), Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Bilal and so many others. · Interesting Stories: Read complete Islamic stories and events from the life of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. · Hadith Nawawi: This section contains 40 Hadith (Ahadith) collection compiled by Imam Nawawi. · Letters: This section defines the letters written by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W for different purposes · Family Tree: Trace complete heredity (Shajra e Nasab) of Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. · Glossary and References: Identify complete meanings to difficult Arabic words and translation. Revive a Sunnah Notification :The peerless part is reviving the Sunnah. Small message templates that will help you to think and implement Muhammad Sunnah in daily lives. Read complete information about Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and try to live life according to Sunnah and hadith.
  8. The best way to connect with Allah Almighty is to offer Dua. Muslims consider it their primary obligation to bow in front of Allah to earn rewards and blessings. The Kids Dua application provides a platform for Muslims to read and memorize Islamic Dua to earn blessings of Allah. Kids of All age groups can read and memorize Dua for all problems to get successful in life. Download Kids Dua Now Word by Word on Android Download Kids Dua Now Word by Word on iTunes Application Features The important features of application includes, Word by Word Teaching – Kid’s can read Islamic Dua word by word to easily understand the meanings of Islamic Dua. Each word is highlighted to easily read Dua in Arabic. The word by word Dua feature act as a tutor for Kid’s to learn Islamic Dua. Translation & Transliteration – The translation of Islamic Dua helps to understand the meanings of Islamic Dua and transliteration feature enables kids to pronounce Arabic Dua with proper syntax. Audio Recitation – Listen to the beautiful audio recitation of Islamic Dua in Arabic to better understand the Dua of Islam. Duas for Different Age Groups – The Islamic Dua is categorized into different age groups range from 3 to 9 years. Kids can learn Islamic Dua with their age groups. Duas List – Islamic Dua is categorized into different sub categories to better understand the Dua of Islam. Highlighter - The Reciter recites complete Islamic Dua and a highlighter scrolls through the dua simultaneously to show the word being read. Full Dua - Complete Dua tab of Kids Dua Now shows the complete Islamic dua with translation in English and Transliteration of Dua to read the dua with Tajweed rules. The application helps Muslim to read Islamic dua to solve all the problems of their life while offering Islamic Dua.
  9. The Holy Quran consists of 114 surahs which are equally important and meaningful. The 10 surah for kid’s application provides a platform for Muslims to read word by word and listen to the recitation of last ten chapters of Holy Quran. The reward counter feature enables kids to count the blessings and rewards gained by them while reciting and reading last ten surahs of Quran. Download 10 Surah for Kids Word By Word on Android Download 10 Surah for Kids Word By Word on iTunes Application Features The app contains many important features which are listed below. Quran Tutor: The word by word feature act as a tutor for kids to learn and read the surahs of Holy Quran. Learn Quran Word by Word: This application contains word by word audio recitation of the last 10 Surahs of Quran, which will help your kids in learning Quran and Surahs of Quran. User Interactive: The application contains high graphical interface which ensure the readability of Quran surah easy and smooth. Rewards Counter: The reward counter helps kids to count the rewards and blessings earned by them while reading surahs of Quran. Translation: The application is translate into many languages, which will help in understanding the meaning of the words of these Surahs. Transliteration: The transliteration feature enable kids to pronounce the words of surahs in proper way using transliteration feature. The application is developed to provide a platform for Muslims to read and listen to the recitation of Holy Quran surahs.
  10. There are many benefits of reciting Surahs of Holy Quran; therefore we should understand the virtues and benefits of reciting surah of Holy Quran. Surah al Mulk application helps you to get recitation of surah Mulk in audio voice with translation and transliteration. Read this surah to get protection from the suffering of grave. Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quranreading.surahalmulk Application Features 1. Read full verses with audio recitation of the whole Surah Mulk with pause and stop options 2. Read surah al Mulk English translation as well as transliteration 3. Tap Go to feature to search specific ayat from surah Mulk. 4. Use settings to customize options. 5. Customize font size and color. 6. Change the background color according to your choice. 7. Choose among different Reciters to listen surah Mulk audio recitation. 8. Select translation and transliteration feature to read these features. 9. Share the application with friends through facebook, twitter and email Use this application as supplication to get protection from the torment of the grave.
  11. Qibla Connect which is like a compass that finds the Direction of Qibla and Prayer (Salat) Timing. This is an application for android and iOS, which helps and notifies you about the prayers timing and also gives the direction of Qibla for offering the prayers. Below links are given to download this application. Click Here to Download Qibla Connect – Prayer Timing App for Android Click Here to Download Qibla Connect – Prayer Timing App for iOS Qibla Connect is a Qibla Locator application that also gives the distance of the Qibla (Kaaba). This app notify too about the timing of the prayers. Qibla connect has many features and following are the main features: Qibla Finder: this application finds the correct direction of the Qibla and also finds the distance of the Qibla from your existence location. Salat Timing: Salat Timing feature is also provided on this application, Timing of the prayers will show you according to the Islamic Standard timings. Alarm Setting: this application brings the features of alarm; alarm helps in notifying you about the times of the prayer. Alarm is in the form of Adhan, different Reciters are provided in this application for Adhan Alarm.
  12. The advancement in the technology has overcome many of our daily routine problems and surah yasin application is the example which solved our problem of reading and memorizing surah Yaseen on the go. This application is helpful to learn and memorize full surah yasin with audio Recitation and English translation and transliteration. Now read and get benefits of complete surah yasin with audio recitation and translation. Choose among different Reciters to listens surah Yaseen Recitation. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SURAH YASIN FOR ANDROID | CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SURAH YASIN FOR iOS APPLICATION FEATURES Read and memorize full surah Yasin verse by verse audio recitation with pause and stop preference Read and learn full surah Yaseen with English translation and transliteration. View developer information and background in about us option. Use customization setting to choose font, theme and background color according to your choice. Share application on social media sites like facebook and twitter. Surah yasin is the heart of Holy Quran therefore read it on daily basis to get blessings of almighty Allah.
  13. Ayatul Kursi is an application of the Quranic Ayat of Quran Surah Al-Baqarah. Ayatul Kursi is the 255 Ayat of the Surah Al-Baqarah and this application is developed in the form of dua package for the Muslims. Muslims can download this app for their iOS and android devices. This app is available both in android and iOS platforms. Ayatul Kursi is the most remarked and magnificent Ayat of the Holly Quran. This Ayat has very important rewards and virtues in the lives of Muslims. Muslims are mostly instructed to read and recite Ayatul Kursi at different time and occasions. From the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), its importance can be imagined. Therefore an application of the Ayatul Kursi is brought to you for the sake to make it easy to read and recite this dua anytime and anywhere. Here below of the application is given for both iOS and android users. Click Here to Download Ayatul Kursi Dua Applicatin for Android Click Here to Download Ayatul Kursi Dua Application for iOS This beautifully designed and developed application has very important value in the life of Muslims, because this contains the Ayat of Quran, Ayatul Kursi. This Ayat has very importance and rewarded impacts on the lives of Muslims. Besides its importance, this app also has many features. These features help in recitation, memorization and pronunciation of the Surah of Quran. Audio recitation of the Ayatul Kursi is available in mp3 form too, translation and transliteration of the Ayatul Kursi is in English. This helps in understanding and memorization of the Ayatul Kursi. Translation and transliteration are adjustable by tagging on the check box given in the setting options to enable and disable. Reciters of your choice can also be selected from the setting page in this application. This app also brings introduction and benefits of the Ayatul Kursi in this application. Download this app and make it possible to attain the blessings of Almighty Allah.
  14. Surah Al Waqiah is the most magnificent and reciting Surah of Quran. In the community of the Muslims Surah Al Waqiah is one of those Surahs which is regularly reciting in their home. This is because the rewards and benefits this Surah brings are countless and there is numerous Hadiths of the Prophet (PBUH), narrating the importance of this Surah in our life in this and the life after this. Therefore keeping in view its importance and mostly reciting Surah of Quran, an application is developed in iOS and android users. Where this app can be downloaded links are given below. Click Here to Download Surah Al Waqiah App with its Benefits for Android Click Here to Download Surah Al Waqiah App with its Benefits for iOS This application brings very benefits for the Muslims, it provides an easy way to read and recite Surah Al Waqiah from their electronic devices. Download this app and make it possible to recite Surah Al Waqiah. This app also has many features; these features are audio recitation of the Surah in MP 3 form, Surah Al Waqiah with its benefits rewards, Translation and transliteration of the whole Surah in English. Instructions contain the points how to use this app and setting options to customaries the size and color the text in this application. Verse by verse audio recitation of the whole Surah is brought in this application and text size with options normal, large and extra large. Share tag is given in this application to share this with your friends and relatives. Setting Options option also brings to help your selection for Audio recitation and Reciters of your choice. Blessing and benefits tag brings introduction and benefits of the Surah Waqiah. Download this app and make it happened to be rewarded with blessings of this Surah Al Waqiah.
  15. To learn and recite Quran and Surahs of Quran is the moral duty of the every Muslims. Recitation of the Quran is an act of worshipful in Islam and Muslims are instructed to learn, read Quran and teach others. But most of the Muslims lack the source of recitation and learning Quran. An application “Kids Qaida Series” in android is designed and brought in the Google Play Store, helps in learning Quranic words and their rules of Tajweed. This app contains different lessons helping in the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets and words. Kids Qaida Series is the Noorani Qaida and helps is an Arabic tutor. To download this app link is given below. Click Here to Download Kids Qaida Series with its Arabic lessons This application is very helpful to the kids, because this app is very interactive and attractive. Display of the app is very colorful and bright and kids will attract towards this tap and will learn pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets and words easily. This application has many features and functions. Audio pronunciation in this Qaida is given to in learning the Arabic words and Alphabets pronouncing and Tajweedrules. Interactive display helps in repeating again and again the lessons. Ther are total eight lessons in this version of the app and each lesson contain quiz the end. User can not more to the next lesson till quiz is not given, pass the quiz. Kids Qaida Series is valuable application in Android for those who are familiar with Arabic and those who want to learn Arabic and Quran with their Tajweed rules of Pronunciation.