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  1. Is Wife Beating Allowed In Islam?

    I feel like I've answered this question and I don't fully understand what you are asking. I don't speak the original language of the Quran and since a lot of meaning is lost in translation I don't see anything wrong with seeking assistance
  2. Is Wife Beating Allowed In Islam?

    I'm sorry I don't understand. The Quran is the word of God. If I have not studied the entire word of God. I can not take one verse of the Quran and make judgement without the context of the rest of the Quran, as well as the reasoning behind said verses being sent down. A scholar has studied this; therefore, we humble ourselves and seek the opinion of the scholar. Make sense?
  3. Is Wife Beating Allowed In Islam?

    There are not any versus in the quran that show women in a negative light. Nor do any verses support the physical chastisement of women. You have to take the time to research the verse, when it was the sent, why it was sent down, the context in which it was sent down. Even when a muslim does all this we are still encouraged to understand the point of view froma scholar that has dedicated his life to learning and understanding the religion. I simply disagree with the last sentence, words can always be twisted and misinterpreted especially when taken out of context as you have unintentionally done in this situation. It's never okay to beat your wife. If that's your understanding then there is definitely something lost in translation. People can ignore the verses or they can follow the verses, that's their choice. The fact is there are no negative verses about women. I will always support the view that we believe in the same religion. I feel like you have to believe that if you believe we believe in the same God unless you think the same God sent down multiple religions. Even within Islam and Christianity there are many different sects that are as if they are different religions, but if it is the same God and the same message being sent then the issue is with the understanding of people
  4. Is Wife Beating Allowed In Islam?

    Not only is it not better in "Islamic" countries than the west, it's often times worse. That's because the laws of Islam are usually followed more in the west where add there are dictators following their agenda in the middle east. Not sure what that had to do with Islam though. Also the are many references in Islam about the prohibition of beating your wife. Our property and role model, peace be upon him, never hit his wife. So again, I'm not exactly sure where you're getting this idea of beating from. I truly belive is partly an issue in translation and maybe partly the fact that you don't care for Islam in the first place. That's fine, but i don't listen to i verse of of the bible and begin extrapolating things from it without further studying it and pulling up other sources and understand the context. There are multiple verses about the need for a husband top be kind to his wife and treat her justly. God tells us that women was created from a rib, which is the most curved pay off the body and if you try to straighten it it will break; therefore we should be kind to women. The prophet once heard there was an issue of men being aggressive with their wives so he called for an immediate meeting and angrily told all the men those that are harsh with their wives are not the best of men. There is A LOT more talking about how we must treat women right. In fact, the quran is the only scripture i know of that has an entire chapter dedicated to the rights of women, and it is one of the longer chapters in the quran. What i always try to remind my Christian brothers and sisters is that we belive in the same religion and the same god. We belive in the same good that created the same Adam, the same Noah, the same Moses, the same Jesus, and the same prophet mohammed pbuh, which the bible gals about his coming. He created the torah, and the bible, and the Quran. All these differences we have are in interpretation and we should not get angry with each other over them. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity and should not get mad at each other over such differences
  5. Is Wife Beating Allowed In Islam?

    I think the issue you're having is with how the words are translated to english. Where is the beating that's going on?
  6. What Is An Intoxicant?

    If prescribed by a physician, yes.
  7. What Is An Intoxicant?

    If it wasn't medicinal pretty much all prescription drugs wouldn't be permissible
  8. What Is An Intoxicant?

    It was just a week long diet. Not only bananas, but mainly. I don't think anyone could live off of bananas and coffee
  9. The Injil - Im Confused ?

    Muslims believe in the original unaltered version of the Bible. Even today we are not allowed to deny anything in the Bible unless it is specifically contradicted in the Quran because we simply do not know. Saying there is an original Bible out there is fine, although I still doubt it, because I do not speak Greek or Hebrew and cannot confirm this, but are you reading and following that version. The Bible asks women to dress modestly and cover up otherwise she should shave her head, asks people to refrain from alcohol, and it tells people of the coming of the Prohphet Mohammed (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) the same way the Torah spoke of the coming of Jesus. Our religions are the same, we believe in the same God and the same message. The issue is that The version we are reading today are not accurate, again, proven by the fact that some Bibles are simply missing information that other Bible's have. Muslim is a name that you may not want to associate with, but all it means is one that submits his will to Allah (the Arabic word for God, Christians in Arabic speaking countries use the same word) We believe that a pure Christian is one that submits to the will of Allah. One example (if I remember correctly off the top of my head) is Constantine. He was a pagan ruler that accepted Christianity, but he wanted everyone to follow his version as there were more than one at the time. He forced all Christians to conform to his version of Christianity, which included beliefs such as the trinity, because it aligned closely with his pagan beliefs. The correct version of Christianity was phased out, may God curse those that used Christianity for their own personal gains. This is where celebrations such as Christmas came from. Also during the time the Church was in power evil dictators corrupted it for their own gain, may Allah curse them. I don't mean to argue with you, we are all brothers, we believe in the same God. Society tries to tell us we are different, but Christians themselves differ greatly of their religion. I have met some that believe in the trinity, some that don't, some that are against alcohol, and some that believe it's okay in moderation. We shouldn't let these small differences come between us. We all believe in one God and believe in promoting good and doing away with evil. God bless you, brother
  10. What Is An Intoxicant?

    You didn't mention that the first time; all you said was something that takes your mind into a state of joy. So let me understand what you're saying. In order for something to be considered an intoxicant it must make you feel joy AND make you lose control of your mind? Is that correct. Or is it one or the other? If something takes away from your mind but does not make you feel joy is it an intoxicant? Similarly if something makes you feel joy, but does not take away from your mind is it an intoxicant? I would like to confirm that you are saying BOTH must happen. Also is this the official Islamic definition? Unfortunately I do not read Arabic.
  11. The Injil - Im Confused ?

    A simple Google search will not only show many contradictions in the Bible, but history tells us the specific instances corrupt leaders have changed the Bible for their own gain. The fact that there are different versions of the Bible where some are longer than others because some Bible's simply don't have information that other Bible's do should prove they are not original. May God's curse be on those that changed the message of guide. May God guide us all to the right path
  12. What Is An Intoxicant?

    If that's the case is coffee an intoxicant? When I get "high" off of a cup of coffee (which I try not to do often) I feel I am in a state of euphoria and I forget about my worries. My sister and others have reported similar things to me. Additional there are certain foods that make me feel happy. I am actually currently on a banana diet (99% of my diet for a week is bananas; bananas are supposed to make you happy) and the second day I woke up I honestly felt high the whole day. Are bananas a halal intoxicant because Allah specifically said they are permissible? There are also many herbal drinks that would fall under the category of intoxication if joy is the only determinant of whether something is an intoxicant or not.
  13. What Is An Intoxicant?

    Very simple question. I would like to know the Islamic definition of what an intoxicant. If every intoxicant is prohibited in Islam, what are the guidelines of what an intoxicant is?
  14. Salaam

    Salaam. My name is Kareem. I like intellectual conversations