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  1. There are numerous youngsters in Pakistan who are frantic about mehndi. In this manner, today's article is about mehndi designs 2015 for young ladies in Pakistan. In this accumulation Arabic, Indian and Pakistani designs are incorporated. Blossoms topic and other customary subjects like paisleys will be seen in mehndi designs 2015. A significant number of them are basic yet interesting and appealing while others are very confused and mind boggling. Some of mehndi designs having dots and sparkle included. Which are likewise in Fashion of Pakistani Models in nowadays. They are ideal for all events, for example, wedding and celebrations. Pakistani Mehndi designs for 2015 are made for both feet and hands. The plans are made for all age bunches. Download Mehndi Designs 2015 App for Android Mehndi is just an interim decoration on the skin. A portion of the individuals likewise consider this as a provisional unusual tattoo. It is utilized by young ladies and ladies of each age to feet and delivers India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and UAE nations. Muslim and Hindu celebrations are utilized mehndi on their each wedding and celebrations. Mehndi is presently considered as a fundamental piece of marriage in Pakistan and India. It has now ended up more celebrated in the western nations likewise and there it is called henna tattoos. It can be utilized on the body and arms too. In the east, it is utilized just as a part of hands and foots where It is striking. Henna tattoo craftsmen are currently accessible everywhere throughout the world who make lovely and cool mehndi tattoos on the hands and feet of ladies. Basic outlines are utilized by children while complicated and muddled plans are utilized by spouses and youngsters. May be your are believing that it is truly troublesome work to utilize or make a configuration of mehndi staring you in the face and feet, yet it is so natural and you recently require some practice to make mehndi designs 2015 staring you in the face and feet. I am certain you heard that sentence "Practice makes a man immaculate" and thing is pertinent here. In the event that you take some enthusiasm on making outlines of mehndi then it will be extremely intriguing and simple for you, in spite of the fact that it is much the same as a fun, in light of the fact that each time you draw something staring you in the face or feet it will deliver something new. In the wake of utilizing the mehnd, it exited distinctive colors on various types of skins. On a few people groups skin it indicates dull dark shades and frequently it shoes tan and red shade also, red color likewise demonstrates the cooling impacts. These mehndi plans 2015 are best for feet and hands, I trust you would like these outlines and admires me by providing for a few remarks. Mehndi Designs 2015 for young ladies in Pakistan You may see numerous excellent and stupendous plans 2015 for young ladies in our picture exhibition underneath. There are some mehndi outlines 2015 additionally accessible on our web; these delightful plans have been extraordinarily made for young ladies in Pakistan and India. Thus, on the off chance that you have a cousin's or relatives marriage heading up and you need to see some attracive plans, so utilize these mehndi designs 2015. For more mehndi plans, seek around pakistanimodels.pk. Must see other wedding and eid mehndi designs.
  2. Islam is a complete code of life.Islam is a sign of piece and solidarity. We all know that Islam has a history from where it emerges from a very small state (Madina) and spread all over the world. As a Muslim it is our responsibility to learn our religion well. From the arrival of Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the emergence of Islamic State we must know each and every moment. There are tons of Islamic books related to Islamic education and information. This information is often thought to our children in their school books. But now in the age of technology where we have more resources to earn and learn. we have multiple choices to chose any source of learning. Download Free Islamic Quiz for Kids Yes we can learn through any source and medium. Today we have Smartphone which almost replace the old fashion computers. We can make calls, can take pictures and share hem to people through internet. Here we use our skills to convert all the necessary information to display Islamic information in electric form. We have chosen hundred of Islamic occasions with their dates into multiple choice questions. Islamic Quiz is an Android application that is designed to convey Islam. Kids will learn very quickly through this interactive method of learning. Islamic quiz for kids is designed with eye catchy interface. Every age kids can learn quickly and effectively. Free Islamic Quiz is embedded with the following Features: Multiple Choice Questions Contain Quizzes for Kids Eye Catchy design Stable More Questions
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