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  1. Islam is a religion which gives guidance for matters pertaining to all walks of life. Mainly the Holy Quran, Ahadith and ijtihad are the sources through which Muslims derive laws that regulate and govern both private and social life. These laws give guidance with respect to worship, prohibitions, and all contracts and obligations related to social affairs such as inheritance, marriage, divorce, conduct of war and the general administration of the state. In Islam the science of religious laws is called Fiqah and the expert in this field of law is called a faqih. Based on these faqih are derived the different schools of thought in Islam. These are as follows. · Hanafi This school of thought was headed by Imam Abu Hanifa who was born in 80H and died in 150H in Baghdad. Imam Abu Hanifa was the greatest theologian and religious lawyer of his time. His approach towards religious affairs was very consistent; he focused a lot of reasoning and avoided extremes. · Maliki Led by Imam Malik bin Anas, who lived from 93H to 179H this school of thought is more dependent on Ahadith of the Holy Prophet compiled through his companions. Imam Malik served as a judge in the city of Madinah. His decisions are compiled in the form of a book called al-Muwatta. · Shaafi Imam al-Shafi led this school of thought. He was a disciple of Imam Malik. He lived from 150H to 198H. Just like his teacher, he laid great stress on the Ahadith for the solution of any issue. He was a great philosopher and thinker. He had an unusual grip over Islamic laws and principles, hence had an exceptional understanding of judicial issues. · Hanbali This fiqah was headed by Imam Ahamd Ibn Hanbal. He lived from 164H to 241H in Baghdad. This school of thought is considered to be the most rigid and inflexible. The idea behind this school of thought is to follow the Quran and Sunnah on the basis of literal injunctions. Followers of this school of thought generally are very strict with respect to the observance of religious obligations. · Jafri This school of thought was led by Imam Jafar ibn Mohammad al-Sadiq. He lived from 83H to 148H in Madina. The collection of his teachings is called usul. All his teachings were compiled by his followers in 400 usul. They have been compiled by gathering knowledge from ahadith, Islamic philosophy, literature, ethics and Quranic sources. These are the different schools of thought in Islam that govern the Islamic way of life.
  2. Hajj Guide

    The religious journey to Makkah, Hajj is the highest form of worshipping that involves physical, financial, and spiritual actions. It purifies the pilgrim from sins just like a newborn. Hajj is the jihad of women, children and old people as it was said by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It removes our sins. And to perform hajj is the dream of every Muslim, but it is done when Allah calls his people. More Info: How To Perform Hajj
  3. Umrah Visa Requirement

    The very first thing you need to have with you for being eligible for the Umrah visa is to have an original application form. You need to read the form carefully and sign at the end. If the applicant is a non-Muslim then he or she would need to get a certificate from an Islamic center or a Masjid in order to prove that he or she is a Muslim. More Info: Umrah Visa
  4. Major Signs Of Judgment Day

    Be it Muslims or people belonging to any other religion, they all have been obsessed with the end of the World lately. A People belonging to another religion can only make assumptions at when will be the Judgment Day or what are the Signs of Judgment Day. We as a Muslim have a plus point over non-Muslims that we have been guided by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) regarding the end of the World and its signs. Read More: Judgment Day
  5. It is proved that performing Umrah during Ramadan has got the most significance and virtues for those who perform and it has got a reward equivalent to Hajj. This means that performing Umrah and Hajj are two different things. Only performing Umrah in Ramadan benefits as much as performing Hajj but that does not discharge the duty of doing Hajj. Hajj for Allah has significance of its own. More Info: Umrah in Ramadan
  6. The importance of Zul Hijjah in Islam can be signified by these words of the prophet of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH): “There is no virtuous deed carried out on any day of the year that can be equal to the reward of (that virtuous deed) carried out in these ten days of Zul Hijjah”. The Sahabah asked, “Not even Jihaad?” Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) replied, “Not even Jihaad, except for the one who endangers his life and wealth (in Jihad) and does not return with anything.” More Info: Zul Hijjah
  7. The fact that thousands of Muslims visit Makkah every year in Ramadam to perform Umrah is overwhelming. But, there are a couple of things that have to be considered, so that one can get the best out of this spiritual journey. Some individuals pay no heed to their families and go for Umrah in Ramadan. This is a genuine issue, on the grounds that the favored month of Ramadan is a period for individuals to show more concern for their families. The worst part is that in some cases parents neglect their children during this month. Before leaving for Umrah in Ramadan, make sure that your family and specially kids are taken care of. More Info: Umrah During Ramadan
  8. When it comes to children –this blessing arrives with a huge responsibility. As parents, it is our responsibility to craft them into best personalities, better Muslims and great human beings. Mainly, Muslim parenting revolves around making them punctual for their prayers and reading Quran. Surely this is an obligatory Muslim practice and hence has to be applied properly, however we must also strive to provide the greater objective of Islamic education. A part of practical aspects of curriculum education, enhancing learning abilities and maintaining a balance between professional and religious education, we have to provide our children the true Islamic virtues that is essential for the immediate success in this world and guarantees their ultimate accomplishment in the hereafter. More info at: Raising Muslim Children
  9. Performing Umrah With Kids

    One of the biggest concerns for parents remains were handled their kids when they take them along for Umrah. It is easier to manage the entire Umrah trip if the kids are above 5 years of age, but if they are younger it becomes difficult to deal with them. Certain factors and precautionary measures are to be taken in order to take proper care of them and avoid any sort of inconvenience during Umrah. The very first consideration is to avoid taking more than 1 child (Under 5 years) with you on Umrah. Taking more children along is not a good idea as it may create a lot of trouble for you such as taking care and keeping an eye on them will become difficult, they might wander around and get misplaced. If you have your spouse along, if will become easier for you to handle the child. More Info at: http://blog.dawntravels.com/umrah-with-kids/
  10. Hajj e Badal is referred to the Hajj performed on behalf of someone else who is physically unfit or is no more in this world. The person who is going to perform the Hajj on someone else’s behalf is known as Mahmoor and on whose behalf he is doing Hajj is known as Aamir. More Info at http://blog.dawntravels.com/hajj-e-badal/
  11. The Last Sermon

    Islam is a complete code of life. We all know that every religion talks about peace and love where Islam is the religion who carried on the light, but, yes, it has the privilege to give first human rights charter in history of mankind. Not only Muslims, but people from different religions acknowledge and in fact use them as a source of guidance. Read More: http://blog.dawntravels.com/the-last-sermon/
  12. Jannatul Maula

    Muslim must visit place during/ after performing Hajj / Umrah is Jabal-e-Noor. The literal meaning of Jabal-e-Noor is The ‘Mountain of Light’. This mountain is located near Makkah. It is the same mountain which has Ghar-e-Hira (Cave Hira), where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first holy revelation from Allah (in Arabic language) through the angel, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). Read More: http://blog.dawntravels.com/performing-hajj-umrah/
  13. Best Age To Perform Umrah

    Just the thought of performing Umrah energizes the devotee, but one should bear in mind that performing Umrah is an arduous task. Many people wonder ‘What is the best age to perform Umrah’, the age at which an individual can make the most out of these spiritual journeys. Many Ulema believe that it is better to perform Hajj and Umrah in young age. Youth? Juggling between responsibilities, overburdened with studies, carefree about finances, religious affairs… so not ‘their thing’, how could young age be the best age to perform Umrah? Read More: http://blog.dawntravels.com/best-age-performing-umrah/
  14. Some Useful Tips For Umrah

    If you were willing to perform Umrah last year, but you have missed your chance to perform Umrah, make the effects work for your tour this year. Every year, millions of people put their requests for Umrah visa, which are issued all the way through travel agents approved by the Ministry of Hajj only. The approved Umrah travel agents are well versed with the rules and regulations for Umrah travel and work according to the code of conduct stated by the Hajj Ministry. According to the Islamic point of view, before you start your journey towards the holy cities, such as Makkah and Madinah, you should clear all liabilities and clear of all debts. Islam also needs you to make a will before you go away from the religious trip. So you need to be familiar with a lot of things to do Umrah with greater commitment. Not everybody will be able to inform you what to do and what not to do. So if you have made up your mind to do Umrah this year, start looking for a high-quality Umrah tour operator, who will be able to offer all the information and help requires for a smooth journey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read More for Umrah Visa Requirement, Visit DawnTravels.com