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  1. [New] Mathematical Miracle Of Surah Baqarh "alm"

    Well I think everybody can agree that the Quran was either authored by God or Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Prophet Muhammad was illiterate so he revealed the Quran verbally. Based on the fact that Prophet Muhammad was illiterate and that the Quran was revealed verbally, we can conclude that Prophet Muhammad couldn't have designed these mathematical patterns. But that still leaves the possibility that these mathematical patterns were a coincidence (like you said). But like I said in my initial post, the number 19 is a very important number to keep in mind when dealing with numerology in the Quran. Why? In verse 74:30 and 74:31, God says he made the number a trial for those who disbelieve. I have tried finding mathematical patterns in the Quran that are based off of other numbers such as 17, 18, or 20 but I came up with absolutely nothing.
  2. Introduction Brothers and sisters, a few days ago, I have discovered multiple mathematical patterns in surah Baqarah. I have even unraveled the meaning of the mysterious letters at the beginning of the chapter "alm". Before continuing to read this post though, I recommend you learn about the number 19 and it's importance in the Quran if you don't know about it already. Frequency of The Letters "ALM" in Surah Baqarah The frequency of the letters "alif, lam, meem" are very important in understanding the mathematical patterns in this chapter. Alif (أ): Appears in all 286 verses Lam (ل): Appears in all 286 verses Meem (م): Appears in 283 verses The Miraclous Math If we were to add the three numbers listed above (286 + 286 + 283), we will come to a sum of 855. 855 is a multiple of 19 (19 x 45). But I'm not done. 855 / 19 = 45. The sum of all the digits (2 + 8 + 6 + 2 + 8 + 6 + 2 + 8 + 3) in 286;286;283 is... 45. Still not done. If we were to concatenate the three numbers in the order they already are, we would get 286,286,283. We need to add the number 2 to the beginning though as an identifier for surah Baqarah (second chapter in Quran). The final number is 2,286,286,283. That number, is indeed a multiple of 19 (2,286,286,283 / 19 = 120,330,857). And 120330857 is also a multiple of 19 (120330857 / 19 = 6,333,203). Conclusion The Quran is the word of God. Nobody could recite such perfection.
  3. Greetings Everybody!

    Hello, my name is Badr, I am 13 years old, and I'm a Muslim. I'm from Morocco but I live in the United States. I've mainly joined this forum to inform some fellow brothers and sisters about a miracle I have discovered in the Quran. Once I get approval and can start posting more threads, I'll create a thread dedicated to that miracle and I'll edit this post with the link to it. I hope you all will get a chance in the future to visit that thread :) May Peace be Upon You