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  1. What Do You Like About Islam?

    Subhaanallaah if you dislike anyu part of the deen it is major Kufr, so beware of that. As of liking, what is there not to like about Islam? The brotherhood? The sense of responsiibility for evrything? Well, its a perfect religion.
  2. Random Incoherence

    Isha now? We r going to pray dhuhr now. What day is it there, I mean Canada. here it is Saturday...
  3. Random Incoherence

    Evry1 can be offtopic right?
  4. There are no 6 billion non- Muslims as the worlds population is just a little above that number! Besides, there are 2 billion Muslims...
  5. I'm Considering Islam

    Insha Allah a new bro on the way..
  6. Black magick (jaadu)

    None is worser!
  7. No Longer Muslim

    A A WR WB, I dont remember the story very well, but it was about a mujahid who had left Islam bc of an attractive roman woman. Muslims passing by asked him what he remembers of the quran, and he said that he didnt remember except one aayah: rubbamaa yawaddul ladiina kafaruu low kaanuu muslimeen!!!!!
  8. Islam in Somalia

    Who wants to really hear real news from som?Its not rosy at all; well, it is.BLOOD ALL OVER THE PLACE!
  9. How I Found Islam

    Salaam, It wasnt long, sis.It was pretty interesting!
  10. Islam in Somalia

    There is nothing more to say about Islam in Somalia.End of story!
  11. God And Physics

    Salaam, God created those laws of Science.
  12. What Surah Has?

    Salaam, Al mujaadila, is it suraah qad sami3a?
  13. What Surah Has?

    Salaam, What Surah has the word 'Allah' in every verse?And name 3 suraz that beign with Alhamdulillaah. Salaam
  14. Approaching A Sister?

    Salaam, That isnt practical, bro.Give this to your bro?.Asking her her address would be more practical, then you can ask her Guardiand to give you her hand in marriage.
  15. Islam in Somalia

    So you insist that I type in Somali to be fluent in Somali?You have got to be kidding man.I havlived within the boundaries od Somalia on and off for the past 8 years, so what did you expect? Stop going off topic, allright? And, I dont believe that nonsense that some Tribes are inferior to others where in my posts did I even insinuate that?You justwant to cause fitna. J