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  1. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    Sorry for the delay, Eclipse. The family and I had a beautiful time in Egypt, bloody marvellous it was. Of course. You are more than welcome to keep your opinions, after all, they are of no use to me. I'd just like to know how they work, how you have managed to adopt and maintain them and what are your reasons for continuing to keep them. For the most part (as you know) I am a determinist, and the reasons for your position (in my opinion) are innumerable, though typical and essentially boring. This whole 'dihydrogen monoxide thing' for example, has gotten out of hand to the extent that you still can't provide a chemical name for water that you're willing to promulgate. Either you're not reading, not comprehending, or refuse to concede when you know that you're mistaken. Nobody I know can simplify these problems enough for me to understand them, therefore, Islam is true. - Andalusi
  2. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    Thanks Eclipse. You are good :D With regards to reading comprehension; If you want to read my last comment again, correctly, you'll notice that I haven't mentioned Andalusi... Which reminds me. As soon as you are emotionally prepared to concede that water can be referred to as 'dihydrogen monoxide', let us all know. The ability to public admit when you have been wrong is a valuable trait that should be encouraged throughout this site and elsewhere... I'd hate to think that you were never given the opportunity to improve yourself. Especially over something as trivial as the name of a molecule. Thanks for everything, sugar. All the best. The god of Islam is the creator of everything because I am unable to comprehend the complexity of an idea that posits an alternative. - Andalusi
  3. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    What will happen next? Place your bets now! A: 'Evidence for a God' will continue to flow into this thread regardless of the proponents reluctance to learn and understand. B: A handful of believers will read this and decide to embark on a journey of self exploration & study of the natural world without bias. C: My best friend, Eclipse, will arrive to comment on my comment and save the day for everyone.
  4. Beauty And Order

    I know, yeah. Reading comprehension... Hahahaha. What were you thinking!? The fact that the lessons were free, should have set off the alarm for most people... Think of the damage you've caused :no:
  5. Beauty And Order

    The block of text above, is dripping with conjecture, if you know what you're looking for. Honesty in inquiry and curiosity are better than close minded arrogance and ignorance. Seeing as you've mentioned curiosity. Do you have a chemical name for water, yet? Thanks.
  6. Beauty And Order

    Existence possess' a complexity that I do not fully understand, therefore, (my idea of) a god did it. -Happy Spirit.
  7. Have we found anything remotely god-shaped, yet?
  8. But 'they' say the same thing about you. You're both using the same weapon in defence of your position... They cancel each other out. Do you have any other way of discerning the 'right Islam', from the 'wrong Islam'?
  9. there is no other explanation than God if you have any other explanation the show me No. That is not how it works. There are many complicated things that you do not understand & perhaps never will. But you don't introduce God in an effort to fill this information gap. since when halussionation and sexual desires na fasting created such skill to come up with scientific facts wich will be discovered in future, program text numerically, prophecied future events and many many other stuff. since when could mental problems create such magnificent book?? Fasting & sensory deprivation can bring about an experience that you might call hallucinatory. If Muhammed had such an experience, would he know what had just happened, or would he think it was a magical conversation with god? What sorts of amazing things would he (and whoever) attempt to include within the Quran in some attempt at dedication, or reverence. There are a lot of things that we just don't know about the creation of the holy books & their authors, and I don't have enough information to say for sure that Muhammed was contacted by the creator of the universe. And neither do you. there is apsolutely no proof for your claim, that is just assumption without 0 proof. It is an idea or belief, just like your own. I am not claiming it to be true. We both have 0 proof of such things.
  10. there is no natural explanation of such info in one book, it points towards God. You mean, that you do not have a natural explanation... It points toward your god only once you've stopped looking. let say, that it is not from God, then i ask you who can program the text and verses to correspond of future events wich will happen in the future? This is a common (often religious) response to many problems. We are yet to explain how life arose out of inanimate matter (God must have done it). Subject A is so complicated that no human I know, could comprehend it (therefore, God must have done it). he was not dumb, he was illitarate, that is huge difference. There is no evidence that he could read or write, but we have historical and quranic evidence that he could not read nor write. Adn even if he could read and write he could never write such amazing quran beacuse humans cant know what will happen in the future to program it in the book. If he could read and write, his enemies would say, you are writing this by yourself, or you are copying this from the books you read, but they never said that, even though they tried to find an explanation for the quranic verses.They knew that he was illitarate and if he was not illitarate he could never write quran beacuse of impossibility of programing future events in the text and verses It doesn't sound as though you know for sure what sort of person you're dealing with... And if such details are blurry for the die-hard believers amongst you, then what hope do I have? It is a very large step for me to say that Muhammed simply 'made it all up' out of blood lust, sexual desire or hallucinations brought about by sensory deprivation, fasting and/or strife. But it seems infinitely more probable to me, that some combination of these factors created Muhammed's Islam. Just because you can't understand it... Doesn't mean that God did it.
  11. Allah (God) Forbids Pork.

    Please resist Dr. Mercola. His views on this topic & many others have been ridiculed for some time. You might want to start here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Mercola
  12. Quran came trough prophet Muhammed wich was illitarate, could not read nor write, and then we see all these stuff in the Qur'an, for us these stuffs are evidence that Qur'an from God and not from humans. Yes, I understand. Your position is this: I cannot understand how the Quran contains such qualities, therefore, my God is real and the Quran is a miracle. when i see that people can create such structures in their minds without using any tools and can make future propechies in their book, then i shall stop believe that Qur'an is a miraclous book,. Okay. But before you do that. You will need to prove beyond a doubt, that Muhammed was as dumb as you say he was (and had no help in the matter). That is the only way you can prove to me (& anyone else) that these are miracles: Find a way to logically prove the things you profess, without adopting a position out of ignorance.
  13. Islam, Child Marriage & The Regressive Left

    People have the time to post page after page of 'evidence' that proves the miracle of the Quran or the perfection of the prophet. But not a single one of you thinks that this issue is worth discussing nor defending...(?) What about the practise of Mufaakhathah that Muhammed is said to have performed with Aisha? The act of massaging his penis between the infant's legs until ejaculation, all the while covering her vagina to avoid damaging the girl with intercourse. This behaviour cloaked in 'prophecy' is a very dangerous play to be imitating. Especially as it pertains to the interference of little girls.
  14. Sorry, Andalusi. I've already seen these examples. But how is this proof of a god or a miracle? How have you moved from a detail that you cannot properly explain, to arguing that 'God must have done it'?
  15. Hi Dot. The ability of one Muslim to say that another is 'not a real Muslim', is a massive problem. To what extent are you Islamic? And of those characteristics that you list, which ones do you share with ISIS (if any)? Thankyouplease.