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  1. Black magick (jaadu)

    Thank you thc! I also have found solace in the following ayah: “And it is Allah alone Whose help can be sought against that (lie) which you describe,†(12:18)
  2. Black magick (jaadu)

    :sl: I'd like to know what you're supposed to do/say when baseless accusations are levelled against you for having performed magick, when this is not so? My cousin says that some pious person took out 'ruqyah' and informed her family that someone in the family had done magick on them. And their logic pointed towards me :sl: I've been yelled at and accused wrongly of doing something I would never think of... I tried to tell her that it was not me but she would not listen and has now stopped talking to me. :j: Now I'm avoiding her. My uncle and aunt do not say anything but I feel as if they suspect me too... In the beginning, I couldn't help feeling really angry, but then I think this is a test... But I'm at a loss for what to do about it. Would be grateful for some advice, thanks :D :no:
  3. How Nice Are You?

    :sl: I try to be nice, see. But now, "no more mr. nice guy!!!" :sl: That's because I now think I'm kind of like honey to bees.... crazy bees in fact! Does that make sense? Come to think of it, I attract emotionally needy people who look for someone 'nice' to put up with their atrocities :no: Am in a hurry so can't really give examples... was just curious if there may be others who feel the same way??
  4. What Should I Do.

    Well... I went through a similar situation long long ago when I was an idiot and couldn't understand why a girl and boy can't be 'just friends' :sl: and was busy getting confused about whether he was beginning to like me or not because he'd started dropping hints and wasn't being direct. It was more than a hassle trying to explain to him that I've finally understood that religion does not permit boy-girl friendships and he would just brush it off with "c'mon!! you sound like you're from the 15th century or something" :sl: But I did finally manage to break off with him and it wasn't easy putting up with his emotional blackmails. And YES, Fear Allah!!!! That's what worked for me in ending the 'friendship'. Don't let your mind trick you into believing that you're being cruel to him or losing a wonderful friend. :no: you will get more and better friends. Ask yourself would you rather carry on this confused relationship and go to hell, or break free and come closer to your Creator??? Take a deep breath, have a good think, and decide.
  5. Black magick (jaadu)

    :D I tried to meditate but fell asleep... !!! :D :D
  6. Black magick (jaadu)

    :D thanks for the info, bro thc...... :D :D
  7. Black magick (jaadu)

    :D Yeah, where's the gang these days? cuz I've another question!! What's "Safli"??? Somebody told me they suspect there's 'Safli' on one of my uncles... I don't remember if it's already been discussed in this topic, so if it has, then please let me know the post # .... thanx!! :D
  8. Black magick (jaadu)

    :D How're you all doing? I finally finished reading all the posts in this amazing thread!!! And now magickal facts are swimming in my head :D I never came across this topic when it was active about a year or two ago... but am so glad I found it somehow and it's still 'preserved' :D Wish I didn't have to miss some of Miss Dog's funny posts though... but good to see Full Moon rising... I just had to say that :D So I hope the legend continues (I mean this thread, of course... ) as I post yet another question... !!! Do you still hang around here, bro Insignia of Islam? I'd be much obliged if you'd explain further... how exactly does one create an energy shield??? :D
  9. Is This Real? 'jinn Talking'? (video)

    No, I certainly did not mean that it happens without Allah's will. I did mention, "A LOT OF DUA'S" which you obvioulsy failed to notice. What I'm trying to say is that medicines ARE helpful in relieving negative symptoms, with Allah's permission of course. And I wonder if there's a connection between the action of medicines and warding off of jinns. It's complicated, so I don't even expect you to understand...!! I just wanted to have my say and I had it. Peace out. :D
  10. Is This Real? 'jinn Talking'? (video)

    :D bro Lateralus, I'm glad that you agree how complex the human mind is... it's so much more full of mysteries than it's generally thought to be, anyway... bro al-malabari... I suppose I should clarify that I didn't mean to overlook the post made by bro noxiouspython :D I guess I was bent upon over emphasizing my point of view... especially in connection to the video being discussed in this thread... Actually, in the society I happen to live in, a lot of ill treatment is meted out to those suffering from mental illness... innocent girls are beaten black and blue on the pretext of exorcism rites, when all they really need is a proper course of psychoactive medicine and of course, a lot of dua's!!! Really makes me sad :D Well I hope I was able to remove the impression that I'm a 'skeptic' because I'm not, and do believe that jinns exist... however, I like to open my mind to other plausible explanations of such phenomena!! Like one thing that amazes me is that medicine does work e.g. depressed persons do begin to think straight after a regular course of anti-depressants.... so does that mean that these drugs are ... ahem... jinn repellants :D I know it's weird but I often do wonder!! Thanks for bearing with me :D :D
  11. Is This Real? 'jinn Talking'? (video)

    :D Ok, if you folks haven't guessed it already, I'm a student of psychology. And I want to point out that mental illness ALSO exists, and that not every odd seeming behaviour is caused by jinns. There can be a complex multitude of factors why a person behaves a certain way, and it's not wise to jump to the conclusion that... 'genie did it'. Case in point: Hysteria (a.k.a Conversion disorder) and Hypnosis. Try to search the net for these 2 terms as I don't have time to explain here. Thanx for the video links, bro... would love to check out those videos... but first, I have to figure out how to pay for them as I don't have a CC. :D
  12. Is This Real? 'jinn Talking'? (video)

    :D I'll make this quick as time's short.... bro abu ubaydah, I'm a muslim, so obviously, I believe that jinns exist. However, as far as I know, there are many cases of mental illness attributed to possession by jinns, while as a matter of fact the distress these people suffer can be caused by their own negative thinking / stress / neurochemical or hormonal imbalances etc. Several people with symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations have been cured by medicines such as anti-depressants, anxiolytics or neuroleptic drugs. Moreover, haven't you heard of hypnotists, and how they're able to hypnotise people and make them do whatever they instruct them to do?! What I mean to say is, that female in the video might be kind of hypnotised and simply repeating whatever was being said to her! lolZz... I know I might get a lot of indignant replies to this, but I have a right to my opinion, don't I?? :D :D
  13. Is This Real? 'jinn Talking'? (video)

    :D I don't believe that jinns can possess you.... however, I do believe in mental illness e.g. schizophrenia... also, it's quite possible for anyone to be hypnotised & simply repeat what the hypnotist says.... & Allah knows best!!! :D
  14. Daughter Of A Divorcee

    :D & thanks to all who have replied to my post!! Bro Rahim, I read your post in the thread about obeying parents and I think it's very unfortunate that some parents (not all!!) think of their own personal interests while letting their children suffer for no fault on their part. Where do these children go for help? They have no choice but to be patient I guess... Sister Maz, as I've already mentioned in my post, I do 'wish' to be happily married & have loads of kids..... well not loads :laugh: but life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses and I've come to terms with it... my mother is my 1st priority & as it upsets her to face people (and their taunts & supercilious, holier than thou attitudes.... most of our relatives do tend to do such things, you know...) then I feel I have to respect her feelings... When my dad had come over with his present wife some years ago, my mother kept mum about how she felt about it... but by and by, she expressed how he used to mistreat her... she'd had a fracture & was bedridden back then... and this Jewish nurse had been hired to look after her... & my otherwise illustrious father started an affair with this lady right under my mother's nose... & then divorced her to marry that nurse well... you're right, tough calling that I may still have to fulfill my duties towards him... no, I don't 'want' to contact him, and it's my *mother* who'll get upset if I contact him, not other family members, who in fact keep badgering me to get hold of him & extract money from him!!! Sister Sunshinez, thank you for your kind advice. The thing is, I do understand, and I know that if I were counseling somebody else in a similar situation as myself, I'd give them the same suggestion! But my mother gets reaaaaaaaally upset you know? And then it's kinda difficult for me to reason with her. Yes, I know it's about taqdeer... in fact, a friend of mine got married to a physically abusive fellow, got divorced, and now she's happily married to a sensible person. As for family friends and relatives, like I said earlier... they like to corner me & tell me to just marry the next guy who proposes as I'm a burden on my grandmother :D I just tell them to talk to my mother which they... don't. Well I'll try to cajole my mother to ignore other people's wise cracks and get them down to business!! Brother Farouk1986, grateful a lot for ur du'aa & encouraging words. One of my Maamoos (I mean my mother's brothers) had come over for a week or so and asked my mother to 'start looking'. She listened to him patiently & after he went back she told me 'not now'. :D right now I'm doing fine, :D but if ever a *good* proposal comes along I'll just tell her to chill (in other words, of course :biggrin:) Sis Muslimah4eva right you are, will definitely make sure my family is not brought up the same way :D Bro Riddler, I hope to post my query at the Ask Imam site by tonight hopefully. Once again, thank you all for your kind words. :D