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    Las Vegas, NV.
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    Getting out of Las Vegas! Learning as much as I can absorb pertaining to this deen. I am focusing on Quran before trying o study the Hadith. I am Muslim for 10 years now Alhamdulilah, Hiydieya...don't know why me, but AlHamdulilah.
    The more I see and learn of this world, the more I whisper to myself, AlHamdulilah for Islam.
    I hope to perfom Hijrah for the sake of Allah soon, avoiding extremism and instead following the straight path as taught by our beloved Prophet s.a.w.
    Having had everyone from a parent, sibling, relatives, classmates, coworkers turn there backs or ostracize me--instead of looking at it in a negative manner, I tell people, Mashallah! I am now part of perhaps one of the biggest Families in this world! The Ummah! I hope to eliminate the many stigmatized and propagandized views held by both Muslims far away as well as others in general concerning "Westerners-Americans". I witnessed this in reverse myself while in Saudi Arabia performing the Ummrah and visiting for 40 days. I am here to lean from all of my brothers and sisters in Islam, which I tell non blievers, actually, it is not a religion but a way of life as did Adam a.s., Ibrahim, Isa, peace & blessings of Allah upon them all.


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  1. Arabic Alphabet - The 28 Letters

    Bismillah, One quick question brother. Why are some of the downloads, such as e-books in .EXE format please?
  2. Arabic Language Course

    :yes: Bismillah, I just want to let the Admins know how wonderful of a job has been done on the site! I also thank them and those who gave their time in finding the material and adding it to the extensive wealth of e books, mp3's and video material availabl. May Allah reward you all immensely Inshallah. Jezakallahu Kair, Fi Amanillh :D May Allah remind us to control the tongue and instead use it to make Dhikr unto the creator of the Universe, Allah.....Ya Rabb Ya Karim :yes:
  3. Hello From Las Vegas Nevada

    Assalamu alaikum. I am a convert of 10 years. Despite all the propaganda and false or negative media out there, I still say entering the fold of Islam was the best decision of my life! I live in Las Vegas now but hope to move soon Inshallah. I don't follow a certain school of thought, just he Quran and Sunnah....therefore when asked I say I am simply Muslim. -_- :yes: