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  1. Aleppo – Amaq Agency: A source stated to Amaq that an American soldier died yesterday along with six YPG fighters in a commando attack carried out by four Islamic State fighters on the village of Zahr Imarah north of the city of Manbij, which the YPG recently took control of, in Aleppo’s eastern countryside. This came after the four fighters stealthily advanced to the village at night and surprised the YPG fighters in the village at dawn yesterday. Fierce clashes broke out in which the commandos used light weapons and hand grenades, and ended with the commandos returning safely back to their locations. Meanwhile, another group of commandos comprised of five fighters carried out an attack on the Faruq Dam residences in Aleppo’s eastern countryside which are deemed to be a heavily fortified American barracks and operations room for the battles around Manbij. Confrontations took place that lasted from dawn yesterday until the afternoon of the same day. Explosions were heard in the area and U.S. aircraft intervened and conducted several airstrikes. Amaq has not yet received information on the extent of the losses suffered. The area of the Faruq Dam residences witnessed a similar attack on the 10th of August that was carried out by seven commandos and resulted in the killing and wounding of forty-one YPG fighters and American soldiers.
  2. There has been a lot of talks about the Canadian bill C-51. The bottom line is bill grants unprecedented access to security services It continued Bill C-51 could see Canadian Federal Court judges asked to authorize lawbreaking or unconstitutional behavior by a covert agency whose mandate would extend beyond spying. Obviously, the actual bill is intended for MUSLIMS and tracking down their movements. Anyone having thoughts about this issue?
  3. Islamic State Releases Latest Dabiq Edition

    Why are you so anti Daesh? What do you think of the shia militias that are fighting on behalf of Iran and killing all the sunnis in Iraq or in Syria just because they are Sunnis? They burn people, cut off heads, starve people including children. Unfortunately, media only show you what Daesh does Frankly, I doubt Daesh would have existed if it was not for the brutality of these Shia militias.
  4. Hello

    Anyone here from Canada?