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  1. As-salamu alaykum my friends, we all know that Ramadan is on it's way, thus I wanted to share some tips that would help us prepare for it. There are actually many ways of preparing for Ramadan, but I want to just briefly mention the eight ways I read about recently. Eight Ways to Prepare for Ramadan: - Repent to Allah - Try to complete any obligatory fasts that you have to make up - Make Dua to Allah - Try to get rid of the things that distract you before Ramadan - Learn the rulings about fasting so you can worship - Fast some of the month of Sha'ban - Read lots of Quran -Try to set yourself a timetable and resolution for Ramadan I hope you guys find these tips as useful as I found them, and Ramadan Mubarak :)
  2. Thanks dot bro, you're awesome, I'll keep that in mind :)
  3. You Know Me Yet?

    Thanks man!!! :)
  4. Hi guys I made a good Islamic Lyrics cover of a song, hope you like it ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qTqSdrwaJE
  5. You Know Me Yet?

    Hello I'm Sami Goodwill, 23 years old.... :cry: haha..... I'm a writer and a a singer, I wish to share what I write and sing with the world and with you guys, I started a new YouTube channel with my name, I'm doing some Islamic covers of some songs I like, hope you guys like what I make, if you do please follow me and stay tuned :cool: