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  1. The Islamic State

    Asslamu Aliakum I don't know much about the Islamic State. I just hear conflicting information about it.
  2. When Do You Think Wwiii Will Start?

    Asslamu Aliakum, I really don't know. These issues are beyond me. I just try to focus on issues that I have control over now. While I find these topics interesting I just it is best to focus on matters that can be improved upon.
  3. Asslamu Aliakum

    Thank you! The aim currently is to pray 5 times a day and remember/fear Allah constantly throughout the day. I even have the confidence to pray at work. Along with this I'm trying to combat an addiction, which started back in childhood. Now I want to know...how to properly ask for forgiveness. I don't think my forgiveness is genuine/enough. Do I have to ask for forgiveness for every type of sin I have performed? There are some sins I have repeated due to an addiction I have suffered from since childhood. I thought about giving money to charity and fasting as a way to ask for forgiveness.
  4. Learning How To Read Quran

    Waliakum salaam, I will look into this.
  5. Asslamu Aliakum

    Asslamu Aliakum I think I used to have an old account here years ago but I must have forgotten the old username/passwords. So I created a new account. I'm looking to surround myself with good company. I want a fresh start. I need help being a good Muslim. I have committed so many sins. I need to ask for forgiveness and start fresh. I have tried to practise Islam before but my inner demons took over. I used my rough life as an excuse to do bad things...but I want to stop. Help me.