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  1. "This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion". al Qur'an, 5:3. "Indeed it is We who have sent down the reminder (the Qur'an), and indeed it is Us who shall preserve it" (Surah Al-Hijr 15:9). [at]Tunisia, the Qur'an itself affirms this, because it is the Word of Allah - unchanged.
  2. [at]dot, I think you've said everything I wanted to, and I endorse what you say, so I dont need to elaborate further. If someone is looking for the truth they shall be guided, and if they are not open to the final truth then they have chosen a path of misguidance. What can be worse than associating partners with Allah? I hope the disbelievers take lesson.
  3. I'm New Here.

    I think we should do da'wah, unless you have reason not to, in this case? What you say?
  4. [at]Tunisia, I am not judging you nor dishing out warnings but rather delivering to you the message of Islam because it is Allah who has given out harsh warnings in the Qur'an for the disbelievers, so am just passing on the message to you. The Qur'an is the only Book in the world that has remained unchanged. All revealed books, original as it were, has been changed at various degrees by man. The Qur'an remains unchanged as promised by Allah, until the Day of Judgement, because it is the Book of Guidance for the entire humankind, it is divinely protected. We dearly love Prophet Jesus pbuh more than you can ever understand. He was most certainly a Muslim, He will be in the Ummat of Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings be upon him - upon his second return. But he will not tolerate your calling him god - he is the second last prophet of Islam. You assert that no one could take his life but yet believe he died on the cross! So who is God according to you, since christians seem to have a few. And who created you and the universe?
  5. I'm New Here.

    Welcome to the forum. So how can we help you with understanding of any sort?
  6. Tablet Or Phone?

    That is very true, a laptop/computer works much better but for convenience I have to think small :D Thanks for your great advice, much appreciated!
  7. Tablet Or Phone?

    Wa alaikum salam dear, I meant as in Whatsapp groups.
  8. Your conclusion of the way how Islam treats sin is lopsided because it was based on wrong notions which is not the truth. What Allah does to us is based on absolute justice and evenness. Right now you may deny it but on the day of judgement, even the disbeliever will attest that they have wronged themselves and surely deserves what Allah gives out to them. If you dont believe it then you will on day of judgement, when it is the point of no return. So take this advice as a warning while you are still alive and turn to Islam. It is the only way you can be saved. Forgiveness in Islam is secured through repentance. Allah forgives the sinner when he or she is remorseful. We are sure of that. And besides that, it is really His choice who else He wants to forgive without repentance. We or you have no right to question your Creator's decisions. How can Prophet Jesus Pbuh die for the world's sinners? That seems utter injustice and does not make sense in the least bit. Our beloved Prophet Jesus pbuh did not die on any cross. He did NOT die on any cross but Allah the most High, raised him up to heaven where he is still alive. He will return at a latter stage in this world. He will shrug off with disdain people who called him god.
  9. Tablet Or Phone?

    So if you have many groups would it be better to have them on a tablet, iPad or phone?
  10. Clearing Device's Internal Storage.

    Ok, a little update: I start deleting/clearing all the messages on whatsapp so the internal storage got a bit free so now Im able to open pics, but the problem is not entirely gone.
  11. Dua For Missing Cat?!

    I also lost a cat and never knew I would miss him so much, the feeling can be awful. You dont just bond easily with any cat and the old one will always be missed. :cry: can make a person cry sometimes. :(
  12. Eid Mubarak

    :sl: I would like to wish everyone, the moderators and members of this forum Eid Mubarak! May Allah swt accept all our ibadah during this great month (and always), and may He bless us all. Taqabballallahu minna wa minkum! Eid Mubarak! :b:
  13. Clearing Device's Internal Storage.

    Thank you for your reply it is highly appreciated. I have done those measures dear. I think its something else. Yesterday I deleted like 200 pics but a pic wouldnt open in the pic folder, it says there's not enough storage, yet the other day I only had to delete back-up messages for it to open. Now when I try to connect the phone to the computer it says there is some troubleshooting, which I wasnt able to get right, so now I cant see whats on the phone from the computer. Could be possible some bugs on the phone? Also, I tried transferring stuff onto SD card but not successful, could be error on SD card? Maybe.
  14. :sl: Is the any good way of deleting stuff from a phone's internal storage? Many tries have failed. As a result, I cannot open pics as it says device is full. Please help. :cry:
  15. Hello World.

    Hiya! Welcome! You may make a new thread and ask whatever you need to know. :innocent: