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  1. Whoever wants to get prayer timings alerts on their smartphone, download this Prayer Times mobile app. It has a lot of features in which some are Azan alerts, Qibla locator, Hijri calendar (Lunar date), monthly prayer timetable.
  2. Practical Tajweed Classes

    Anyone wants to learn tajweed should begin their lessons with Qaida which is a basic step towards learning the tajweed rules.
  3. Prayer times in Karachi

    Yeah it's right that prayer timings are different across the world, and often who travels faced difficulties in finding the timings of prayers. But you know technological advancement have make our life easier, there are lots of mobile apps out there which can provide prayer timings and locate Qibla direction as well.
  4. Back after 3 years

    Didn't you read guidelines?
  5. The Muslim's Character

    You may also try this self improvement mobile app in your daily life and improve yourself as a better Muslim.
  6. Wanna play again? species
  7. Nice :)

    Are these actual names?
  8. Long Time No See.

    It's been a long time.
  9. Arabic/english Quran

    You can also check this Quran Mobile Application in which you can recite Quran with translation and interpretation and also listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran as well.
  10. How To Pray

    In the method of Salah some actions are Farz and without performing them the prayer will not count. Some actions are Wajib and to purposely miss them is a sin and it would be essential to repeat the prayer (Salah). Read this book www.dawateislami.net/bookslibrary/230
  11. Prayer Times

    The digital features of the Prayer Times Mobile apps can provide the prayer time’s details of the whole year. 90% of the world's Muslims do not speak Arabic and so this application has created ease for those traveling around the world and countering problems to acquire the right time of prayers.
  12. Dare To Be True Game

    No Do you commit any good deed in last 24 hours??
  13. Obligatory Aspects Of Hajj

    Before wearing Ihram, a pilgrim should cut nails, comb his/her hair and remove unwanted body hair defined by (Sharia) Islamic laws. The next step is purification and before putting on Ihram purification of the body is essential as it is one of the rites of Hajj & Umrah.
  14. Islam in Pakistan

    These are some facts of Pakistan: Highest Polo Field in the World Highest paved International Road Largest Deep Sea Port in the World Second Largest Salt Mine in the World Highest Mountain Ranges In The World One of the Largest Deserts In The World Largest Ambulance Network in the World First Islamic Country To Attain Nuclear Power World's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional One of the Largest Irrigation System in The world More than 50% of World Footballs are made in Pakistan
  15. Major Signs Of Judgment Day

    Muslims believe in judgment day.