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  1. Al-Quran Mp3 With English Translation

    Masha Allah Great post and Nice app of Glorious Quran. I Like it Most. Thanks for Sharing Dear.
  2. Definition Of Karamat

    Definition of Karamat is the testimony of the charismata (Karamat) occurred by the Auliya (friends Allah) also forms part of the ideologies of Ahl-e-Sunnah, as also the authentication of all those surprising incidents and practices which Allah reveals through them in relation of different knowledge’s.
  3. There are for all intents and purposes thirty Wajibat of (Salah) supplications, which are important to finish the petitions. On the off chance that we miss any 1 of them erroneously, then we should repay by performing Sajdah-Sahw, which completed to rectify the missteps made unexpectedly. http://www.dawateislami.net/bookslibrary/230/page/39
  4. Hello

    Nightingale So Nice Words.
  5. Hello

    Hello, Hi and bye bye. :D
  6. Hajj Guide

  7. Hajj Guide

    Masha Allah Good Knowledge. [post=http://www.dawateislami.net/downloads/products/detail?pId=51]Hajj Guide App[/post] on your android device. easy and great app for learning Hajj process and All thing you Need.
  8. Prayer Times

    Masha Allah Good Knowledge: Reading and downloading Free Islamic Books https://www.dawateislami.net/bookslibrary