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  1. Regarding Evolution

  2. Introduction

    If that is alright
  3. Introduction

    Can I become a full member?
  4. Who Is User ***mu'min***

    Are you certain? In that case, could you send him a message and see if he responds still? Seeing as you are the admin, do you know his email perhaps? Also, he had a website correct? What was it called?
  5. Who Is User ***mu'min***

    I am a new member, so I can't send messages, but do you know if he is still active on this forum seeing as you are the mod?
  6. Who Is User ***mu'min***

    I was wondering, does he still visit the forum?
  7. The Houris

    Yellowish white is not tanned. In ruhul al maani, he says it refers to whiteness and also mentions verses which says that their whiteness is that of coral/pearls.
  8. Who Is User ***mu'min***

    I have seen this user around and I was wondering, who are they? Do they still visit this forum?