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  1. As Salam Alakum WRWB... My Dear Brothers/Sisters ALLAHMDULLAH, By The grace Of All Mighty Allah RAB UL IZZATH, I Feel Blessed To Be UMMA Of Prophet Mohammed SWS. I Have Created A YouTube Channel, I Need Your Help, To Improve My Channel And What Sort Of Lectures Or Guidance Videos Do You Prefer To Watch. Any Specific Topic I Should Concentrate On.. Please Help Me With Your Valuable Feed Back. May Allah RAB UL IZZATH ACCEPT ALL YOUR DUA AMEEN. YOUTUBE CHANNEL INVITER TO FAITH AT YOUR SERVICE JAZAKALLAH KAHIR. AMEEN
  2. As Salam Alakum WRWB, My Dear Brothers/Sister In Islam, I am Please To Convert My Self From Bad Of This World To An IslamIC Way, Earlier I Was Making Video Of All Sorts And Then Allah RAB Ul IZZATH SAVED Me And Now I am Making Videos On Islamic Topic. I Hope I Could Benefit UMMA Of Prophet MUHAMMED SWS In A Way. IN SHA Allah. INVITER To FAITH -- Youtube Channe IN SHA Allah JAZAKALLAH KHAIR.