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  1. Why God Is One

    Check this video out. It's a very logical explanation as to why God is one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XERGzdFh-ok
  2. Why God Is One

    Here's another argument about God's oneness. If there were more than one god, then it would be illogical to claim that any god is either all-knowing or all-powerful. The gods would be limited since a portion would be allocated to other gods.
  3. The next time you look at orange take some time to study it. After you take off the covering, look at the juicy fruit inside. The fruit is segmented. This makes it easier to eat plus you can share it with family and friends. This is God’s mercy. It could have been just been a Squishy ball of fruit yet God created it as sign for people. So the next time you eat an orange just know that God loves you and wants the best for you. Oranges are everywhere so don’t forget to take the time to ponder about it. An orange can really be deep to the right person The network of veins on the orange helps keep it strong. This technology is used in bridges and bones mashallah. Allah also made it possible for scientist to remove the seed from the orange. This is also a mercy since he made it evens more easier to eat mashallah. So he is the Most merciful and He cares mashallah.
  4. Why God Is One

    The Answer to heaven is God's oneness. But if you are still skeptical here’s an argument for you amongst many but to me it’s the one that makes the most sense. When you about to die will you turn to one God or many. God would’nt make it so complicated and confusing. It is also a very difficult time and one can hardly think. God had made it easier to hold onto one thought and this is the name of God. What is unity? Unity is one, right? A supreme intelligence like God knows this. Why would God want to ruin his unity? It is impossible because God isn't created, to be created, means that you are not a God. That’s why God is One.
  5. Writing to God is great. When I’m feeling down I always go to a letter where I was feeling better. It reminds me that not every day is the same. When bad things happen, it’s always nice to remember the good things in my life especially my family. It also gives me hope that one day I’ll be fine in heaven. I’ve written to God about very serious topics and also light hearted ones. He loves you and is waiting to listen. I’ve actually started using the computer recently, it’s nice but it can’t beat a book because you using your own writing to keep in contact with God. I’ve also collected a few kids drawing from my niece and nephew which I’ve added to my book. I think in Islam, Judaism and Christianity one has a book that will be with God on the Day of Judgment. On that day it would be nice to say to God that we thought about it and started writing our own book in life for him to read since we were too impatient to see Him So try thinking of good topics that you both will enjoy. It's also nice to write during Ramaldaan mashallah. Anyway, I hope that I have helped you in some way. Start writing…you will be surprised to see what you’ve forgotten. Take care. Peace and blessings be upon you. Another point that is nice is having your diary with you on HAJ. You will be able to talk to Allah for hours. Sometimes we forget the good things in life that happened to us. With A diary you will always remember inshallah. Encourage children to start in a diary to Allah inshallah. I've done so for my sister's children mashallah. The reason why I give this advice is because when they get older they can read their entries when they were just children mashallah. It's also sweet to read what they saying to Allah evens though it is suppose to be a secret It is amazing how they communicate with Allah mashallah.