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  1. Wa alaikum assalam warahmatullah. Well, my journey to Islam was a divine intervention by Allah Himself. He guided me to the straight path. A Pakistani who worked as an expatriate in my country, lodged in the hotel where I worked as a porter back then in 2012, approached and engaged me in an interactive discussion about religion. At the time, I had left Christianity after the 31st Night of December 2011 because I was fed up with everything about Christianity - it was no longer interesting to me due to the lifestyle of the Christians, complicated preaching that was confusing etc., I needed to search for truth else where or a closer relationship with God so, I decided to look into Hinduism. I went to a Krishna Temple to see how things were being done. I asked the Temple Keeper about the religion (Hinduism) and he told me lots of things which I sensed to be similar with Christianity only that the images I saw hanging all over the walls on the counselling room were very terrifying and scary - one image was a being having 4 hands with cobra around his neck, another was a human-like being with a beast head, tearing up the belly of a human being like an hungry lion etc.. so I asked myself, how could these be God that I seek? However, I wanted to try out things and go into worship. I was taught how to pray by prostrating and chanting the mantra etc.. read some books but about lord Krisna etc. After 2 weeks practice of Hinduism, I gave up. I said to myself that this is worst than Christianity so I decided to remain without any religion. I Just wanted to talk to the One who created - certainly not Jesus or Krishna; but I knew there was a God somewhere out there but I just didn't know how to reach out to Him. So I was just trying to live a good life, have some fun, hurt no one and things like that. At this time, I had never heard or remember anything called Islam. I only knew some group of people they called Muslims but nothing ever crossed my mind about Islam or where the Muslims belonged to. Even though I used to see them everyday but it was incredible how I never thought about what their religion might be or what/who they worship etc. Allah knew I was in search of truth deep down in my heart so He sent the elderly Pakistani bother to me. He was called Mr. Khan - The best person I have ever met in my entire life. He was very friendly with me, he used to give me tips when I serve him dinner etc. So we became friends until one day he invited me to his room for a discussion. I had no idea of what we wanted to talk about but I went anyway. He asked me, what is my religion. I told him I used to be a Christian not anymore. He asked me why I left Christianity, I told him my reasons. So, he asked me if I used to believe in Jesus and I said "yes". He told me things I never knew about Jesus and I was baffled. I said to him, you are a Muslim, how come you know everything about Jesus? He told me that the Quran has the story of all the prophets in my bible and Mary too. I asked him, "Who is God?" He said "God is the Creator of you and me, and everything including Jesus".... at this time I asked him what his religion was he said, "Islam". I was so chill and a whole lots of curiosity enveloped me. I asked countless numbers of questions and he was just giving me accurate answers with evidence yet he never knew anything about the bible. I was impressed. He told me how pastors and priest left Christianity for Islam which caught my attention and increased my curiosity the more. The he gave me some DVDs of Abdul Green, Hammed Deedat and the miracle of the Quran. These were the right tools to turn me on. With all curiosity, I went home and watched the videos taking critical notes of everything. Hearing about the Quran for the first time and it's miracles... I was just overwhelmed. I began my own research, and with all the evidences I acquired, two weeks later, I went to Mr. Khan to ask him more questions about Islam and Allah and his Messenger (SAW)... while he was talking and telling me about Islam, I never knew when I cut him off his speeches and said, "sir, I want to be a Muslim" but he said, "no, go back and do more researches and make up ur mind properly" but I said again, "Sir I want to be a Muslim, I have done all the research I need to do". He was mixed with shock and joy. He asked me to repeat some words after him which was the shahada. And after that, I had never imagined what he did after I completed my shahada - He hugged me and was crying... it was tears of Joy... and I felt warm, welcomed and joy from nowhere filled my heart..... It was the best experience in my life which happened on the 5th day of March, 2012. And since then, whenever I see and hear people reverting to Islam saying the shahada - even though I am watching it on TV - I see tears rolling down my eyes - tears of Joy - the very same feelings I had that night with Mr. Khan... This is the beauty of Islam... Allahu Akbar So, today, I am a Muslim... and I am happy to be a Muslim after all these years, I have been able to memorize a very good number of chapters of the Quran - long surahs and am currently studying at the Islamic Online University So, this is a summarized story of my journey to Islam.
  2. Asalaamu Alaikum (New Here)

    We are all one ummah, inshaa Allah. i'm also new here
  3. Introduction

    Assalam alaikum everyone. My name is Muhammad Al-Fatih. I am new here, and a revert. I am 5 years old in Islam, and guess what? It's been a whole lot of brad new and exciting experience being a Muslim, mashaa Allah. I am a website developer, and I propagate Islam with my technical skills. As part of the effort, I created an Islamic matrimonial website titled Ready For Nikkah where single brothers and sisters who are ready to make nikkah can hook up in and Islamic controlled environment. The using of the website is in compliance with the shari'ah, inshaa Allah. You can access the site at https://ready4nikkah.com in the mean time, registration and full access to contact members of interest is free. I am happy to be here. Jazzakallahu khairan.