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  1. Dua For Missing Cat?!

    Here is some info on the prophet pbuh favorite cat:- http://Islam.ru/en/content/story/love-and-importance-cats-Islam All I wanted was just some duas to help find my cat, not have a debate over spending money to help the needy (which I already try to do with my pocket money, I go to school not work so its quite difficult to get large sums of money but I try by saving up) Also, whatever you say is your opinion and I certainly have no problem with it and have no right to judge you.
  2. Dua For Missing Cat?!

    I understand what your feeling and sorry if I've offended you in any way. I do help the poor and needy as well. I use my own pocket money to donate to online appeals such as Syria, Africa, Burma etc. I don't think about pets all the time you know, but obviously if you have taken care and brought up a pet you will get emotionally attached to it thats why I'm stressing out. Its not all about people anyway, animals need to be taken care off as well as people. Also, im aware of dogs being haram unless used for protection thats why I said earlier that I would think about it. I also love cats and they deserve to be taken care off because they are also Allah's creation. Even the Prophet pbuh had one which he loved and cherished. So I agree with the point you made that people need to care about the poor and needy more, but im doing the best I can but I wouldn't want Allah to "replace" the love of pets in Muslim's hearts with the love of their needy brothers and sisters, rather give equal attention to both. (My opinion)
  3. Dua For Missing Cat?!

    Im quite relieved after seeing what you said. All I want is for him to be okay and since I make dua for him everyday I know Allah is taking care of him. I'll think about the dog idea. Thanks for the support :)
  4. Dua For Missing Cat?!

    Thanks so much, I will read it everyday now. :) I think I'm too emotionally attached to my cat since he is my first ever one so I feel too upset to think about getting another one without knowing whether he is still alive or not. I don't want to get another one and he comes home one day and finds another one which has supposedly "replaced" him.
  5. Dua For Missing Cat?!

    Hi everyone, I live in the UK and I'm 14 years old. This might seem quite silly to some of you but I was wondering if there was any dua for my missing cat. Hes been missing for 2 months now and still hasn't come back. He ran out the front door on a Sunday at about 12:00AM when one of my mums friends opened the door while she was leaving. I only caught a glimpse of him when he ran out and that was the last time I saw him. His first birthday was last week and I'm so sad. My mum keeps telling me to pray and trust Allah and I try to but I can't help feeling upset and wondering what hes doing, what hes eating, where is he sleeping and if he is even alive. I just don't want him to suffer. I love him dearly and I don't go a day without thinking about him. I'm starting to get quite busy at school now and I try to get my mind of it and leave it in Allah's hands but every time I think about him I just burst into tears. He is my first cat and all I want is just to have him back. Someone suggested to leave his litter tray out so maybe he could smell it and find his way back to me. I try to leave it out everyday now. He's so young and I'm just praying that he is comfortable in someone else's house and doesn't suffer. I pray to Allah everyday for him and I know that Allah is with those who are patient and I try to be but sometimes I just can't help it. Hopefully, he is somewhere safe and Inshallah one day when I come back from school his cute fluffy face will be waiting for me to open the door for him :yes: . Can everyone please do dua for my beloved cat and pray that he is not suffering and stressed. If there is any advice or stories from any of you, I would be so happy to hear. Also, if there is, can someone tell me a dua which can help get him back? Jazakallah khair xx Thanks everyone xx