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  1. Need Help Regarding My Wife

    Brothers and Sisters, I really need help regarding my wife. We have been in good terms since 29/09/2014, we never argued with each other and we were in good terms with each other. But for some reason things have changed between us after January this year. She began to disobey my orders, talk back at me when I tell her something, even sometimes abuse me by words and sometimes use violence (Push me away or slap me) If we are arguiing. Things have become so messed up that she tells me that she does not love me anymore and I should divorce her. I refuse everytime she tells me that, and she stopped having intercourse with me for almost 5 months now. Brothers and sisters I do not know what to do, if this is the work of Evil eye or Shaitan, I am panicked where I even find myself daydreaming sometimes. I love her and I love my son. Please help me out, I do not know what to do. I searched on google if there is any Quran/Dua to recite inorder to make things for the better good again. But the situation has become worse, that she even tells me to sleep at the couch everynight. What should I do?
  2. I am a Somali muslim guy, Aged 25 years old. I am married with a beautiful wife which I converted to Islam and we have a son together. Glad to have joined a community where my brothers and sisters and gathered to help each other out. Alhamdulillahi.